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11 duels in one battle.
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Chapter 1

The sun was high in the sky punishing the Moriya shrine mercilessly, inside the wooden building Sanae was serving iced water to the  guests. Byakuren Hiriji and Ichirin Kumoi had come earlier that morning with one of the most curious proposals the youkai mountain had ever heard: forming a football team.

Kanako and Suwako had retreated further inside the shrine to discuss the offer, that left Sanae and the Myouren ladies in the main entrance, enjoying the cool water and a few plates full of fruit. Ichirin had come with her hair uncovered because of the heat and Byakuren had left back at Myouren the black part of her dress that acted as an over cote for the same reason. They had already recruited Aya with the idea of making her a winger or a wing-back, but they still couldn't form a full team, more people were needed.

- Have the two goddesses decided? - asked Byakuren by eating a piece of apple.
- Not yet - answered Sanae - Kanako and Suwako own the shrine together and are willing to collaborate but they can start quarrelling for the tiniest of reasons, it might take some time for them to come to an agreement -
- How good are playing football?- asked Ichirin.
- I used to play football in the outside world but I was not the best at it, I usually played as a centre back, I was very enthusiastic, I even broke a guy's ankle while tackling him! -
- That's not something you should be proud about! - said Ichirin.

As the amount of food in the places became smaller, the girls conversation became faster and more trivial: How did Byakuren like Gensokyo? Where the tengu scared of scarecrows? Why was it that only Ichirin came with Byakuren? what would happen if Kogasa decided to let go of her umbrella? all those questions more were asked and discussed during the long wait.

Finally, from inside the shrine, the two proud goddesses appeared. Despite the sweat in her forehead, Kanako was wearing her usual red dress, Sanae had suggested something lighter but the goddess would not listen, my dress. she said, is a very important part of my divine image so I can't ditch it so carelessly. Suwako had also refused to change her clothes but hers we much more suited for the summer heat. Kanako stood in front of the Buddhists calling forth an air of might. In a deep voice, full of the majesty expected of a goddess she announced the verdict.

- Our miko, Sanae Kochiya, and the tengu, Aya Shameimaru, will grant you their help in the name of our shrine, in exchange the Buddhist team is bound to sport a snake and a frog in their uniforms throughout the match, in the case of victory the celebration will take place in the Moriya shrine with my sister, Suwako Moriya, and I, Kanako Yasaka as the ceremony masters. Additionally, the tengu Aya Shameimaru will be granted rights to interview the participants and chronicle the event without interference from other parties.  -

- She is rather pompous don't you think?- whispered Ichirin.

Suwako suddenly jumped forward with open arms.

- And I, will also be part of your team! -
- Wait, what? When did we agree on this? -
- oh, come on! I wanna play to! -
- The reputation of my, our! our shrine! depends on this match -
- Oh! so Sanae and Aya can be trusted but not I! -
- No! you are way to small, you'll shame the shrine -
- Way to small!? - Suwako raised her foot for emphasis - It's football! our feet are all the same height! -
- Football is more complex than just kicking a ball, you can't reach anything but ground-low passes, and with those tiny legs you won't be able to outrun anyone -
- So true! I'm sure with those tree trunks you have for legs you'll be much better at it than me! -
- My legs are most definitely not tree trunks! I'll have you know you are talking about one of the finest pair of legs in Gensokyo!-
Having said that Kanako grabbed Pyonta and place it on her head in a haughty, taunting manner. Suwako jumped at her but the bigger goddess just side-stepped gracefully.

- Give it back! give it back! you big meanie! -
- see? if you can't reach for your hat you shouldn't be playing soccer -
- It's just that you are way too big, give it back! -

The visitors from the Myouren temple were dumbfounded, for a pair of goddesses these two girls were really petty, how they had managed to cast an aura of divinity and importance just a few seconds ago was beyond them.

- Are they like this all day? - asked Ichirin.
- kinda, like I said they fight a lot but it is mostly playful, you know like sisters -
- I heard Kanako stole the temple from her sister a long time ago - said Byakuren.
- Well. Suwako was here first but then Kanako won the shrine in a duel, but things happened, long story short they decided to move to Gensokyo together. By the way, why are you playing a football match against the Taoists? -
- I was talking to Miko and we got carried away, like usual, we ended up making a bet, the loser of the match has to hand over her most priced possession to the winner -
- What!? - asked Ichirin - You wagered the temple!? -
- No, no, no, not the temple- said Byakuren - her headphones vs my bike, that's it -
- What a relief... wait a minute... your bike!? The bike is dearer to you than the temple!? -
- No, no, no... I mean... what I was trying to say is... The temple is of all of us so I can't give it away? -
- Don't you make that a question! -

- You talk so big but I bet you would just step on the ball with your gigantic limbs and fall on your ass! -
- What on earth have my legs done to you!? -
- Oh look at me! I'm the great goddess Kanako! I kicked my sister out of her shrine but couldn't handle it on my own so I had to call her back! -
- What does this have to do with you being a midget incapable of playing soccer! -
- A what!? I can play soccer way better than you old hag! -
- You are not that much younger! and I can play way better than you! I can actually see over the wall without having to jump like a frog! -
- Just watch it I'll score a handful of goals and have you crawling before me like a snake, begging for forgiveness, saying " sorry for not trusting you my dear sister, you are way better than me, here have the shrine back, I don't deserve it" -
- Oh really? -
- Really! -
- Really!? -
- Really!! -
- If I score more goals than you, I keep Pyonta with me for a full year! -
- If I score more goals than you, you publicly admit you are a fat legged know-it-all with a superiority complex! -
- Fine! but don't get mad when I start wearing Pyonta and everyone says I wear it better than you little obnoxious toad! -

- They put Miko and Hiriji to same! wow! - said Ichirin.
- They really love each other, this is just a prove of a healthy relationship- said Sanae
- Don't make it sound like you are a kid in denial! -
- Eh? I'm not in denial, this is just the way they treat each other, they throw everything they have against each other but just try and insult any of them and you are in for a world of pain -
- If you say so -

The sisters finally turned to the visitors, Kanako cleared her voice and raised her left arm to get everyone's attention.

- Alright, Having discussed matters with my sister, Suwako Moriya, I, Kanak... -
- Oh enough of that! we will form a team with you! we are gonna whip their ass! -
- Your enthusiasm is welcomed- said Byakuren smiling - We will meet with Shou and Nue at the Myouren temple to see who else has decided to join us -
- Suwako and I will stay here until a team is fully formed, Sanae will be our representative. -

Goodbyes and best wishes were exchanged and the Buddhist pair returned home accompanied by an eager Sanae,the sun was beginning to retreat leaving a reddish orange shade on the landscape.

- Do you think I gave them a godly impression back there? - asked Kanako.
- We started playing and jelling for a hat -
- Oh! yes, the hat, you can have it back. I mean it will soon be mine anyway -
- I'm going to enjoy hearing your public confession -
- Oh! come on! my legs aren't that fat! are they? -
- NO, no, I was just teasing you, It wasn't too much was it? -
- No, It's only that as a goddess I must make an effort to look beautiful at all times, Did I offend you when I called you midget? -
- Not at all, it's just that I don't like being told I can't do something because of my height -
- Look at it this way, when they see you they'll get a back ache from paying you attention -
- Shut up! -


Given that not anyone knows about football or soccer as much as an avid fan does I'll explain a few things, really quickly:

A winger is a player who plays on the broad sides of the field, relying on speed and dribbling to overpass the defenders and cross the ball aiming for a striker.

A wing-back is a side defender with very offensive duties who runs forward to overlap the midfield and create chances with his crosses, so similar to a winger but with a more defensive duty added.

These two rarely play together because they have the same duty and play on the same field areas so they just overlap.

A centre back is another way of saying central defender.

On Kanako saying her sister was too small to play football: It'is true that small players have a harder time reaching high passes or fighting for the ball but in exchange smaller players tend to be better dribblers and sometimes the play-maker of the team, the one who makes the key passes and dictates the tempo of the game is a small very creative midfielder (take for example Xavier Hernandez from Barcelona or Luka Modric from Real Madrid.