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Imperfect Cherry Blossom - A Haruhi/Touhou crossover
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Hello everyone.  I haven't been on this site for a while, but I've decided my fanfic needs more views, and reviews.  What better way than 

My fanfic concerns a Touhou Project and Haruhi Suzumiya crossover, starting with the events of Perfect Cherry Blossom.  It's written as a sort of introduction to the world of Touhou, which some of the reviewers were appreciative for.  I'd like opinions from the veterans, however.

I'm still working on it, and I actually need a beta reader.  One has dropped off the face of the earth, so I'm kinda stuck.

I'm giving you the link, as well as the first introductory chapter/episode.  Tell me what you guys think.



Shami-ni...Shamisen. My mind was still on the whole mystery that was laid before us earlier, its conclusion, and what could happen during our next vacation. Really? A castle? Might be interesting, even though I don't envy Koizumi attempting to figure out what kind of mystery he could come up with to entertain Haruhi. Does he get his stuff from a book? But for the castle flavor, he's gonna have to make it a bit more interesting. Haruhi would be expecting more. a slasher-type deal? The killer would "kill" more people as time went on? Maybe I could discuss this with him at breakfast.

I looked over at the clock. It was already past one into the new year, and I let out a pretty big yawn. I didn't want to think anymore, just rest. After grabbing Shamisen (and making sure it was Shamisen), I went towards my room, saying my goodnights. I quickly checked in on my sister, who was already fast asleep. I set the cat in my room, showered, and changed. Shamisen meowed as I climbed into bed. Sleep quickly overtook me, the day's mental events showing their drain.

I dreamt of eyes that night. Not of Mount Fuji, a hawk, or an eggplant, but of eyes. I wondered if that was a bad omen. A world of eyes, just staring at something unknown in the distance. It was dark, a purple haze surrounding me, and the eyes were colored red. They were more like symbols than actual eyes, but it was still creepy. From the haze up ahead, a woman approached me.

She was carrying a pink, lacy parasol, and had long flowing blonde hair with red ribbons adorning it all over. Her dress was purple and light pink, her mob cap the same shade. She stared at me with her purple eyes, twirling the parasol. I couldn't see her face, due to the paper fan she was using to obscure it. Her eyes shimmered with the purple light from this world.

She was then standing before me; she let the fan drop, letting me see her, and I was taken aback. She was beautiful. A true lady.

I didn't feel threatened by her, just a bit entranced by her beauty. We simply stared at each other for a while. I started to wonder what kind of dream this was going to be...and I suppose she saw me looking her over, because she smiled, a small chuckle emitting from her. She leaned forward, and her lips moved.

"G-o will welcome you."

What did she say?


Imperfect Cherry Blossom

Episode 1



I was cold, very cold. It was as if my whole bed had turned to ice. Groaning, I reached for my covers, only to meet with...snow...? What?

I sat up, noticing that my whole body was covered in snow, that I was in my school winter uniform and jacket, my scarf around my neck. I was...not in my room. The initial panic of my new surroundings gave way to my next thought.

She did it again, didn't she? Haruhi did it again. I knew that mansion was bad news. It caused her to create another closed space. That stupid "group hypnosis" thing didn't work, did it? I even wanted to get a little mad at Asahina for her part in that, but I really couldn't.

I slowly got up, and dusted the snow off of me. I assessed where I was, and I knew this wasn't North High like the last time I was in a proper closed space. I was out in a forest at night in a light snowstorm, the full moon partially hidden by the snowing clouds, possibly the mountain area - why I was transported there was beyond my reasoning. Though if Haruhi was involved, that just made it the norm.

Except that this wasn't quite normal. Unlike that last time, Haruhi wasn't with me. And unlike my other excursions into closed spaces - no, wait. It didn't feel like closed space. But it had to be. It was the only explanation. Though, why was I the only one there?

My mind drifted back to what Koizumi told me, about how closed spaces can't be entered unless it's done by espers, and as I've seen, by data entities as well. However, didn't he say on occasion that normal people may find themselves there?

If that was the case, then I could be in a bit of trouble. Until the espers showed up to deal with this closed space and its Celestials, I was on my own. This would also mean I've disappeared from the world, and Nagato should be detecting it. However, since she was a bit under the weather and I didn't know if she was fully recovered, I couldn't help but wonder if she would be hindered in doing so.

Either way, I had no choice but to await rescue, as I lacked any means of defending myself should a Celestial decide to pop up and destroy this forest. I would have stayed put had I not been so cold already. Couldn't I have dropped into a closed space near shelter or something? Feeling a bulge in my pockets, I felt the lighter and the flashlight given to me. I remembered the butler, Arakawa, giving me these before I went to bed, saying that there might be blackouts and I might need light. I brought them out, looking them over. I didn't need them right then, as the full moon gave off more than enough light. Logically, the best idea was to make a fire, but logic wasn't Haruhi's specialty. There was a chance that in this closed space, wood may not even burn. Maybe I would test that theory later. And speaking of light...

I saw it. Down a row of trees - well, as much of a row of trees growing in the wild can get, I suppose. Light.

A mixture of dread and relief went through my chilled body. Where there is light, there should be shelter. Yet, there isn't supposed to be light on by default in a closed space. At least, not in my experience. So, either the rules have changed, or someone else was in there with me, and had access to shelter.

Standing out there all alone was doing me no good, so I had no choice but to go there.

As I walked through the snow forest, already my mind was racing with theories of what was going on. Because right then my brain was screaming at me that this couldn't be a normal closed space, that this may be something totally different. I tried my best to come up with other explanations for what was going on, I had to, because for it to be a new unknown factor was scaring the hell out of me. I was totally alone at that point. No Nagato, no Koizumi, no Haruhi, and no Asahina either, though as much as I like Asahina, I couldn't help but wonder what help she could be in such a situation, other than keeping my blood warm.

Anyway, right, theories...theories theories theories. All of which kept getting shut down by this gnawing feeling that this was indeed something new. Closed space? No, feels too different, and the espers would have shown up by now. That is, assuming I am still in the mountain area. Data entity closed space? Possible, but even a sick Nagato would attempt a rescue, right? The next few theories were pretty much rehashes of those two scenarios, but it wasn't getting me anywhere. I just wanted to get that fear out of my head that-

Did I just see a shadow? From above the treelines? The full moon was shining down in the small clearing I was currently in, and I swore I saw the shadow of a person among the shadows of the top of a tree. I looked up, but there was nothing. I stood there, and the only sound was my own beating heart and breathing.


I whipped around to catch a glimpse what appeared to be a human, flying, ducking around a tree. It was small.

Flying? A human flying? Whatever it was, it had no red aura around it, so it couldn't be an esper. Though I knew a girl's giggle when I heard one.

I stood there, trying to process what it was, what it could mean. A new type of esper? I don't know. Another rogue data entity? Well, this giggle sounds too happy to be one. The giggle didn't repeat, at least. And I saw no other shadows that moved, so I kept moving towards the lights.

Whatever it was, it didn't leave me alone. After a while, I would turn around every few steps, and catch a glimpse of the small figure, ducking behind a tree, darting out of my view, or seemingly blending back into the shadows cast by the full moon. I quickened my pace through the snowy forest, turning back fewer times, which is what I wanted to avoid doing anyway. Every time I turned around, I'd find that the thing was slowly closing the distance, like something out of a horror movie.

I was finally close enough to the lights to see that they were coming from a very large house, possibly a mansion in the western style. Realizing that sunk my heart, as memories of the snow mansion came flooding back. In reality however, I couldn't tell if this was indeed the same mansion. It had a huge wall surrounding it, and I could see that the mansion was red, though what shade was difficult to tell from this distance. A huge clock tower stuck out of the roof, signaling that it was past two in the morning.

It was very ominous-looking, but it was shelter. And from the looks of things, I would have to go around to my left to get to the front gate. I really had no choice, unless I wanted to start a fire, which shouldn't be too hard with that lighter.


I heard the crunch of a footstep in the snow behind me. I thought my blood couldn't get any colder - amazing I wasn't frosted to the bone by then. I didn't want to turn around, but I did.

It was a little girl. She had to be young, a mere child. She was still in the shadows, but I could make out a basic outline of her. The small figure in front of me was wearing a black vest and skirt, a white blouse, and some sort of ribbon in her shortly cut hair. She was smiling at me.

"Hello, Mister. Where are you going on this fine night?"

My heart started to pound, because there was something very wrong with this child. She just gave off this sense of...wrongness. There were no footprints behind her, meaning she flew to where she was, which shouldn't be real! But she had to be the one who was stalking me through the woods for the last few minutes!

"Are you lost, Mister?"

I swallowed hard, because it seemed she took great enjoyment in asking that question, with more than a dash of hope. Her voice was indeed childish, but there was something unsettling about it in the first place.

"I...uh...I, yeah. I kind of woke up out here, and I was, I was going to go to this mansion I saw."

"Is that so?"

She stepped out of the darkness, a smile on her face, though I saw her eyes squint as she came into the light. I could see her. A petite, cute little blonde girl with a red ribbon-type thing on her head. It didn't look exactly like a ribbon. But her eyes, her eyes didn't look human. Then again, they were red, but that's beside the point. I took a step back.

Perfect set up for a killer child movie. One where the little girl acts all innocent right before she guts you. I had to force myself to shut down that line of thought, before I could speak.

"Yeah. Yeah. I'd like to be on my way now."

She took a few more steps towards me.

"Is that so? Well, I'm sorry Mister, but the people in that mansion aren't really hospitable to outsiders. Looks like you're out of luck."

She continued to walk towards me, despite that I was retreating a bit. She seemed to be enjoying this.

"Well, then, can you help me get to a town or somewhere? I need to get some help."

Why was I trying to talk my way out of this? Run idiot run!

"Yes, Mister. You do need some help."

I picked up my pace walking backwards, but she kept her slow happy advance. I could have sworn that she was starting to skip a bit in the snow.

"You're all alone out here. Not too smart, Mister. Bad things happen here. But even worse things happen in that mansion. So I'm actually going to do you a favor, as you do me one."

I tripped over a fallen log, as cliche as it was, but I scrambled up to my feet. My whole body was screaming at me to run, but I couldn't. All I could do was stare at the little girl walking towards me with an ever-widening grin spreading on her face. My mind immediately went back to Ryoko, that part of my life was being relived. In a different way, yes, but still close enough to scare the hell out of me.

"I have a question to ask you, Mister."


Her grin went full blown, revealing the fangs in her mouth.

"May I eat you?"

Not a murderous little girl movie. A murderous little monster movie.

For a split second after my brain registered what she asked, and also registering that she had fangs, I actually considered telling her "No".

I ran. I heard her giggle as she called out to me.

"Is that so? Well, no better way to work up an appetite than earning a meal!"

Almost immediately, I saw the outline of her shadow in front of me, her outstretched arms making a very weird shadow. Wait, shadow? She's flying above me! And her shadow is getting bigger!

Around the next tree, I took a sharp right, and I felt her whoosh by me, her fingers grazing the back of my coat. She kept laughing, until I heard a large thwock. I glanced over my shoulder, and couldn't help but stop running.

The girl had kept diving even after missing me, and had ended up face first in the snow at the base of a tree. Slowly, she got up, holding the top of her head. She spat out a mouthful of snow and dirt.


Then the loosened snow from the tree above her finally came down on top, burying her.

I couldn't believe what I just saw. This is something out of an anime! My first instinct was to ask if she was all right, but considering that she had been trying to kill me, I knew I really shouldn't. I didn't even have the time to think about the whole situation yet, though when I started to, she screamed from beneath the snow.


She burst out of the snow pile, gasping for air and still holding onto her head. Tears began to stream down her face. Seeing this child like this was indeed a bit heart wrenching. Take away the fangs and her wanting me for a meal, and she sort of reminded me of my sister. What is wrong with me though? She's an enemy!

"Awwww Mister. It's not fair. It's winter. There are hardly any humans out at night."

"Hardly any humans"? So...she's...not human then? Well, she was flying.

She sniffed, before opening her eyes and giving me an angry look.

"And I'm hungry!"

I took that as a "yes". Also, running time again. Making it to the corner of the fence, I ran alongside it towards what had to be the opening. Sure enough, there was a gate there. The shadow of the girl flying above me kept my mind on why I was running, giving me an extra burst of adrenaline. Part of my mind registered that the gate might be locked. If that was the case, I was screwed. Making it to the gate, I yanked on the bars, finding it to be unlocked thankfully. The gate swung out, and-


The girl fell to the ground, holding onto her head again. Blood started to trickle down onto her face. She felt it on her hands, and looked. Her eyes widened, and her teeth clenched. She gave me a very nasty look, and scrambled to her feet.

"Mister, you just made the biggest mistake you'll never make again!"

I ran, hard to the-


The sight made me take a pause for a microsecond, and I had to force myself to continue running. This was indeed a western-style mansion, and it was beyond huge. But the yard was huge itself, which was not a good thing, at least, not in the situation I was in. I yelled at the house to anyone inside. There had to be, as numerous windows were brightly lit, and I knew I saw the outline of a person inside. Hopefully they could hear me if they were still having a New Years Eve party.

"Help! Help! Heeelll-"

I slid on some ice, landing on my back, which was good, because the girl had swooped down, again barely missing me. She turned in the air, and landed on the ground - where she also slipped. Jumping to my feet, I kept running and sliding towards the house, calling for help. The girl kept it up too, barely missing me every time I slid, landing, and sliding herself. The whole thing would have been laughable if my life wasn't on the line.

I passed the fountain, the halfway point, before she started to laugh again.

"Ah, ah, Mister! I haven't had a chase like this in a long while! You've got quick reflexes! Oh, I hope your taste is worth this trouble!"

If you catch me I hope it isn't!

I kept running, but before I made it too far from the fountain, she pounced on me. It knocked the flashlight out of my jacket as I landed face first into the walkway. She was strong. She turned me on my back so I could face her with almost no effort. This child, no, this creature had a crazed look on her face. Compounded with the blood trickling down, the sight was very disturbing. Her baring her fangs didn't help either. She grabbed me by the jacket, and brought me eye to eye.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this."

I don't need to know that!

I struggled in vain against her. I felt alongside the ground, my hand coming to the flashlight. Grabbing it, I swung it at her. She easily blocked it, her arm coming up in the blink of an eye.


She had accidently hit the button to turn on the light, and it shone directly in her face. She reacted to it as if it was burning her, dropping me and covering her face with her arms, screaming. Bewildered that I had a means of defending myself there, I kept it shone in her face. She kept backing up, and slid again on the ice. I got up to run, but she pounced me again when I took the light off her face for a mere second. This time I banged my head on the walkway, and literally saw stars. In the midst of the pain and blurriness, I again tried to bring the flashlight up, but she just knocked it away. I heard it clatter somewhere as she again brought me face to face.

"Enough! I've had enough of this! It's snack time!"

She bore her fangs, snarling, and drooling a bit.

Light. Light poured down on her, and she again covered her face as I plopped back down to the ground. It took me a second to realize that somebody opened the door.

"No! It's not fair! I was finally going to have a decent meal!"

The girl raised her left hand, a ball of black colored energy forming in her palm, as if the shadows themselves were concentrating for whatever she was doing. The energy then fired from her hand, towards the opened door.

"He's mine! Miiiiiine!"

This...this was not a closed space. This was something entirely different. Another thought crossed my mind, about the child and her shooting energy balls and whatnot. If she could do this, then I wondered why she didn't attack me with whatever that was in the first place. I couldn't answer that, in my blurry mental state.


Almost immediately though, her shot was met with a flurry of colors. I didn't know what was going on, until I realized that these colors were shots themselves. Her eyes widened and she screamed. She got hit by a large ball of red energy, knocking her clear out of the yard, beyond the gate. I laid there, exhausted, cold, and with what could only be a huge lump on my head beginning to form, as the world went black.

"Ah...Nagato...Koizumi...Asahina...Haruhi...anybod y..."

The last thing I saw was a woman in green standing over me.


The fox woman watched as the door guard in green took the unconcious boy inside the mansion. It wasn't supposed to happen like this, dammit. She had been given instructions to lead the boy to the mansion, yes, but not to make contact under any circumstances. At first, the boy did go to the mansion on his own, but that damn little girl showed up, throwing off the plan. Her master would be angry, she knew it. But what did she expect? Bring the boy over here and just drop him off outside? Outside where things like that girl were? Why not just drop him off at the mansion proper instead of risking it like they did?

She needed to report this. She wasn't happy. This whole thing may be a waste of time, actually. Him being here on a mere whim...

What significance did he have? Why did her master bring him here, leaving him out there in the wild if he was so important?

The woman decided to flat-out demand an answer for this, because it made no sense.



Subject [NAME REDACTED] "KYON" has disappeared from our existence.

Leading theories suggest possible slip into "Closed Space".

Will explore other options as well.

Beginning search.

Team 9-Ball never gives up, and neither should you!