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yeah nice, EU will be linked with Russia,  :V :V :V :V :V :V :V

I don't play that often anymore, I played fun map the most (SC2 Dota) ^^ and some battle against my friends.
I'm horrible ^^ about 60 apm but if I start playing again I'll start at 6 apm or so xD
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Re: [SC - Melee] General Thread
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Well, to be fair, T doesn't really use mules or scans all that often late game. I think it's mostly fine the way it is, you still chrono that robo/sg all game long, and forge and high templar upgrades still take some time. Z is only one that constantly needs to be busy with queens. We will have to wait and see with the next expansions.

Blizz is implementing limited region linking, and if any of you still play sc2, we should all try to get together and play a few games. Im in NA region. Or at least some good old bw games... I usually hang out at #dots-meido.
Funny to see that blizz finally developed this "magical" technology. See? Having everyone be able to play on a different regions is possible after all. Maybe after blizz milk all our money from us, will they let us cross region for free.

edit: oh I wish they would get rid of mothership. so slow, so useless. but, sc2 is all about the showy and flashy new units. They are going to redesign the overseer instead, cuz it's boring.

The one change I wish to see the most is changing the gateway/wg mechanic. Have the gateway be able to build all the units, but wg only tier 1/1.5 units. This would force the P to choose, a bit like T reactor/tech labs, and it would stop this retarded instawarp in tier 2+ units.

Well, Blizzard has already made both the mothership and BCs impractical, so it's really no harm to just have them in-game. They're really just for shits and giggles nowadays, and it's a bit fun to try and catch your opponent off-guard with something really random. In fact, BC rushing can actually hard counter marine tank builds!

However, I don't see them nerfing warpgate really hard like what you've suggested. Losing the ability to warp in HTs and DTs would be pretty harsh. It would make it so that a protoss would have to build separate gateways just for these units (which are 150 min a piece) or downgrade some of his warpgates into gateways. If Blizzard was really intent on changing aspects about the warp system, it would probably be to increase/decrease the cooldown time after certain units were warped in.

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lol stupid nasl, blueflame hellions everywhere! soooo many dead scvs. What to doooo