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Vision of Fantasy, Vision of Heaven
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Kinda like what it said, actually. It's about what Reimu would see when she's detached from reality and stuff.

As for how... I guess you need to read it and find out  :)

Prologue: Conversation

"So Reimu, what do you see in Fantasy Nature?"


Suddenly, as usual, Marisa began saying something absurd again.....


It was a standard morning.

The sun rised on the silent-as-always shrine in the land of illusion.

Reimu, the ever-so-familiar shrine maiden of the ever-poverty shrine begin her days by sweeping the floor at the front of the donation box.

As always, since no one would come to this deserted shrine, Reimu's job is finished for today, and then decided to take a break with a cup of tea.

"Hey there, Reimu!"

...Well, no one with any interest to the shrine anyway.

As usual, the also-ever-familliar witch came by to the shrine, and the two once again enjoyed tea time together like always.

"Well, I always take notice of this, but you always closed your eyes whenever you do that."

"...Yeah, so?"

"But you always seem to hit your target anyway."


"...You don't have much interested in this, huh? Anyway, remember the outsider?"

"...The weird green one, or the weird one with the hat?"

"The latter one. She said something about it's impossible for you to even see in the first place or something."

"Yes, scientifically, this is impossible... and don't lump me in with you guy!"

"In Gensokyo, everyone is weird anyway."

Being justifiedly mad after spontaniously appear, Usami, the still-foreign half-resident of Gensokyo began a sermon of explanation. From how the very small particle known as photon shouldn't hit your eyes if you removed yourself to the physical world, to how her body should have disappears, to how she should have exploded when going back because of the invading air and etc...

"...You sure are talkative today."

"Learning physics is a requirement for psychic. Anyway, even for Gensokyo's logic, this shouldn't be possible at all. Yet Marisa said that you could do it like it was your nature... "

"...First , I'm sure that these thing are possible in Gensokyo. I mean, that's what these guy (youkai) are for."

"...True that." (Marisa)

"Secondly, I feel like what you said isn't really right, according to my intuition."

In shocked, Usami immediately asked the nonchalant Reimu.

"Wha... how can that be !?"

"No mistake, I do feel like it's logical in general. Just that it's lacking in information, so it end up isn't true. It's like knowing "the earth is round", but don't know the reason like it's the most efficent shape for gravity."

"...Hearing from a really smart human again?"

"It's a really devious youkai this time. She also said another bunch of thing that I don't take notice of though... And even logically, it's not like I can't see during that, that's why I closed my eyes after all."

"...So you could see in it after all, but then why?"

"...Isn't it because of the Spell Card rule? I'm properly holding back my strength."

"...That doesn't changed how broken it is though. So again, what do you see in that?"


As Reimu think deeply and close her eyes, as if in a trance, her body started glowing opaque for a moment, before it disappeared.

"...It's boring."

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That line above, is near the end of the stories.

It's also the end of the adventure.

Don't leave your seat, shutdown your browser and stop reading this just yet though.

...Well, I wouldn't be able to stop you anyway.

Just that, you're probably going to miss the best part of the stories.

Remember the adventure I said above? (Silly you, of course you did)

Did you notice the glow Reimu give out earlier?

That would be the start of the adventure.

A viewpoint, a world, a vision that only Reimu could see.

...Well, for her, it's the most insignificant, worthless, tasteless and most of all, boring though.

So, probably, just take that as you will.

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11. 3D pseudo-hologram - The Eternal Instant.

So, what's an instant?

In definition, the smallest unit of times possible. It's the perceived "gap" from one reality to another, as each stack into one continuous flow of reality that we recognize.

In these so-called "gap", it's supposively impossible to recognize anything else.

The being that's so relied on certainty like us would be impossibly blind going into it, and we don't have access to it in the first place anyway.

So, we treat it as another impossibility, another thing that our reality rejected... another "Fantasy".

But, could it truly be "Fantasy"? Or is it just another Reality?

(to be continued)