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My Touhou OC
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This was just something I wanted to try out, since I've always wanted to make a Touhou OC!  :)  Hopefully, it isn't too bad.  :ohdear:  If there's something wrong that you'd like to point out to me (appearance, abilities, etc), feel free to do so!  :D  I'm open to any sort of criticism! Don't worry, I don't bite. ^^

"It's your fault these innocent beings are resorting here, isn't it?"
Name: Horiuchi Naho
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: She is based off of a Karura, in the form that she can be helpful in anyway she can.
Abilities: Naho doesn't have very many abilities, unless if you count multitasking as one. But, as a result of this, she tends to be very clumsy.
Occupation: Youkai Hotel Owner
Personality: Naho is constantly tired, due to having to run a hotel for various youkai. She, despite being sarcastic and witty, decides to put others before herself.
Stage: 3
Location: Her battle takes place outside of her hotel, which is near a lake.
Danmaku: Her bullets tend to come in curved lines (not in shape, in pattern), miniature mazes, and big orbs, but they're all slow. They're somewhat easy to dodge, depending on the difficulty you're playing on.
Spellcards: The One Who Put Others First 「What's Mine is Yours」, Selfless Sign 「Tender Loving Care」, Reckless Sacrifice 「Dreams of The Hopeful」
Theme Name: 'Flowering Blood ~ The Mystic Youkai of Japan'

"If it means I have to stain my hands in your blood, then I'll do anything to defend them!"