Author Topic: UNTIES booth at PAX West to showcase several Touhou fangames, incl. "3rd eye"  (Read 3629 times)


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A bit late to put this out there since it's happening right away, but if anyone's going to PAX West, they might want to check out the UNTIES booth which will be showcasing their Play,Doujin!-backed Touhou titles. They'll have Touhou Genso Wanderer, Uniting Barrage Action / Azure Reflections, and Gensokyo Defenders by Neetpia.

Maybe the most significant appearance though would be "3rd eye", a horror exploration game with art by kotoinari, which will be making its first overseas appearance, and with an English translation, no less.

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The news about "3rd Eye" is pretty fascinating. The artist (whom I have known as "ことイナリ ? Koto Inari" through Danbooru) is one of the most curious people in the fandom since the heyday of Nezumi (Verynezumi) and kamS. I had no idea he or she was involved in making fangames.


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I have not heard of 3rd eye before. It's making me very happy to see artsy-fartsy (horror) games of Touhou being made, we need more on that front. Switch, PS4 and Steam versions seem to be planned according to their site.

Gensokyo Defenders by Neetpia.

Is that one easily available, on PSN or somewhere perhaps? If it already is, it went right by me.


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It's already available on JP PSN but they're releasing it overseas too. (I might have had something to do with its translation...)

I may have been involved in the translation of 3rd Eye...

Hoooooooh boy have I been excited about this for a while~
Other than the fact that Koto Inari's art is just so bruting yet beautifully stunning sense of humor and tragedy got me wanting this game from the minute of it's tease.
It's been hard to find some actually well made Touhou horror games but recently a few cool things have come up and this game has latched me to the hype train
The whole idea for this game seems so wimsical yet sad as Koishi links together her story of her past and what has left to come of her face in the real world including all the drawings related to the game only makes the hype more strong

It reminds me faintly of the game Fran Bow in the fact that the game is obviously trying to give out a good scare but it relies more of the unknown, abstract, and abnormalities than trying to actually frighten you almost making it seem like it's your choice to be afraid or not, which I believe all horror games should try to do.

But with all seriousness I'm incredibly excited for the full release of this game to download.