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Nihilistic Bird (Slightly NSFW)
« on: April 03, 2010, 11:39:19 PM »

    "Hey kid, you are going to fall." , said the impassive looking Mokou. The kid looked down at Mokou and smiled at her before saying.

    "If I do fall, will you catch me?" Mokou continued to stare up at the boy not uttering a single word. The boy on the bamboo tree looked up towards the moon and fell down backward still staring at it. Now, on the floor of the bamboo forest was a bloody pile of bones and organs. Mokou knelt down besides the corpse of the boy who was just alive. She could already smell the decaying flesh as the maggots feasted on his organs. Mokou's face held an empty expression as she stared up at the moon. It was a full moon tonight, just like when she had first met her.


     A boy could be seen carrying art supplies and other useless stuff as he ran through the streets of the village. "Hey! where the hell did that little brat go?", said one of his pursuers. "When I get my hands on him I'll tear him to shreds.", said another pursuer. The boy ran as far as his tiny legs could take him into the bamboo forest. "Damn he went inside the forest. Ah well, the little shit will die anyways.", said the angry shop keeper. The boy kept running and running until he finally collapsed on the forest floor. Fortunately or unfortunately for him he had just found the house of the hermit of the forest. Fujiwara no Mokou casually walked by to see him laying there and decided to poke him with a stick.

     "Ow!", the boy yelped in pain. Mokou sat down on the floor of the forest and stared at him. She then said, "You sure are an idiot. Sleeping in the middle of a youkai infested forest." The kid smiled at her still clutching onto his art supplies that he had stolen. He then got up from his position on the floor and sat cross-legged. Pulling out a brush and some parchment he began furiously drawing. After he was done he showed it to Mokou. Mokou stared at it for a hard long while before saying, "How useless. Drawing trivial things. Only a fool do such trivial things." On the piece of parchment was a beautifully drawn full moon. The boy then said, "My mom once told me that the moon would grant me one wish if I pleased it."

    Mokou suddenly felt annoyance and irritation inside of her. She grip the edge of his shirt and said, "Why? Why would you believe such a stupid thing like that?" He smiled at her and said, "Would you like to know what my wish is?" Mokou loosened her grip before nodding her head slowly at him. "I wish to die with my parents under the beautiful moonlight." the boy whispered staring towards the moon. Mokou then release him and got up from her kneeling position. She walked inside house and locked the door behind her. The boy just sat there in front of her house pulling out another piece of parchment.

    The next day Mokou went outside her house to find that the boy was still there. He was resting his head on a piece of parchment with art supplies splattered everywhere. She poked the boy with a stick again but this time he drowsily awoken. He looked up at her and smiled pulling out a picture of a beautiful scarlet ibis underneath the full moon and shoving it in her face. Mokou smacked the piece of paper out of her face and said, "Hey kid, aren't you hungry? Why don't you go back to your mom and dad?" The boy's smile wavered a bit before he replied. "They went somewhere far away." Mokou stared at him for a bit before going inside and coming back out with a sugar cane. She then threw it at him and went back inside.

     Mokou came out later that day to find that the sugar cane had been devoured and the kid was gone. She thought a youkai must have picked him up and he was long gone by now. This proved to be false however because the boy came back all bruised and beaten. Mokou passively stared at him as he collapse on the floor. The boy held up his hand and unclenched his fist towards you. From his palm you could see an injured crested ibis. The boy then said, "Please, save this bird." Mokou stared at him hard and long before saying, "No." She then went inside her house. After awhile she came back out with medicinal tools. She knelt down at where the boy was and started to treat his wounds. After she was finished she threw her box of medicinal tools on the floor besides him. The boy smiled at Mokou and said, "Thank you." He was responded with a door slam.

    The next day Mokou went outside again. This time she found him sitting atop a bamboo tree. The boy waved down at her from above and said, "Good morning miss." The sun was particularly bright today and it hurts Mokou's eyes just looking up. She replied, "Hey, get the fuck down from there." The boy nodded and jumped down from the branch that he was on carefully clutching his art supplies. He then pulled out another picture from behind his back. This time it was a picture of a crescent moon with a crested ibis below it. Mokou then said, "Why are you still here? Get back to where you belong already, this is no place for a human." The boy frowned a bit before smiling again. He then said, "Alright miss. I'll stop bothering you now."

    After that the boy disappeared from the bamboo forest without a trace. As the days go by Mokou wonders where the boy might be now. 26 days had pass and on the 27th day the boy returned. Just before Mokou when to bed she heard a knocking on her door. She opened the door surprised to see the boy again. She then said, "I thought I told you to go where you belong. Do I have to beat some common sense into you?" The boy grinned at Mokou before replying, "It seems I can't find where I belong anymore."


    Mokou got up from her kneeling position and went inside her house. After awhile she came back out with a broom and dust pan. She piled up his remains in one place and burned it. His ashes seemed to be floating towards the beautiful full moon tonight. She then clasped her hand together and prayed, "May you find where you belong in the afterlife." She then went inside her house again and stayed there for a long... long... time...
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Re: Nihilistic Bird (Slightly NSFW)
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Short, sweet, and to the point. Very nice.

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Re: Nihilistic Bird (Slightly NSFW)
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a depressing yet strangely enchanting tale.

I rather enjoy it.
good work.
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