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Brief Short(s?)
« on: October 02, 2017, 06:57:30 AM »
Sort-of crossover between MGSV, hopefully not overly cringey or confusing...

As Glacier Cat entered the shrine, a sense of foreboding crept upon him. The only thing among the shrine?s pillars was a small hat in the corner, its eyes seeming to follow Cat as he walked past. He couldn?t be distracted by it, though: he was here to search for the missing operative, not to poke around everything that stood out a little. The only things breaking the silence were the low murmurs of the wind and the clinking of the weapons on his back and at his hip. A rifle and a missile launcher. Hopefully he wouldn?t have to use either, but given his previous experience with the locals, he might not be so lucky.

As he looked around the shrine for anyone to speak to, Cat heard a rustling noise from behind him.

No. It can?t be...

The secret we Diamond Dogs fought so hard to protect...

A young girl peeked out from under the hat, an unmistakably childlike glee on her face. Her lips moved, but Glacier Cat paid no attention, too fixated on what her sudden appearance meant.

If she was under that hat, then that means...

That means they know the technique.

They know. They know theyknowtheyknowtheyknow--

Shaking hands fumbled for the iDroid. The girl?s expression changed from friendliness to concerned curiosity, but Glacier Cat did not notice this either, such was his terror.

?CP, this is Glacier Cat. They know our secret! Over!?

?T-this is CP - what secret??

?The secret! They know the secret!?

?What- Glacier Cat? You cut off there, are you ok?


Glacier Cat, respond!

?Suwako? Why is that man lying on the ground? And was that radio just screaming ?cat???

?I don?t know. Maybe it?s got to do with that big metal tube on his back. It looks heavy...?