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Re: Apocalypse Awakening - A Touhou + Left4Dead zombie rush fic thing...
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Chapter 9


(Eirin?s position)

?Are you awake??? Eirin held Reisen by her cheeks, squeezing it ever so slightly to awaken her state of unconsciousness.

Her eyes opened, but quickly shut again, and opened again, as though her consciousness is fleeting as candlelight. Her mouth however, murmured a confident ?yes? although it was only her lips moving.

?Good, then get up? we have no time to rest, your blood I extracted has gave me a pop of an idea just now. I found something interesting?? Eirin commented.

Reisen finally opened her eyes, her eyes looked blank, before some form of color flooded back into her cheeks. Technically, she has just died once, and resurrected like her master did all the time, only with much more painful means.

The drug she took was a unique Lunarian military laboratory product, made with such abundance at some point during the Lunarian conflicts between royals that they were left unconsumed when the factory was forced to close down. The same medical genius behind it is none other than Eirin herself, but she was never caught or sentenced? after all, without her genius there is no Lunarian advantage to begin with. The drug was found to be a treatment too inhumane, and the more humanitarian of the Lunarians with their moral high grounds forced the drug to be illegalized through proper means; the reason being none other than their need to curb their guilt from recycling perfectly sane and actual lives of those rabbits.

Lunarians can die too, but why can?t the rabbits be allowed to die? Are their worth so little their very existence should be played by the palms of the rancid believers of their own worthless causes? It is not of course, and thus a lengthy discussion and debate followed by another war happened. The Lunarians are almost always at war, not surprising when someone came up with such a drug to save the costs of manpower, and not surprisingly as well a war was followed to close the issue down with an iron lock.

Eventually, the rabbits were given whatever little left of their dignity, to march into battle and die only once? but the drug that was made cannot be un-made. Whatever that is left is hidden, into a maximum security throve of things the Lunarians wanted to sweep under the carpet with. Files and such are stored there, and only a few members of the higher echelons of the Lunarian capital have access to this throve of wealth, filled with information too illicit even for the eyes of royals and governments, too much treasure in the form of weapons, drugs, data, history that can destroy this very world when given access to the wrong hands.

Eirin is one such person who have smuggled more than a few ?emergency? vials. She doubted she ever had to use it, but she was glad she brought it along. It is the most powerful antidote after all, and it is made from her blood. Her immortal blood is the base to the most powerful drug ever existed on earth and the moon, enough to wipe out this virus once it becomes available commercially. She doesn?t have to concern herself with the humans though, if they are all dead, she wouldn?t actually care.

The virus however, is the thing she came from. She has gotten her perfect sample, now inside her bag; her mission here is done, she should return to Gensokyo and leave the rest to the others who came along to ?solve? the mystery. However, something in her stopped her, and that something was Reisen?s painful grasping of her life once more from the edges of death?s cliff.

She has climbed back up, and for a moment there, she must have seen hell for a furiously long time in her mind. They say coming back from the dead kills the very essence of being mortal, and not limited to humans alone. To Eirin, death is everyday business, she isn?t afraid to die for real, if only she could. She has experienced death so many times it bores her to tears, but to most others who can only experience it once, to climb back is an epic journey of the mind to survive in the madness of hell.

Reisen slowly lifted herself up, with rickety movements as though she has just been born an infant, and that learning how to walk is the first thing she has to do without any prior knowledge or guide in how to begin. Her head seemed to turn to one side, desperate to turn back but couldn?t. Her eyes seemed to daze, looking up down and sideways as though she is looking for something that is not there.

?This is natural, if you do this enough times your body will recall how to gain back the nerve controls for everything with a snap of a finger. I am going to send you back to Gensokyo? I need you to take something for me? from my lab.? Eirin mentioned.

?An errand already? Can?t I get some rest, Master??

?You rest here, you are going to get eaten again? so no buts, I want you to hang as tightly as you can to my back. We are flying back and you will have to get what I am telling you to get? don?t forget, this will save humanity. You have a chance to do what no rabbit has ever done before.? Eirin smiled, and promptly lifted Reisen to her back.

It reminded her when she had the younger and much smaller princess like this, hugging to her back like a child and carrying her about the Lunarian playgrounds for the royals. Her sisters, the princess?s sisters would always come running, and they would play together. If only she hasn?t been exiled, they would still have been together. Eirin missed those times, but regret is for the weak, she reminded herself mindfully and awfully quickly as she took speed to the direction of the Suwa Lake.

The portal will be open, when they are through, she can have her hands on what?s left of this wretched destroyed human race, and if she is correct, this will be the antidote to cure everything.

Reisen blushed, it wasn?t usual she gets a piggyback on her master?s back, it certainly wasn?t easy to stop her trembling either, but she feels good somehow as she did.


(Marisa?s position, halfway to the South)

?Are we there yet?? Nitori asked.

?Not yet, I don?t sense their presence, but there is a large one that just popped out from where they headed? I reckon the enemy has shown itself.? Alice commented, her sharper youkai senses can sense the most distinct spiritual presence from anywhere, but this most recent one has something about it.

It felt extremely holy, like a spiritual essence from some heavenly being. She recalled this because the one that destroyed Reimu?s shrine last time, a celestial from the heavens that is very troublesome to handle; carried this distinctive presence. It is different from the youkai presence, it has a feeling that seemed to emanate ?wisdom?, if all the lack of words can be used to explain it. A divine presence is something much less felt at earth, so the idea that there is one to be felt now is indeed very different. Kanako, and Suwako, the two goddesses that were with them earlier before they left Gensokyo, had something much more earthly attuned, not that it was any less holy, it just felt different from this one.

?How long?? Alice asked.

?10 more minutes.? Marisa said under her breath.

Yukari?s gaps can take her everywhere within a short span of time by bending the rules of time and space, but such is also the dilemma in team efforts it seems.


(Reimu?s position, South, in the town)

The shrill voices of screams and angry cries resonated all over. The dead have gathered by the thousands, and only blocked by a thin layer of powerful shielding that is emitted spiritually by Kanako Hachisaka, whom now is in the form of a giant worm with scales as wide as Italian pillars, and spikes that looked dangerously pointy and oozed some green poisonous mess of slime from them. Her skin is red, magma boiled within the underside of the scales, and cracks formed as it sprayed fire from them.

?The Fire Worm? Kowasu, their enemy, or rather, all of mankind?s enemy-cum-goddess spoke, ?Lives up to her name, Hachisaka, finish them!?

Thus, did Kanako, the copied version of Gensokyo Kanako Yasaka, Goddess of the Wind, and Goddess of War, lunged for Reimu first. Her revolving mouth which reaches deep with swirling rows of sharpened teeth and saliva opened, ready to swallow her.

?Holy Familiars! Yin-Yang Orbs of Heavenly Persuasion!? Reimu summoned, and four giant Yin-Yang orbs appeared from thin air, carrying each enough magic power to turn the ground they stand into a meteor crater.

The orbs glowed magnificently, casting a web of such intense power it sunk the ground she stood on, and Reimu whom before could not fly, used her familiars to gain a foothold and flew above; just as Kanako dived her head down to the ground she stood and blew up half a ton of debris and tarmac off the ground sending it in a pillar of anger to the skies.

The dust knocked against Reimu, but she has upper ground now, and proceeded to spray arm-length needles ?Persuasion Needles? from her familiars downwards while she prepares her spell for an ultimate sealing. Magic glowed in her hands, and her eyes glowed bright with power.

?INFINITE SUPER SPEED FLYING OBJECT!!? Yukari declared, and from 4 of her gaps beside her which opened, powerful shots of light carrying intense piercing force shot with blinding speed and covered all over Kanako?s hide.

Kanako howled, and twisted away before turning upwards to chase after Yukari.

?Don?t bother, let me play with her!? A command came from Kowasu.

She seemed to realize Kanako won?t get anything done by herself and she moved instead.

Like a southern belle, she moved swiftly, clearing entire paths of rock and debris with her default manipulation of earth and all its associated elements. By that, it literally includes her powers to manipulate just about every earth originated things. Being a small town, it is literally filled with wooden houses, dirt laden streets and mountains which surround it with greeneries all around. She is in her home turf, and with this in mind; two giant hands popped out forming meticulously from nothing, rising as tall and as big as a 3 storey building each.

She of course meant to slap Yukari into submission, but as the hands neared, Yukari floated further upwards, but continued her firing, turning her fire now to the hands that climbed with more dirt being pulled like a carpet with the vacuum sucking it up to form the giant arms.

Just as she took the shots, from the hands exploded dirt, but has enough power to become projectiles and Kowasu saw this; thus she made them fly with intense speed to hit at Yukari?s direction. Yukari turned quickly, using her umbrella, she blocked the oncoming boulders, which cracked under her intense multilayer barrier which opens whenever she fans out her umbrella.

A turn and a switch of position in a blink of an eye, and Yukari zipped herself into a gap quicker than Kowasu could react, and emerged from behind her back. The umbrella tip this time pointed to her back, and from it, a giant gunk of laser not unlike Marisa?s Master Spark blasted forward and blew at Kowasu, grazing her only slightly as her reactions are quicker than Yukari had expected.

Six giant pillars formed from the ground below and shot up with such intense speed, stabbing in Yukari?s location as she once again disappeared. From above 90 degrees upwards, Yukari hanged vertically down, and a gap lay open behind her like a gaping mouth. Something big came out from it, and at once at full speed did a train of all things, blasted out from it chugging along the dislocated rails that fell apart as it travelled into mid-air quite suddenly being hauled off its tracks. The train followed the law of gravity, and it gained so much speed as it thrusted full speed ahead downwards to Kowasu.

Kowasu did not block or backed away, but instead before her a wall of dirt formed, thicker than a truck, the wall of flying dirt looked like it could weigh several tons more than the train falling down on full speed. A large impact, louder than a few hundred gongs going off at once and screeches so sharp it hurts even Yukari?s eardrums was heard; as the train was crushed into a metal and steel ?tin-can? being crushed by intense force from the opposing flying wall of dirt, which broke to pieces.

The train cracked apart, its metal parts disengaging and falling haphazardly onto everywhere above the skies. Yukari was unheard, but she didn?t manage to see Kowasu move.

?Tsk?? She heard, and she turned back, only to see Kowasu there, hands reached out and breaking her always on barrier straightly, with her blackened hands which is her original color of her toad form clasping deeply into her veins in a crushing grasp that choked all her air out of her. A split second only passed, but Kowasu had her other fist ready, grouped and formed with another element she is most fond of using: minerals.

Namely, from the dirt, there is rocks, and inside rocks, under the molten layer, there exist minerals stronger than steel.

Her hands reflected light, which was clear to Yukari that what it is, are diamonds, the hardest mineral known to man. She didn?t know Suwa is a region to mine for diamonds, but then again, it is not strange if it was. So far in all of Japan, few areas remain to be places unexplored and undeveloped by the future thrusting generation that did not care for Gods or whatever else. Suwa is one of those places, untainted yet by the hands that push for the future of mankind, retaining its very image of the old and rustic, the majestic and religious, the mysterious and the unorthodox. Yukari?s thought did not manage to think much, except when she did regain her half a fraction of a second?s image of Kowasu before her, the diamond crusted fist slammed with such intense force onto her body that it sent Yukari flying into the gap, choking blood as she did.

Kowasu did not smile, not even a smirk at her small victory. She however, gave chase and went inside Yukari?s gap, only to find herself lost within as Yukari is no longer there.

?Sadly?? Yukari called from outside, surprising Kowasu in reverse as she looked back to see her enemy emerging from another quickly formed gap. She tried to rush out, but then the gap closed just as she turned around.

?I will just seal you in there? and send you to hell!? Yukari said, and forced her concentration to send Kowasu to hell, a place where not even Kamis can easily walk out once inside, for the barriers that separate there and the earthly realm is as thick as entire buildings, and the layers as many as there can ever be counted.

She felt it, confirming that she dropped Kowasu at the other side, her gaps opened, and there was no one inside.

?Problem settled? ouch?? She licked her lips, tasting her own blood for the first many years.

She now has to help Reimu.

However, Reimu was doing her job rather nicely. For as she looked, some 20 over balls of seven colored light emerged from her back which stands a magic circle. Glowing brightly the balls chased after a running Kanako, clearly somehow defeated. ?She defeated a Kami!? Yukari excited opened her mouth to say.

However, her sweat rolled down, as she heard another voice not too far behind her.

?That was unnecessary waste of strength? didn?t you know sending me there is only delaying the inevitable?? Kowasu, who somehow now stood behind her, a portal of absolute darkness opened behind her that does not belong to Yukari. It was connected to no other place than Hell.


?I don?t know, all I know is that I can.? Kowasu answered, and with immediate form, a hundred miles of dirt rolled from the ground below her, forming like a giant rolling tidal wave of earth and dirt and came rushing to Yukari.

Yukari opened her barrier, but it was too late, the entire town was sent flying above her, falling like meteor fragments as trees, buildings, cars, electric poles, various objects all fell to her direction and rained down like a rain of death.

?Why don?t you give up?? Kowasu mocked, not the least bit tired, even with so many usages of her abilities, she did not even look like she was fighting serious at all! ?You can?t defeat me.?

Yukari gulped, and looked ahead? could this be? She? Lost to a common Kami?


(Moments before)

Reimu looked, Yukari?s lasers has stopped, the giant earthworm is reacting by stretching out its skin, forming some kind of battle armor that clasped around it like a shield as thick as 3 layers of its hide. It is amazing at how some youkai Kami are able to resist so much.

?Do not force my hand, Hachisaka? I know you are a God deep down inside, you have the virtue of the holy ones who are in the heavens, do not force me to take you down because of such needless evil deeds.?

?You don?t know anything Reimu of Hakurei!? Hachisaka yelled back in angry response, shifting her armored skin to roll up, and once again covering her entire body, which is about 20 feet long; she charged for Reimu.

Her face is marred cleanly in all directions by Reimu?s needles which quickly disappear as it punctures the layers of armors; the only problem is that Reimu?s attack sees no effect, as the skin like armor only repaired as quickly as she can cause any decent damage to it.

?This hide is the hide of the Hideryu Kami, you cannot even hope to match it with your measly God?s blessing.?

?I didn?t say I have a reliable God did I? This are MY powers, and I have a lot more to spare.? Reimu swirled, and like before, fans of talismans slipped out magically under her sleeves, and from them they glowed brightly like miniature suns were installed on them.

?Mystical Exorcism Dance: Flower of the Eastern Lobby!? With this, Reimu declared and sent what appears to be a blast of powerful wind around her swirling into pink and red colored flower petals, rolling about in a raging tornado as wide as the street can handle but 4 or 5 times its height.

Her spell carried her, still standing on her orbs which shot the needles that kept Kanako at a safe distance before, and she jumped, turning about in 4 turns as she swirled her sleeves about her. The wind followed as though listening to her orders or movements, and hundreds if not thousands of these petals turned into small squarish looking charms, flying straight for Kanako.

They are sharp, sharp as knives and they punctured mercilessly at Kanako?s hide. She howled a bit, there must be some pain, indicating she feels the effect.

Reimu kept on shooting the talismans to graze her skin, but her real intention was hidden as they only cut her. ?You call this an attack?!? Kanako roared furiously, and from her almost unending trail of a throat, fireballs of molten rock came spewing out and flying to attack at Reimu. Reimu sidestepped, and lifted two of her Yin-Yang orbs that encircled her to before her, forcing an ?8? shaped shield as they are each arranged vertically and trailing a magic line that formed the letter ?8?.

The balls of fire and molten rock hit them, breaking apart. From below however, Reimu suddenly realized that Kanako is now there; it dawned to her that Kanako wasn?t attacking her, rather, it was a decoy. Those fireballs are a part of her, and she used them to avoid this attacking Persuasion Needles!

From below, Kanako rushed upwards, intending to swallow Reimu in one swell swoop. Reimu smiled.

?Declare, Demon Sealing Exorcism Dance!? She rushed downwards, and with Kanako?s loud movements, she didn?t manage to hear Reimu?s declaration, and only allowed Reimu to went inside her throat.

A blow of light formed, like a thousand explosives wired to a single switch being flicked on, the power of several thousands of those explosives instantly happened as Reimu spun with such ferocity and speed aided by her orbs which surround her and were swallowed as well sprayed a million if not more explosive talisman charms which blew apart Kanako from the inside.

?ARRRGGGHHHHHKKKKK!!!!? Kanako howled, desperately twitching as she tries to force Reimu out of her, but it was too late. Her insides are vulnerable, and like piercing knives, they cut through her and blasted her hide wide open; destroying her digestive tracts, her lungs and her everything else inside mercilessly. She coughed out blood, but inside Reimu continued her rampage, and before long, her lower body fell down, cut in half by the swift fanning of the talisman charms which flew from Reimu and exploded her inner tracts.

Like a defeated giant, despite her capabilities to use molten rock and even lava? she had been defeated? by a mere human.

Her pride is wounded, and worse still, she is now dangerously grazing the border of death.

Even Kamis can die, such wounds inflicted by holy spells, coming from another worshipper or believer, will pollute her body so much she cannot recover no matter how much time is given.

From the ground, Reimu mercilessly cut open the stomach, and came out. She is clean still, protected by a thin barrier that keeps her from being soaked by stomach enzymes and fluids of Kanako?s insides. It was something unorthodox, and this is the first time she did it, effective and deadly. She learned this best from her Grandmother, who is both her mentor before her own mother ever cared for her. In her guidance, she learned many traits, though she never used them in governing Gensokyo?s peace, she knows that when push comes to shove, she can do the most dastardly things that ensure her victory.

Likewise, Kanako was lynched, and she wriggled now under her feet. ?How?can a human?be so strong???

?And how can a Kami be so weak?? Reimu returned the question, further giving Kanako a blow in her mental defeated state.

?I am not weak?? Kanako tried to refute, but it is a fact, she had lost to a human worshipper.

?You weren?t before? it is only natural, now that you have allowed your virtue to sink so low that you lost your own faith. You were once a Yamato God, but you lost your position when you allowed the greed of power to contaminate you? installing yourself as a deity here was unsuitable, and then next you were sealed by a great priest under the shrine of Kanako am I correct?? Reimu took an educated guess, and without wrong at that, Kanako only writhed in silence: her reply was clear.

Reimu has got it right.

Kanako here, whatever Godly status she had before, is nothing more than a youkai worm now. True as she may be when she defeated Kowasu so many eons ago she was a dignified Kami then, she is turned into a greedy Kami and lost her virtue as one, which degraded and further contaminated her until she became an enshrined youkai?

When Kowasu was sealed, she ran.

She tried to hide from the Priest that summoned the Celestials to seal Kowasu, but she didn?t get far. After all? the priest wasn?t just a Jizou, the priest was a Jizou who became the guiding figure for his land. When he did then, he was elevated to become a Bodhisattva; referring to the fact the Priest whose real name was unknown to foul beings like herself has became an enlightened one. There are only two things more fearsome than Kamis or Celestials to a powerful youkai or demons, and that is a Boddhisattva and Buddha.

Bodhisattvas* unlike Buddha and do not always take a path of non-violence. Some like the Vaisravana* for example, are battle hardened deities whose goals in their eternal existence is to banish the evils upon all three realms: the heaven, the earth and hell itself. One sword swing from the Vaisravana*, and not even an Oni can live, their existences will be forcefully converted, and turned into one of the many heavenly beings above the heavens, condemning them to a path of meditation and without any desire or lust. The others are like Daigan Jizou Bosatsu* whose existence serves as the guiding light in hell, the power to banish all darkness regardless of how powerful the evil is, can break demonic wills and shatter them into nothingness with a mere swing of his nimbus staff.

Their identity can always be detected when the glowing halo behind their head shines, and as it is, when they do descend from the heavens above, they always do because the light of the earth can never match their glowing embodiments of virtue. Kanako remembered when she was sealed, the way that Priest?s eyes were so full of sadness, for the fallen God, herself. He begged for her to refuse temptation, yet because she refuses to accept that and become a Bodhisattva herself, in preference for reverence and human fear in the land of Suwa which has unlimited holy energy, she was banished.

In her place, the Priest picked a snake to sit upon her shrine, giving her the exact same name as herself. The Bodhisattva then left, happily returning to sit in his shrine and meditate till He becomes a Buddha himself when his eternal work is done.

She twitched now, admitted defeat.

?I was right?? Reimu began, ?You were once a Kami, a dignified one? then you lost your virtue. That means? that Kowasu should be the same. This can only mean one thing? you two were telling lies!?

Kanako twitched, yet again, she is right.

?Yes? you are correct.?

?This disease that spread among all of mankind is not your fault? they are unrelated incidents??

?No, that is wrong, it is my work? my ability is to manipulate diseases? I can??

?No you can?t. You are merely one factor in a string of coincidences, this is all something the humans of this side cooked up and caused their own demise.? Reimu explained.

?How do you know for sure??

?Not once did you use your insect poison at me, despite me waiting for you to do it.? Reimu paused, ?not that I want you to, but I expected you to have that, instead, you used fire, and molten rock? it was clear to me whatever Kowasu mistaken you to have become after eating all those insects and youkai trapped inside her when she put you inside her body? you never changed, you weren?t powerful enough to shed your youkai being??

?You? you can?t deny me like this?? Kanako refuted.

?Then infect me, go ahead, use this virus that you see around you causing the humans to run amok and infect me, I dare you.? Reimu did just that, disengaging her barrier, she stood in front of Kanako?s hated vision.

Kanako tried to use her power, but she couldn?t. She didn?t see the effects, the youkai power she thought she had was not there, there is nothing happening. Reimu smiled slightly, ?So? in the end, you were just used? you foolish youkai, thinking someone could save you, thinking you could turnaround your fate because you can escape??

?I absorbed the energies of Suwa?s great source! I should have changed back into a Kami!!? Kanako stood, slowly regaining her human form, only without the Kanako outlook before, and stood plainly in her plainest attire and tattered ones at that.

?You cannot become a Kami by just eating out of open palms? a Kami is created by the gathering of holy energy into natural things, youkai that become Kami must be enshrined by priests or monks, beasts that become Kami must go through a phase of meditative existence? you did not do any of those? you are a fool?? With this explanation from Reimu, Kanako collapsed to her knees.

She is defeated?

Everything she knew was a lie.

Everything she believed in, was never the truth. She was guided by her nose, by the lies her enemy spread.

?Then I will tell you one thing, in exchange for my life? if you spare me??

?Go ahead, but I can?t guarantee what I might or might not do.? Reimu sighed, ?After all, you are a dangerous misguided youkai, but I can offer you to enter Gensokyo.?

?Kowasu? something happened to her that night when she returned? I don?t know if I was wrong or just the heat of the moment, but she had??

Her conversation trailed off, as a powerful tidal wave of stone and debris rolled high over them.


Her attack is heading over their way?


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Re: Apocalypse Awakening - A Touhou + Left4Dead zombie rush fic thing...
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Notes for this reference heavy Chapter:


Bodhisattvas are considered the second highest in all Buddhism related teachings, hence it is only fair that one be the powerful icon that sealed Kowasu and Kanako and replaced them with Suwako and Kanako Yasaka. Mahayana Buddhism shows the stages to how one attains Bodhi which is Enlightenment.

Daigan Jizō Bosatsu:

This is one of the many important Bodhisattvas. His mission to empty all hells of tortured souls continues to all of eternity. Daigan Jizou Bosatsu or Di Chang Wang Pu Sha is worshiped in some temples, but normally sitting beside Bai Yi Quan Yin Pu Sha who is the motherly figure with a lotus in one hand in pure white attire, the female Bodhisattva is the greatest among the Bodhisattvas; I believe Di Chang Wang Pu Sha is the second or third greatest with his endless duty to free souls from the torture of all hells.


The Japanese have a very unique expression for this one, and it is also the Bodhisattva (yes it is one, according to my grandparents anyway) and he is worshiped in most temples today as Bi Sha Men Tian, Bishamonten. He is both a fearsome figure who controls fires and is considered a Warrior God in Japanese mythology.

(Hence why you see Shou Toramaru with a pagoda and spear, her design should be influenced by him, who also carries a pagoda and spear, some depict him with a fearsome sword which has seven hangs (hooks) that cleave evil souls) (NOT YOU ZENGAR GET THE FUCK OUT)

The Chinese however, worships this figure with a more neutral stance, most of Chinese believers believe that Vaisravana is a kind god, who guards the heavens from intruders and helps defeat bad spirits in human possession. (This is practiced by Izunas and highly venerated monks who also do exorcism), Vaisravana is also one of the Journey To The West's important icons. Vaisravana's mantra is apparently also available, though I have never seen it. I heard of this tho...
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Re: Apocalypse Awakening - A Touhou + Left4Dead zombie rush fic thing...
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Do continue!

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Re: Apocalypse Awakening - A Touhou + Left4Dead zombie rush fic thing...
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Chapter 10:

/Moments before/

??and thus, find the Priest, he alone can seal Kowasu again?? Hachisaka?s voice crackled, and gave in to certain death as her strength seeped away from her body.

?Where?!? Reimu asked one last time, shaking the broken worm youkai now writhing on the ground.

?The mountains, Kyushu? region?? as long?as you?are there?he will?be there??? The last thing that came was as vague as the tale she just heard. She doesn?t know how it started, she didn?t manage to hear it all, but what was important was given.


(Same moment)

The night has fallen, but there only begins the truly epic battle.

In the haste of her actions, Yukari zipped down and lugged Reimu along with her as she rushed to get away from under the endless tumbling wave of debris that keeps feeding on itself as it flattened the entire town. The nearly limitless numbers of undead creatures, human zombies big or small or mutated are sucked in mercilessly, and with Hachisaka?s shielding now gone as a result of her defeat by Reimu, and subsequently her certain death; the bodies are all sucked into a vortex of dust and debris. There was no refuge, and Yukari had to think fast.

With one willful grasp, Reimu was captured, and into a gap they went. Destination: unknown, but anywhere is better than here getting swallowed by tons of debris. A powerful energy ruptured from behind them as the gap sealed, and then a shadow rushed past the dirt to gain for them, only stopped by the mere seconds of the gap closing behind them.

?Why are you running?!? Reimu asked Yukari; surely this is no enemy to be fearful of, though she certainly had a certain advantage. Already, outside where they just escaped from, the town is flattened, half the earth from about the entire region has been gathered below her feet, ready for all sorts of attacks the moment they reemerge from their escape.

?Something is not right, this Kowasu is not Suwako? ah?what am I saying? I am noting she just opened a gap from hell like I did? I don?t know how but she has got more abilities than a normal Kami.? Yukari answered, her tone almost panicky. The situation a bare moment ago was antagonizing her mind, how can a mere Kami have so much power?

?What do you think is happening?? Reimu shuddered, and then she yelled, ?Doesn?t this mean?.??

True to her fears, Kowasu tore open the gap?s opening, barely an inch over with her hands seeping into the boundaries of time and space mercilessly opening the gateway to both in this Yukari?s dimension and outside.

?Why are you two inside? Come out and play!? Like a sudden rush of air, they were sucked outside, and sucked away like a vacuuming vortex tearing them away from the dark regions of Yukari?s dimensional space. Reimu opened her eyes, and so did Yukari, only to see Kowasu standing tall before them, voice full of triumph, and eyes full of energy, seeping out of her small form as though she was a furnace burning something from within and the hot air is escaping from her body. Her skin is now completely dark and coarse as stone with mild cracks here and within the cracks there glowing in crimson red, indication of great heat inside.

She has absorbed Kanako?s powers and used it as her own, but surely, such mastery is not that easy to achieve, not this way? Reimu wondered about what Yukari mentioned a moment before, ?she is not a normal Kami? and only then did Reimu now notice as she squinted her eyes slightly that the ring behind Kowasu?s head. It wasn?t visible with the poor light around them before, in fact, it was dimly lit but clearly there.

?A halo?!? Reimu gasped, how can this be?

There are only two beings that have halos behind them,  a Bodhisattva and a Buddha are those two beings respectively, but as things are? how can an entirely evil being like Kowasu, capable of destroying entire towns, polluting all the sources of water as she so claims in revenge, become one herself?!

?Impossible?? Reimu uttered to Yukari, ?This is not an ordinary Kami, we are facing? an enlightened one?and I am afraid we are outclassed.? Reimu knows there are things that are quite different from normal youkai and demons. The strongest demons are as powerful as Gods yes, like the Nine Tailed Divine Fox Tamamo no Mae. There is however a clear distinction between those that are normal and abnormal. In the spiritual these boundaries are the clear unbreakable ones; the truly divine like a Buddha for example, has endless reach of power unfathomable by mere mortals like herself, and even one as powerful as Yukari.

?Why don?t you try with what you have first?? Yukari replied, ?We should not give up without a fight!? Yukari doesn?t believe in not winning a fight, at most she will give in after a bit as she is tired or lacked motivation to continue, but no way she wants to give up without a bit struggle.

?There is no use? watch!? With one swift throw, Reimu cast a bullet amulet at Kowasu?s direction, and likewise, as expected, she did not even raise a finger before the amulet dispersed into thin air. The proof was clear and simple, the difference in rank was so great that mere power from a shrinemaiden cannot even harm the air she exhales.

?We are the same, we both share holy energies, as it is, my powers are sourced from what she is releasing into the air? and she has limitless amounts of it? in a pull out battle we have zero advantage.?

?You just tested an amulet, what about those spells?? Yukari asked.

?They are all the same, we both belong to the holy energy side, as long as one of us is sourcing from the heavens we can?t do anything but cancel out each other? with one specific problem, I can?t control elements but she can.?

?Oh, is that so?? Suddenly a voice from above spoke out loudly, Kowasu raised her eyes slightly to see the blinding light coming her way. She then held out a palm to stop the attacking laser before her, and did it deflect off her like a powerful source of light bouncing off a metallic surface.

?You are? the witch.? Kowasu muttered, seeing as Marisa, Nitori, Alice and now Setsu too has landed. ?Where?s Eirin?? Marisa asked first, surprised she is not yet here consider the large amounts of energy released by Kowasu.

?Oh and you, you know me?? Marisa turned to Kowasu, who gave no answer in return but simply glared at them with a sense of displeasure in her features.

?I lost contact with her? I don?t really know.? Yukari answered Marisa, hopefully she was listening.

?Damn it.? Marisa cursed.

?The more the merrier.? Kowasu mocked, and crossed her arms, waiting for her enemy to make a move.

?She clearly is over confident isn?t she?? Alice asked to no one in particular.

?Let?s finish her!? Marisa was clear as she is convicted, if they aren?t your friend, then they are enemies, a lifelong rule she lived by and worked all the time. Nitori readied her shielding device, which resembles a clock of sorts, with a timer at the top and a block of machine attached below wired to her arms.


(somewhere near)

Eirin waited, from afar, her presence has been wiped off, like a silent hunter she exist only to those with the sharpest of senses. In a while, the arrow in her hands will be released, carrying with it so much intense energy that it would pierce the air at 5 times the speed of sound, and breaking off the barrier so much that by the time Kowasu detects her attack it would be too late to guard herself against it.

?Hurry, and get back? Reisen? that drug means everything.?


?Yukari? we need to talk.? Reimu nudged at Yukari.

Promptly the two disappeared into a gap, leaving Marisa with a wry smile, but she knows, her mates won?t abandon her to fight alone. She knows she is given the ticket now to outlast the enemy first, and then, they will come with an excellent power back to assist them. Kowasu saw them however, she didn?t make any moves regarding them with as much as respect she would give to an insect.

?C?mon Alice!?

?Hmph! Don?t command me!? Alice nodded nonetheless as she gave a nod to Nitori, asking her to set up a shield for Setsu, who still remained wordless, as she was over an hour ago. Nitori can?t help but felt weird? has she, changed? Still, quickly she stilled her mind, she had to do something now to assist her partners, and with Reimu gone with Yukari, who is the most powerful among them, she must aid them with full strength; from her backpack, 4 mechanical arms each one like a tentacle and grappling hand attached to the tips popped out, fitting as her weapon.


(inside the gap)

Inside here, the gap space, darkness permeated and all sounds are banished outside, leaving only two overly clear voices and the sounds of the two breathing. Yukari and Reimu stared at each other, waiting for one another to speak.


?Why?? Yukari asked.

?Before you yanked me earlier from the rolling wave earlier, that earth worm version of Kanako Yasaka, Hachisaka told me this? their benefactor? or rather, the priest who enshrined them in the ancient times is in Kyuushu? a time before that place was even named there? in the long abandoned mountains sits a shrine that is dilapidated and forgotten? there, he sits meditating.?

?What help would this priest do??

?Only he can tame whom he enshrined, he alone named Kowasu, and in ancient times, according to the archives of the Hakurei at least? those Gods named by man, are controlled by the single man who named them, just as I have a second ?true? name which I alone know.? Reimu explained reluctantly and paused, before continued, ?You may not know what that name is, nor will you ever pry me for it, but know this? in the ancient laws and rules, this one name gives complete control to the ?Namer? of this creature. Everything from the very basis of existence, calling it banish itself?can be controlled by uttering this name before all else, as a command.?

?Such a powerful? thing, how??

?It was a law, written to control Gods so that they violent Yamato Gods cannot cause or wreck havoc, the first Gods are violent then, so the humans devised a way to form a pact, which enables the right person to be handed such names, some even without the knowledge of the named Yamato Gods. No matter how high they ascend, they cannot forfeit this rule, and is thus bound by the elements of control?? Reimu explained in full. Reimu however, only worried if this rule still applied, but all things aside, it would matter after they have tried their methods.

?How do you propose??

?Finding him?? Reimu sighed, ?That will depend how close we are, I recall you have spirits that you used to detect spiritual presence? can you ask those to help??

?We don?t have time!!? Yukari complained. With this said, she turned around, hoping to get out of the gap and move back to the battleground, with Marisa, Nitori and Alice combining with her strength which she has barely even began to touch on, surely they can hurt her.

?We have all the time in the world? I saw Eirin just now when she stood behind Kowasu and she didn?t managed to detect her.? Reimu smiled, and with this, Yukari reluctantly opened another gap, to her right this time, where it revealed from the other side lush greenery of mountains and beyond. ?You go, I am staying??

?This?had better be good?? Yukari sighed. She looked as Reimu zipped into the gap she opened. Whatever happens now is up to chance.


Kyuushu is huge, but without doubt, there which they appeared in, is within the vicinity of the mountains described by Hachisaka moments before her injured self was swallowed by the tidal wave of debris rolling down upon her. Hachisaka is no more, or at least, her presence is so weak Reimu was unable to detect it just now when she stood near before Yukari grabbed her to escape into a gap just as the tidal wave of debris and bodies rolled up by Kowasu?s powers over earthly elements pummeled downwards and tried to engulf them.

The surroundings are as old as time itself, it was believed that this was the way it looked like since thousands of years before. It was a place filled with magic, so dense it was like a wall of water in thin breathable air. If Gensokyo were to exist outside of Yukari?s designed separation of time for example, this would be the perfect place to put it into existence. All around, the air ruptured with youkai strengths, the sounds of their teeth grating in hunger, the voices of their kind whispering wondering who the newcomer standing above in the air could be. Here also, Reimu found herself able to fly, the air so thick with magic made it possible.

However, of all this, there is something different about this presence she has been feeling. It felt exceptionably holy, like a flow of air that is different clean in a polluted air with youkai and demons dwelling below her in the thick forests and lurking shadows. It was a sort of feeling akin to knowing exactly where a needle would be in a haystack, defined, but soft, unthreatening, unfeeling, only sitting in one place and emanating it from afar.

A she stood there, she knew that she wasn?t here alone. Already, surrounding her are hungry eyes, demons, and youkai all ready to pounce on her. She has to make this fast.

?Gods of the land, ancient and young alike, hear my call, hear my call and respond, enter my body and speak with me your unheard wisdom as I the maiden of the Hakurei commands you.? Almost immediately, she felt them, angry voices coursing through her head, visibly disturbed, and very eager to tear her apart with their teeth grating and cursing voices. It wasn?t the Gods she summoned, she needed to ask for permission first, but procedures are procedures, and finding the right ?person? to ask when she performs this ritual is a job that requires filtering of information.

?What are you doing here?! Get away!?, ?Dirty human pig! I will kill you!?, ?Burn you!?, ?Ahhh? fresh meat! Come down here I will eat you!? and more mindless screaming and yelling. The youkai here are mostly cannibalistic, as in these places no humans travel to, and certainly not so much as any faith from them or fear for them to feed. Only the hardiest survive here, although occasionally, a certain few mountain trekkers would fall dead here into the crevices of the hills and be engulfed by the fearsome and hungry shadows that lurk here.

The lines between demons and youkai are blurred here, meaning the voices are also mixed thanks to the lack of faith. However, among them, a clearer one stood out from a distance, voice so distant and small Reimu had to focus hard to hear it clearly. She heard it, a distant tingling, like a powerful chanting voice that destroyed the other voices bit by bit to make it clearer.

?Whom am I speaking to? Are you one of the Kamis?? Reimu called out to the smallest voice of all.

?The Bodhichitta* of Aymaharan Mahapaksa, I am one of the many who sits with Lord Buddha in his kingdom.? The voice replied, clearer this time and visibly less challenged by the other screaming voices of youkai and whatever else inside the surrounding forests.

?Are you, O Wise One whom sealed a toad upon the Lake Suwa by the name of Kowasu?? Reimu went straight to the point.

?The fates of the old crosses path with the new, by what account have you come to this continuation?? The question was reflected, quite annoyed now, Reimu has no time to play 21 questions with a mere priest. She is here to see the one who removed a source of evil from Lake Suwa, and replaced with two great figures that now lived in Gensokyo which is Suwako Moriya and Kanako Yasaka.

?If you are a Kami, then hear me out, I am Reimu of the Hakurei, I have travelled far from my world to seek reasons to humanity?s most dire condition, and what I found was a fearsome revelation. What I fear is not that however, but rather? your disciple, your enshrined toad of Suwa, has rebelled against her sworn duty and has caused havoc, if you would only open your eyes and see, O Wise One, then please understand I did not call you out for mere chatting time.? Reimu answered, her voice full of her annoyance.

?Patience is the key virtue in all things, I have granted exactly that to the toad of which I enshrined twice, what are you mentioning this for now? Are you saying she has become rebellious?? The voice answered back.

?The problem is that the patience has been played out, she came out quite recently, and she is now? responsible for almost all of Japan?s destruction! Open your eyes!? Reimu chided, still she is not convinced he would listen of course, not that she cared, she wanted to see this priest and pull him back to where Yukari and the others are fighting.

?I can?t, despite my status; I am a blind man who is detached from the cycle of sin and suffering, death and rebirth, desire and lust. I am an existence that is not self, but others which is my body.? The voice paused, ?But if you so insist, then I shall reveal myself.?

With that, suddenly, all voices around Reimu?s mind which was a clouded mess before became nothing, silenced entirely into such clear muteness there one could hear even the flicker of a blade of grass from way below.

Great light emerged from the thin air, and all of a sudden, Reimu felt herself weighing a few hundred tons more. She felt breathless, as though all her soul?s weight was a burden to her and she felt an intense desire to completely strip herself of even her skin, but she knows it is not her, rather? it is the air around her. This is the aura of a purely holy being; an enlightened near-Buddha like being that does not lag behind the One himself. The aura alone was so powerful, so purifying that no amount of evil can penetrate it, much less be able to get near to him.

There he was, body in perfect silver, as though he was dressed in a silver foil. A face so peaceful, non-malicious to even look at it makes Reimu?s legs tremble. All her life, she has seen great so many things, even Gods, but not one time she held respect for something or someone so great it made her weaken. There he stood, his face calm as still water, expressionless with eyes closed, a halo floating behind his head glowing with soft golden light; he wore a robe made of silver cloth, and so is the skin of his entirely in that color. He wore sandals and stood above a floating lotus flower which itself glowed in silver light. Both his hands clasped in prayer as he descended; and then it moved to hold the Lotus form, which is the tips of the middle finger touching the thumb with the rest pointed upwards and the left hand position below as the ?leaf? of the lotus?s watery base. Slowly, he descended majestically to where Reimu stood with her familiars beneath her feet.

The Priest, so vaguely described by Hachisaka moments before she gave in the death before, had so much more than a mere title of ?he?, when it should be ?He? or some such. He floated down and only then did Reimu noticed he was standing atop a Lotus flower of gold and pink, flowing with straight golden light as he came down to eye level with Reimu.

?I have abandoned my name long ago, for I am no longer associated with all that was myself once a long time ago. I am Kyuren Jinben Daibosatsu; my title translates to ?The Enlightened on Nine Lotuses?.  I have taken on the duty to enshrine and guide the misguided to the path of enlightenment, and I sit here as I always have been till they are all brought forth to the promised Nirvana and sits with Lord Buddha in meditation heaven. To what forth a reason do you wish that I open my eyes to see? O human child of a forgotten art?? Reimu understood as she listened, this is the Bodhisattva responsible for saving youkai and beasts as well as demons, purging them from their sins to make them become enlightened beings as he himself is.

Reimu kneeled down, knowing that he is the real thing warrants no excuse for her to be rude, and with arms raised slightly, she opened her palm in a sign of receiving blessing from him and asked her question.

?Will you, Enlightened One of Kyushu follow me to Suwa once more? The Toad of Suwa has rebelled, and what I said earlier has indeed been true, if you would see so yourself, please put her to rest again so that this world can be saved??

?Yes, of course, if you speak the truth which I can hear from your heart now, then I shall take your request to subdue the Toad I have enshrined.?

?Then, Enlightened One, we must make haste.? For the first time ever, Reimu used respective terms to address someone. However, she realized one thing as she looked down below?

There she saw the spirits all rising up, like thin wisp and ghosts and flowed to above the clouds, the youkai and the shadowy things that lurked in the shadows? purified by the golden light from his appearance along, was endless!

They rose like rain ascending vertically upwards, as though they were swimming the top of the heavens which they really are doing. All the evils they done, forgotten, pardoned, and phased out of their shadowy forms and turned into heavenly spirits that ascended to the above to join the Englightened in meditation heaven.

?Can we somehow make it in time? it is very far? and?? Reimu worried, even her familiars will take her at least an hour at maximum speed.

?There is no boundaries of Buddha?s reach across this plane and universe.?* The Bodhisattva spoke in clear voice, and with so, Reimu felt herself vanish in a spray of light that seemed to engulf her.


?Love Sign! Master Spark!!? ?Star Sign: Starlight Reverie!? Blast of stars blasted off into Kowasu?s direction, hitting her from all areas and then from the center a gunk of laser as wide as a building shot directly for her.

However, with this strength, it was met with disappointment, as Kowasu merely lifted her hand before the gunk of laser was deflected by a powerful shield which she erected just in time. The shaking around the area formed quite powerfully across the ground, but below it hit nothing only making holes everywhere. Marisa herself gaped, her mouth opened, nothing has ever deflected her Master Spark before.

From her back, thousands of needle like lasers tens of feet long erupted from Nitori. Her powerful spell, ?Kappa Cucumber? which unlike the name are deadly lasers in green pierced into the air, rushing for Kowasu without a hint of mercy. Just then, walls of powerful strong walls of earth erected themselves before her, taking the lasers and forcing them to crush into light fragments as they rooted to the surface of the wall of earth. They didn?t even manage to get close, and Nitori grimaced at the idea of even getting close to her.

From the sides, Alice gripped her grimoire and chanted, she hopped that something would aid her well here, and with time given she could do her ultimate summoning. She learned this well in her last bout with some figures in Gensokyo, how to summon a giant version of her favorite doll familiar: Shanghai. However, she needs time. Kowasu made no move to attack, only waited for them as she hoped they would make her even lift a finger.

Already, she grows stronger with each passing moment, she hasn?t felt so powerful since a long time ago. Or rather, she was never this powerful before, she used to have a lot of issues with power and recently she has achieved a new level somehow. Kowasu waited, and lowered the wall before her.

?Got you!? From above, she hadn?t realized it, Eirin appeared, with her bow ready.

?Apollo 13!? A large ring of energy formed, hundreds of times thicker than Marisa?s Master Spark and denser, all concentrated in one focus of curling energy so powerful it felt like it could burn through the core of the earth and still go on. Just then, Yukari emerged from the sides, hundreds of gaps opened from around her and surrounded Kowasu in a dense entrapment of eyes that are connected to nothing in the darkness of the gaps. From them, she declared ?Bewitching Butterflies of Death?? a move used by her best friend. As sudden as she was when she appeared, she zipped into the gap which she stood above of, and thousands upon thousands of eerily lighted butterflies in pink glow flew outwards and surrounded like a terrible swarm around Kowasu. It doesn?t need an expert to decipher that these butterflies aren?t for any viewing pleasures? rather, they were designed to destroy things.

Kowasu raised her hands, only to see that as she lowered her wall of absolute defense, thousands of strokes of lasers came forward for her, and yet again, she could hear the familiar declaring of ?Master Spark? again from Marisa as a huge gunk of laser once more came for her. From the sides she noticed a sudden fizzling in the air as well, and large magical fields formed various sized magical circles that covered the air with enough energy to even destroy entire plantations if any across the skies.

From those circles, a figure of a golden haired figure, a doll the size of buildings stacked atop one another came to existence from thin air. Below the doll, stood the summoner who clearly is aiming for the collaborative fight. Together, the weapons of choice all met their target, with the doll?s main weapon, which is a lance three times as long as a full length train of about ten cars smashing into the Kowasu?s wall of defense, which was hastily erected in her sudden realization the former attacks were just a front for the magician to summon this monstrosity.

In a sudden glow of light as bright as the sun, powerful magic erupted like a geyser across the ruined town, overturned with dirt and debris as Kowasu felt herself trapped into an explosive surrounding; no matter what she does now, she is vulnerable to attacks!

?Heh? interesting?? She muttered.

Thunderous noise so loud erupted from the center where she stood.

Clouds of swirling dust erupted, and from it? silence followed.

?Did we get her???

?Don?t forget, we are only using danmaku? as best as the magic is? it isn?t strong enough to kill her? lest of all it could injure her badly.? Nitori spoke, hanging now to Marisa?s broom.



*Bodhichitta - a term referring to 'one of the many enlightened ones'

?There is no boundaries of Buddha?s reach across this plane and universe.?* - classical term depicting there is no boundaries for Buddha's teaching or ways, can also mean the reach of his influence. (Chinese is Fo Fa Wu Jiang - Buddha's Way No Boundaries is the direct translation)
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Nyahahaha still new here. Rules haven't been imprinted into my braaaaaains yet.

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Lol almost, I just wanted Alice to exhibit the coolest no brainer of a move ever.

Then again... Kowasu seemed unflinched.

and Setsu... what's with her? Next chapter and two more to go before finale.
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