Author Topic: [Art, Music] Slascoplerd's Gensokyorchestra! (And other genres, and drawings!)  (Read 1475 times)

Hello! That's the intro!
This thread is where I'll be posting stuff that I made in my spare time (art) and my other spare time(music)!
Hopefully my prescence will be an open welcome.
Hope you enjoy!

Programs and tools I use:
- Paint Tool SAI and a Wacom Intuos Comic S for drawing
- Mixcraft Studio 7 Pro and FL Studio 10 for making music

Artworks so far:

-Starting off with the latest one, a mugshot of Rumia being her smiley self!
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- Strawberry Craze!! - Okazaki Yumemi (PoDD)

- Dream of Innocence~Cute Devil's Charm - Gengetsu (LLS)
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