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(Touhou Jitsuzaishou ~ Dream Logical World, lit. "Eastern Aspects of Existence")

Trial download (updated to 0.01b on 2019-8-11):

First, the juicy stuff.



Now for the fun part.

Hello. I'm VYCM from Analogue Reverie, which you may or may not know as the team currently bringing you 東方封魔再録 ~ The Return of Eastern Wonderland, headed by WishMakers. 東方実在相 ~ Dream Logical World is a project of my own that other members of AR have also graciously contributed their talent to. It's a mostly-standard Touhou STG, but we've added some new elements we hope will make for a unique experience.


One day, the denizens of Gensokyo realize their reality is different. Trees have diamonds on them. Dirt paths are now made of fancy glass. The distances between landmarks have changed. The Hakurei Shrine, instead of being desolate, is now regularly visited by worshipers. And perhaps most disturbing of all, even people's personalities seem to have changed. What's more, it seems that reality has been this way for quite a while and no one noticed it. Everyone's minds simply accepted that this was now reality - as if they were dreaming and their minds convinced them that what was happening in the dream was real. Only remembering the past and finding points of contradiction where things don't make sense allows them to determine what reality "should" look like. In this urgent situation, a large cast of playable characters and quite a few unlikely partnerships assemble to uncover the truth...


In DLW, you'll control a pair of characters IN-style on your journey to solve the mystery of the dream logic. Shown in the trailer/screenshots are Reimu and Kasen, along with Marisa (whose partner wasn't shown, but it's Yuuka). There are more playables that will kept a secret until the trial release.

This time around, the girls have taken advantage of the unstable nature of reality and crafted special spell cards called "Aspect Shifts", which you'll use as your bombs. Rather than directly damaging enemies, these spell cards break reality to give you special effects you can use to your advantage. Temporary invincibility, a shot range covering half the screen, auto-collecting items, a gradual increase in your shot strength, you name it. Grazing and collecting items will extend the duration of Aspect Shifts, and you'll get bonuses by keeping them active as long as possible.

Additional notes

?The full game will contain 6 stages + Extra, with the first three stages releasing in the trial version on Sunday, July 14, 2019.
?The game is just in English for now, but a Japanese translation will be added at some point after the initial release.

VYCM: Concept, Lead programming, Music, Characters, Story
yeashie: Graphic design, UI design, Lead  playtesting
WishMakers: Engine improvement, Gameplay assistance, Playtesting
Ramtoi: Portrait artist, Assistant character design
PeppermintCandy: Assistant dialogue writer, playtesting
KoishiKo: Assistant character design
Cepukka: Sound effects
Terraformer9x: Background design, bullet graphic design
Gilde: Japanese translation

Beta Testers
Cure Flora, Maribel Hearn, ZM, Winter, CreepyNinja_, Talguy21

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the game. Please wait warmly.
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The trial version has been released! The first post has been updated with the download link.

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12 playable shottypes...

... I repeat, 12 playable shottypes.

The bosses, patterns and overall gameplay is good, but the main selling point of this game should be the shottypes. It's very very rare to put so many playable characters, in these unique teams no less.

Still unsure how to feel about artstyle and music, but weirdly enough the latter kind of works, at least in the demo. It's chill


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Just played your game when I open up on browse. And there's one execption:

1.) The popup says "SmartScreen can't be reached right now." as I click to open the game, because I use Windows 10... I knew it has any virus because the game is somewhat about viruses/bugs. It's bugging me out, so I had no choice but to delete the game immediately.

Also about the music I've heard, it sounds like the style of a soundfont used from LMMS (open source DAW linux software), and close to ZUN-like.

So yeah, that's it guys, time to dress. ~(;-D)+-==
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...I'm not sure what you mean. Is that a joke or did you actually have an issue with running the game?

Re: 東方実在相 ~ Dream Logical World (trial released)
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The game has been updated to trial version 0.01b.

This version adds a Japanese language option as well as some minor bugfixes/feature additions.