Author Topic: [WC3 - DOTS] - Balancing DOTS  (Read 13818 times)


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Re: [WC3 - DOTS] - Balancing DOTS
« Reply #30 on: August 02, 2011, 07:04:42 AM »
Well, I would like to put this in:

If we can't make a balanced dots, which in of itself is hard and I'm well aware of that, can we at least make a new HJ?  I'd like HJ Byakuren and Nue and all that.


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Re: [WC3 - DOTS] - Balancing DOTS
« Reply #31 on: August 02, 2011, 07:10:50 AM »
You guys might want to discuss this with a select few skilled players with extensive DotA AND DotS experience, make the changes, then -playtest- within the community and repeat. Balance is very rarely achieved through attempting to implement 456894 ideas from everybody, which is why I oddly agree with the DotS devs in taking a measured approach when it comes to listening to balance suggestions from their forums. Some of the stuff that gets thrown around there is hilariously broken even on paper.
That is kind of my entire point. In addition to that: We do not represent the entire DotS community, therefore any modification we apply is a pure 'in-house/homebrew' development. I don't care if the triggers are easy to change.  I don't care if we can macro-automate changes. Even Lucky, who is translating, has 0 influence on the outcome of DotS maps. Perhaps only the naming can be freely done, but that is about it.

Balance doesn't goes like: "Hey lets nerf A."  "What about girl B"  -->  "All right we do bit of A and bit of B". Like Aph said, you need to perform a tremendous amount of cycles of discussions, polling, tweaking, re-testing, feedback etc etc.

Indeed, it is not just the numbers or damage on skills. It is a combination of everything and every possible scenario with every type of item and every type of girl in your team or as an enemy.

If you people are really serious about this, stop posting self-sense-balance ideas and start contacting the Chinese devs and discuss the matter. And I don't mean just 'contact' them to chit-chat. Or start forming an elite group of DotS players and involve also DS into this.

You can hate me for bashing this thread but while I like most people prefer a sense of balance in the DotS games, also got to stay realistic. That balance is never going to happen. Not with random posting. We can only hope with each major version release the Devs quit making this map a LoL-ripoff and spent more time on actual development. The implementation of these Innate skills proof my point. They are not necessary.


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Re: [WC3 - DOTS] - Balancing DOTS
« Reply #32 on: August 02, 2011, 07:20:43 AM »
Thread lock now.

Why: DotS balance is a volatile subject. Making a balanced map and then turning around to make another HJ instead is taking this in a whoile different route. The basic sentiment I'm getting across here is 'Put up or Shut up'. You want to be a dev, that's fine. Make your product and show us a working version before we rain criticism or praise on you. Right now this is all talk and no tangible action. Give the map a new name when you have a product and we can discuss it as a whole new custom map.