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Bloom Nobly
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Good lord, it's been forever since I last wrote a fanfic.

But anyways, I actually wrote this for our open assignment in creative writing. Some stuff I kind of pulled out of my ass. Like, I know Yuyuko's been around for about a thousand years, so I figured she died at 20 or something. Who cares. It's a goddamn fan fiction.


     "Ah, Youmu? May I ask you something?"
     I eyed my mistress then nodded, flipping my Roukanken back into its sheath. She turned to face me and smiled softly.

     The Netherworld's sun seemed brighter when its rays bore down upon her, illuminating her eyes, her lips- making her pale face seem more youthful and warm, even if they were freezing cold to the touch. Her dresses' hem blew lightly in the spring wind. Just watching how elegant she looked despite her years brought a familiar warmth to my cheeks.

     "Yes, milady?" I said hurriedly, shivering a bit to dismiss my thoughts. Yuyuko turned her back to me and stared across the Hakugyokurou courtyard. Beyond her in the distance, the Saigyou Ayakashi stood tall, a barren, dead tree among rows of blooming ones, and cast a branched shadow over the grass and snow. My mistress began to speak suddenly, keeping her gaze fixed on the youkai tree.

     "Do you know how long it's been since my death?" she asked softly. I was a little taken aback by her sudden, sullen tone. It was so strange to hear her sound so unhappy about her current state- Lady Yuyuko always seemed so content with being a ghost.

     "Nine hundred and- ah," I paused to count a few years on my fingers, "Nine hundred and eighty years, I believe."

     "Nine hundred and eighty-one, as of today." My mistress replied, no moving from her spot. I couldn't help but feel a bit of embarrassment and shame over not remembering her age, despite my years of servitude. Had it been so long that I had forgotten her death? I never did know her in life, after all.

     "Did you kill yourself because of your power? Or-"

     "I did."

     Yuyuko spun back around to face me and lifted the hair covering either sid eof her neck. Her long, spindly fingers brushed the strands away to reveal two ethereal scars- reaching from start to end across each major vein.

     "I mean, I like being a ghost. But, you know," she let her hair fall back into place, "I sometimes wish I could be alive again. But there is no forgiveness for killing an innocent person- even if it was on accident."

     I folded my hands across my lap and glanced at the grass below, raising my voice in defiance.

     "Your suicide saved lives though, didn't it? Since your burial sealed the Saigyou Ayakashi so it may never bloom again, it made life safer for the humans. That tree killed more than you did."

     "Youmu, dear." Yuyuko held out her hand and patted the top of my head gently. "You're a good girl."

     I couldn't tell whether to feel disgusted or thankful, so I stayed silent.

     "Even if I'm slowly killing your human half," she began, ruffling my hair playfully, "You still choose to stay by my side? I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to leave if you wanted to."

     "Slowly killing m- Milady, this is ridiculous!"

     "Hush, let me finish." My mistress continued to smile at me. Never had I felt so patronized. At least, that's what I thought I was feeling. "I'm sucking your life away, you know."

     "Yes, I know. This is irreleva-"

     "See? You're a good girl, Youmu. Now hush."

      Yuyuko slid down her hand to cup her fingers over my eyes, and I felt something icy brush against my lips. It lingered there for a few seconds before pulling away.

     "Don't make fun of me." I murmured as she lifted her hand from my face. I sounded so pathetic, and it really disgusted me.

     "But teasing you is the best part!" My mistress giggled and shoved an elbow into my ribs. "Let's go get snacks. I'm hungry, Youmu!"

     "You're always hungry!"



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Re: Bloom Nobly
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Edit: Rereading it, I figured out why I couldn't think of any response but 'cute'. Your Yuyuko is EXACTLY how I have always imagined her.
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Re: Bloom Nobly
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Yuyuko's such a wonderful person. <3 She always struck me as the sort of person to feel sad every now and again, but her resilience in not letting it bring her down is excellent. Nice job.

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Re: Bloom Nobly
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This could be a short doujin from AkiEda I know it.
cute ness.
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Re: Bloom Nobly
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This could be a short doujin from AkiEda I know it.
cute ness.
Nah, not enough replaced-a-character's-personality-with-generic-tsundere, overwrought dwama, or overused romanticomedy plots. *flees*