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Twenty Meters
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(Slightly NSFW) (Optional BGM) (Optional BGM)

    "Hey kid, why don't you come over?", Said the cheerful kappa. "I can't... There's twenty meters of water between us." The frail girl replied. "Then I'll come over there!" The kappa exclaimed happily. The kappa swam furiously over the river trying to reach the girl. When she reach the other side of the river bank the frail girl fell in her arms. "I'm sorry Nitori... I tried my best..." She breathed heavily in Nitori's arms. "It's alright, you tried and that's what counts.", said the smiling kappa reassured her. "I really wish there wasn't such a huge gap... between... us..." the frail girl whispered. A solemn smile could be seen on Nitori's face now. The frail girl had died in her arms. The kappa looked back at the river and remembered when they first met.


    A girl could be seen walking up on the side of a river with an old fashion umbrella. At the end of the river was a huge mountain and a waterfall. The girl loved to come here to enjoy the scenery. She sat down on a rock an folded her umbrella down an let it rest by her side. She then stared on the beautiful waterfall and river before her. She was so engrossed in sightseeing that she had not seen who was watching her from afar. On the other side of the river a kappa fell down from the tree she was parched on. The girl noticed this and giggled to herself softly. The kappa quickly got up and them exclaimed, "Hey you over there! Are you a human!?" The girl kept giggling to herself. She then replied, "Yes, I am a human. Pleased to meet you miss kappa." The kappa grinned at her and then shouted, "You can call me Nitori! Do you want to be my friend!?" The girl nodded in respond. Nitori continued, "Hey! Come over here so we can play together!" The girl shook her head slowly and said, "I can't... It's too far." Nitori frowned at her and then replied, "Why not!? Its only twenty meters!" The girl faintly smiled at her and said, "I... I can't swim..."

    Nitori smiled at her and said, "Would you like me to teach you? I can teach you to swim the whole twenty meters here! That's because I'm the best swimmer you'll ever find!" The girl was taken back at this request. Never before in her life had anyone taught her any physical activities. She smiled at Nitori and said, "Al... Alright. I'll be depending on you..." The kappa did the back flip into the river from the excitement and rushed over the river. On the other side she came out with a huge splash and got the girl's yukata all wet. The girl laughed as the water soaked her cloth. The kappa then pointed her thumb at herself and said, "Alright! Leave everything to me! I'll get you to swim in no time!" The girl stripped off her yukata and place it in a spot where the sun would dry it. She then got into the edge of the river bank with Nitori holding her from behind so she doesn't sink.

"Left, Right, Left, Right."

    The girl did as Nitori told her and pedaled her legs. Nitori was smiling as she held the girl from the side making sure that she was safe.

"Left, Right, Left, Ri- Urk!"

    Suddenly the girl lost all her energy and Nitori carry her back to the edge. Nitori set the girl on the ground and checked to make sure she was alright. A fever could be felt as Nitori placed her hand on the girl's forehead. The girl smiled at nitori and said, "I'm sorry Nitori. I tried my best..." The kappa reassured her, "It's alright. Your making great progress! You went 5 meters just now, That's pretty good for a beginner!" The girl laughed softly and then said, "Thank you Nitori... Can you take me home now? I don't think I can walk back..." Nitori dressed her up in the yukata again and said, "Of course I will, what are friends for?" Friends... Nitori was the first friend that she ever had. Nitori carried the girl on her back and headed towards the human village. When Nitori got there the family thanked Nitori for bringing the girl back and gave her a reward before she left.

    The next day the girl returned to the same spot. Nitori greeted her with a shout, "Hey! Welcome back!" The girl waved her hand in response and smiled meekly. Then Nitori dashed through the river and made sure that this time she was careful where she splashed the water. The girl giggled as Nitori did a somersault into the air and landed right beside her. Nitori then said, "Alright! we don't have time to waste. Lets get you swimming quickly!" The girl smiled at her and then stripped off her yukata once again. This time the girl swam much more easily then Nitori expected.

"Left, Right, Left, Right

    Nitori smiled at how fast the girl is progressing. After collapsing again the kappa took the girl back to the edge of the river bank. Nitori took the girl home again and was greeted by her family with welcome. Nitori came into the house after the girl's father requested if she could stay. "Thank you for playing with our daughter miss kappa." A young looking man who had lots of wrinkles on his face said. "If you ever need anything from us, just ask." said the tired looking woman besides him. A boy then came out of the kitchen with a tray of tea cups smiling a meek smile. He placed the tray in the middle of the kotatsu and sat down opposite of his father. He then said, "You must have already noticed. By the way my sister acts." Nitori nodded furiously and said, "I'll be the one to teach her how to swim, you can count on me!" The three of them all smiled at Nitori. After saying thank you to the family Nitori left.

    The next day the girl returned to that spot again with her umbrella. Nitori got started quickly and stripped the girl herself. They worked until it was dawn again and the girl had collapsed once again. She then meekly said, "Ha... ha... Nitori... Thank you for trying to make me normal..." Nitori looked at her and grinned. She replied, "That's no way to talk! You went 18 meters today. I'm sure you can make the whole 20 meters tomorrow!" Even though Nitori said this, deep down she knew that it was false. The girl giggled at Nitori and shook her head slowly. Nitori wanted to cry at that moment, but she kept her smiling face and said, "It's alright. you can come back here tomorrow. Then we'll see." Nitori carried the girl home again and this time left before the family could say anything.

    The next day the girl was nowhere in sight. Nitori kept looking over at the spot where she would sit. It was afternoon and the girl finally came into Nitori's view. She watched and waited until the girl sat down before making herself known.


    Nitori then looked down at the frail girl in her arms and silently sobbed. After she was done sobbing she dug a hole with her own hands and buried the girl right then and there. She stuck the umbrella into the ground and wrote something on the front of it. After that she disappeared into the valley of Youkai Mountain for a long... long... time...

"Twenty Meters"


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Re: Twenty Meters
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I'm seeing a pattern with your stories  :V
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Re: Twenty Meters
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I'm seeing a pattern with your stories  :V

Im testing out different tweaks.

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Re: Twenty Meters
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In terms of pulling heart strings I think you have better talent than a good number of writers here.
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