Author Topic: [Art] Some old flip-phone GIF screensaver I made ⑨ years ago?  (Read 2277 times)

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Nine years ago, I made a GIF animation with the intention of using it as a screensaver for an old Motorola flip-phone. It used modified PC-9801 sprites of Marisa:
  • Five 128?128-pel dialogue sprites from TH05, modified by DeviantArtist LuckyHaruAnimu-Squig to incorporate a single ribbon-tied braid (as in TH06 and later games)
  • One 64?48-pel map sprite from TH05, recolored by me to match the exact same colors as her dialogue sprites above.
I then added a color-correct PC-9801-ish Master Spark coming out of the front of the map sprite above.

Because I cannot locate the digital whereabouts of that wonderful DeviantArtist LuckyHaruAnimu-Squig (I left two notes on her page, and so far I got no response from her; I uploaded the GIF to my DeviantArt page and credited her by typing @LuckyHaruAnimu-Squig on the GIF?s description so she should have been auto-notified about it by the DA server, but she never responded to me ? in other words, she?s not visited her DA page since sometime after 2012 based on her last submitted deviation there, so that page of hers is inactive), I am unable to secure permission from her to directly show this GIF here on this thread. At least in the meantime, I can post its URL here for any interested party to see:

If you have followed my Tweets, then you may have already seen it.

UPDATE: I think I located LuckyHaruAnimu-Squig ? she apparently changed her username to Feinerine after I uploaded an APNG (Animated PNG) conversion from the GIF original:

and tagged Feinerine on the image?s description. I finally got a note response from her, although I cannot ?for safety reasons? disclose here the contents of that note or our back-and-forth. But I feel confident I can finally display them here (note that the APNG version doesn?t animate on Microsoft browsers):

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Re: [Art] Some old flip-phone GIF screensaver I made ⑨ years ago?
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I don't know much about the earlier touhou games, but I know as sure as hell that this looks soo authentic, like if it would be something appearing in the official PC-98 games and it just looks so cool!  ;)

(P.S marisa is my fifth favorite 2hu!)
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