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[Music] Original Touhou-Styled Song: Oriental Drift
« on: July 07, 2017, 01:22:07 PM »
This is the first song I've ever made that I think sounds significantly Touhou-like. I tried to make it sound like it could be a stage theme in EoSD.

Here it is:


Re: [Music] Original Touhou-Styled Song: Oriental Drift
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Hi. That's pretty good, for an original composition! You sure know how to produce a music piece from the very beginning till the final stage (the output file). unlike me I mean, the sound is great!

Still, it doesn't resemble Touhou tunes very much (just my personal opinion).


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Re: [Music] Original Touhou-Styled Song: Oriental Drift
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2017, 01:22:41 PM »
"Touhou-inspired" is very loose. There are definitely elements there, but that's mainly in instrumentation and chord progressions. Everything else is more based on standard Japanese musical elements. I guess the section structure could be Touhou-inspired, but it feels a bit strange (not saying that's a bad thing of course. It sounds incredible actually). I think the biggest distinguisher between Touhou music and this are the rhythms of the melody. Most of the rhythmic sequences are pretty static so the melody doesn't stand out as much. Unique and varying rhythms and pitches are what make Touhou melodies memorable. Again, the piece is "Touhou-inspired" so that doesn't mean all of this really matters.

As for the piece itself, I have nothing much else to offer. It sounded really nice! It displays the ethnic Japanese and rock aesthetics fairly well, and the instrumentation and mixing is pleasant on the ears. Good job!
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