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Hello, i want to show you my little experiment , This is a Touhou Project music in vaporwave style.
it's  not so proffesional, but i hope you like it  :)
[東方Project] - Keine Kamishirasawa (Keine's theme remix)
[東方Project] - The Aesthetic Grimoire of Alice  (Alice TH5 theme remix)
【東方Music】- Retro Karakasa 2XXX (Kogasa stage theme from TH12 remix)

[TouhouWave] - A World  of   Aesthetics   Moon (TH 15 extra stage theme)

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Hello Purvis

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Okay I just got linked that last one in another chat, and it's surprisingly neat.

[東方Project]-MASTER SPARK☆ (vaporwave remix)

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[東方Project] - Frozen Capital of Eternity (calm remix)
Well, it's not a vaporwave remix, but maybe you like it too  :)

[東方Project] - Perfect AESTHETIC maid
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Fujiwara no Mokou

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Futatsuiwa from the Future

Not my type of music but I dig the C64 backgrounds.

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Who done it!
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