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A short fanfiction of mine.

The box lay empty as usual. Reimu let out an exasperated sigh as she peered into the container. As usual, the poor shrine maiden had no donations. She had learned to expect this by now, but she was still disheartened whenever she would look into the donation box and find it barren.

"You would figure that after all the work I've done for them, they could at least show some gratitude", she muttered bitterly to herself. Finding it pointless to dwell on the matter, she stood up and went to make tea.


Meanwhile, in the forest near the Human Village, three mischevious fairies were scheming. Each sat in a tree along the dirt road that connected the village to the woods beyond. Suddenly, one of the fairies spoke up.

"Here comes a traveler!" It was Star Sapphire, the fairy who possessed the most sense of the three. With her ability, she could sense the presence of someone coming towards them from the forest.

"Now's the time to initiate the plan", Sunny Milk, the leader of the group, declared. Using her manipulation of light refraction, she created an illusion to hide the village behind the trees. "Luna, get rid of all that bothersome noise!"

The third fairy, Luna Child, remained silent as she did what she was told. Soon, the hustle and bustle of the village nearby could no longer be heard.

The three fairies waited in anticipation as the traveler came closer to their trap. The traveler came to a complete stop as she approached the illusory blockade. She stood there for quite some time, as if surveying the area. Sunny Milk did her best to stifle a giggle.

She stopped, however, as a powerful blow shook the tree she was sitting in, causing her to fall from her perch and onto the ground below. She sat up slowly, with a look of bewilderment in her eyes. That look soon changed to one of fear, however, as she looked upon the traveler. It was none other than Yuka Kazami.

Sunny looked to her partners for salvation. However, they had already begun to flee. She trembled helplessly as Yuka approached her with a deceptively sweet smile on her face. From the way she held her umbrella in front of her, one could tell that her intentions were far from pleasant for poor little Sunny Milk. However, there was nothing the fairy could possibly do to escape. She sat there, paralyzed with fear, as Yuka drew back her umbrella to attack. Sunny covered her head and closed her eyes, awaiting the inevitable.

But it did not come.

Slowly and reluctantly, Sunny opened her eyes to see what had happened. She saw that Yuka was no longer facing her, and instead was focusing her attention on someone in the distance. As the figure came closer, Sunny slowly began to realize who it was.


The figure spoke. "Leave. It's not safe here."

Sunny had no time to argue, as a flurry of danmaku soon filled the air. Still shaken from the whole ordeal, she hesitated as she watched the two fight. After a moment, she silently thanked her savior and hastily retreated into the forest.


Reimu awoke the next morning, feeling drowsy. She rose from her bed slowly and began to prepare for the day ahead. After dressing herself, she made her way toward the kitchen for a cup of tea. She stopped abruptly, however, when she spotted a glint from the corner of her eye. Abandoning her plans, she sprinted in the direction of the glint and stopped when she reached the donation box. She knelt down and peered into it.

Inside was a single golden coin.

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It's been a while since I've seen the Three Little Fairies in a written work. This was a refreshing change.

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I really enjoyed this story. I look forward to seeing other works from you.