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PROTOTYPE : Hell yeah!
« on: June 11, 2009, 04:28:56 AM »
Prototype is recently released in PS3.

It is a 3rd person action game where you play as Alex Mercer.

A fugitive from the Government's pet project "Blacklight". This project is a genetic research program to create weapons...but something is missing...

Alex Mercer woke up to no memories, found himself with no mercy and an ability to scale walls, grow spikes from his arms, and basically is armed with super jumping abilities, and such. He is a Prototype, now branded a terrorist by the American government and the allies, and chased around  for he is the most dangerous thing alive.

Alex meets Dana, and with her help, he began his hunt on the elusive project pioneers and kill them, along the way, he will need info...the best way is simply to hunt down the targets... and consume them. YES, EAT THEM.

With not only entire strike teams to beat, you also have missions to protect hives, which grows monsters and the population is your pawn, you are the chaotic hero, the chaotic villian...there is no distinction.

Your revenge must be attained, find those who made you, kill them all.


When I first played this game, it was WOW HOLY SHIT THIS IS AWESOME

After about 7 hours of gametime, I realized I can't stop thinking about how cool it is. Alex can shapeshift into peasants to avoid detection from soldiers, he has two claws that can cut and slash anything in vivid detail.

He can cut down civilians and eat them mercilessly truly making him a voracious anti-hero. He also fights larger bulky monsters and can hi jack tanks while kicking down helicopters in mid air.

Have you found a hero as bad ass as he was?

Only one I could think of was Kratos, and frankly, I like Alex better.

The action is fast paced, play it on hard mode with Hive Defense and you have one of the most insane games ever... 5 minutes to defend the hive, if you even let the tanks take aim of those balls hanging off the walls (spore producers or something) you are dead.

This game is awesome...

and I do hope there are people playing it.
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