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I'm not allowed to send PMs for some reason so I need to post here

I created a new account to necropost in a 4-years-old thread because this is the only fic I've ever read in my life. For reasons I had it hanging since page 2 but I recently recalled the thread name and managed to find it again. I really NEED to know if you author have more of this, or if you moved to a new thread/forum. I can't just leave it like that...

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Even though you could've just created a new thread or ask one of the moderators in the other forum sections first. I've split your post from the thread, because a necrobump is a necrobump.
FYI, The author hasn't been active since 2013 on this forum. I doubt he/she is still around.
FYI2, New registered members cannot immediately sends PMs. This is to prevent bots/users with ill intentions.
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Re: Question about Author of: Be careful what you wish for [ZnT/Touhou]
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Try messaging them on, though in general if a story is dead for two years, it's not coming back.

As for other stories, well we've got a bunch, there's, and AnArchiveofOurOwn.