Author Topic: [Request][Music][Instrumental] I just need link(s) and author(s)  (Read 986 times)

[Request][Music][Instrumental] I just need link(s) and author(s)
« on: February 02, 2014, 09:29:17 AM »
First of all, I'm so lost at browsing through the forum. Been lurking for a couple days, and it didn't pay off, so upon my building frustration, I have reached to the point where I could careless if this ip/account got banned due to not following the "personally-hard-to-find-extra-guideline-thread-due-to-customized-naming-and-order", but hey, at the very least I'm following what the announcement thread guideline.

Now for my request, yes, I'm asking for links to your musics and your band/group/author name(s). It's a great way to promote your music(s) or your fav. touhou band. I've listened to plenty touhou remix already, so the more uncommon the musics, the higher the chance that I'd be using them. This might have been a quite common thread, but I haven't seen any in this sub-forum couple pages back (I might have missed them if there were). Anyway,

The criteria for the music would be:
- Touhou based
- character specified (or group specified, ex: the prism. sisters)
- Permission to use as resources (I'm permitted to loop & run together with other musics (no, I'm not gonna edit the originality of your music, just cutting the music when it has done it's purpose)
- Has both music name and author name (for proper credit)
- Instrumental works best for me though if you think the vocal would change my mind, feel free to post it also.
- Trojan & Virus free : (

What I'll be doing with your music:
- Music Resource for my Free Game Project (It's an action game with real-time-battle-system / multiple characters / gonna be fun)
- It's a game, so I'll be looping your musics with other musics and sound effects.
- Proper Credit (if you have a website that you want me to add, go ahead, let me know. I can customize my credit page to open the link to that website (please don't give broken url though, trojan & virus free please)).

Any Respond is Greatly Appreciated.