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xm0123's Touhou Fanfiction
« on: October 18, 2009, 12:01:17 AM »
Hey everybody. Remember when I said that I write Touhou fanfics and that I'm not the least bit ashamed of the fact? I wasn't lying.

You can view all of my works here.

The first series I started writing was "A Touhou Fanfic About Nothing", which is . . . a Touhou series not really about anything in particular. The currently published chapters are set after Subterranean Animism, but before Undefined Fantastic Object. This series exists for one reason; to be funny. It's not the least bit serious. I do plan on writing more chapters to this series, but not right at the moment.

The second series is "Mentor and Protege", which I am currently working on. It's set during the PC-98 era of Touhou games. It starts off lighthearted like ATFAN, but a word of warning; later chapters I haven't published yet will get Darker and Edgier. If you want to see what I've done so far, feel free to.

I have plans to write another series, one that's all about Reisen, but that concept is still in the embryonic stages, and I may not start writing that one until I'm finished with M and P. I will say this: all of my Touhou series are connected. They are all a part of my "Touhouverse", if you will.

I'll update this thread whenever I feel like showcasing something I've completed.

So anyways, enjoy.