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Touhou Mod Tools [Use alongside THTK GUI]
« on: July 21, 2016, 09:21:42 PM »
These are my various Touhou mod tools, pulled straight from my Touhou modding environment as I work on it.

ECL Translator [Supports: Mountain of Faith]
A tool that translates my wrapper language to ECL dumps that can be used by THTK to generate ECL files for Mountain of Faith. It can also attempt to translate Mountain of Faith ECL dumps to the language but it's not 100% reliable in that area and can't detect loops itself and might make some errors. But it definitely makes reading ZUN's code a lot easier.
I'll be documenting the functions and built in constants/macros, as well as hopefully eventually porting it to C++.

THTK-dumped .txts should be dragged onto FromECL.bat then a new file will be created with the extension ".code". To translate back into a .txt file THTK can use, drag the .code file onto ToECL.bat.

Usable and somewhat commented example stage 1 script adapted from Midnight Soul Harvest's script (dependencies on my own ECL and ANM scripts removed)

STD Dumper  [Supports: Mountain of Faith]
Dumps and creates STD files (stage data). Contains scripts that control the background camera, fog, and other stuff, as well as some currently unknown data related to stage ANM files. Fairly new and not well-tested tool so it may be buggy.

  To extract - thstd.exe x10 "filename.std" (Creates a folder called STD with the dumped script in a .txt file)
  To repack - thstd.exe c10 "filename.std"
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