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Exactly As Planned (Kaguya/Mokou, short, exposition be damned)
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Kaguya and Mokou sat together in silence, and watched the world go by. Birds sang. Insects buzzed. Plants grew. All these were perfectly normal, perfectly natural.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

...well, not quite silence. Kaguya happily chewed away on the last remnants of a stick of Pocky, swallowed, and reached into the box for another.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Birds sang. Insects buzzed. Plants grew. Time passed. And Mokou got hungry.

"...Hey, lemme have one of those."

"Mmm?" Kaguya looked over at Mokou, swallowing the last bits of the second stick as she did.

"The Pocky." Mokou gestured at the box Kaguya was holding.

Kaguya sighed. Such manners... Mokou could be so rude sometimes, and never notice it. It was annoying, irritating, and... refreshing, in a way. "Fine. On one condition."


"Share it with me." And Kaguya gave Mokou her sweetest, most honest smile.

But you have a whole box... oh, whatever. "All right."

Kaguya pulled another stick out. Mokou was surprised when, instead of breaking it in half, Kaguya then stuck one end into her mouth and nibbled on it a moment, before suddenly leaning in and pressing the other end against Mokou's lips. Oh. That's what she wanted...

Mokou opened her mouth a little, just enough to let the snack slip in. Kaguya closed her eyes, and started slowly edging forward on her end, a faint smile remaining on her face. Mokou smiled back, and with a sharp tilt of her head, snapped the Pocky in two and cheerfully ate her half.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

Startled, Kaguya opened her eyes and saw what Mokou had done. ...what? But... why? As Mokou chewed away at her half, the piece in Mokou's lips trembled. And as Mokou swallowed and licked at her lips to get the last few crumbs, tears started to well up in Kaguya's eyes. I thought we had - she had... I had...

Kaguya's moody introspection was then interrupted by Mokou abruptly grabbing her by the shoulders and yanking her into an embrace and kiss. Kaguya was very intensely aware of every little way Mokou's body pressed against hers, as Mokou held her tightly. And Kaguya was very intensely aware of just how hot Mokou was, in both senses of the word, the inner fire constantly blazing within her, and her tomboyish fashion choices and striking colors only serving to draw attention to her feminine aspects and make them stand out. And finally, Kaguya was very intensely aware of her own heart's sudden pounding, seeming to vibrate her entire body with every beat. Could Mokou feel it too?

Mokou pulled away as unexpectedly as she had pushed forward. Kaguya raised one shaky hand to her lips, slowly running the tips of her fingers along it, feeling where hot skin had been pressed against hers just a second ago...

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

The noise shook Kaguya out of her reverie, and she glanced up to see Mokou cheerfully eating Pocky. The piece she had stolen right out of Mokou's lips, under cover of kiss.

So Kaguya pulled another stick out of the box and threw it at Mokou's head.


Saw this, immediately had the story pop into my head more-or-less fully formed. Hope you smiled.
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Re: Exactly As Planned (Kaguya/Mokou, short, exposition be damned)
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That last line was awesome.
I had a teacher who used to play radiohead during class once.



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Re: Exactly As Planned (Kaguya/Mokou, short, exposition be damned)
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Epic silliness. I love it :D