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The End of Shrinemaiden As We Know It
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Edit: Never mind, seems to be a bit late for that. :V
Hieda no Mukyu:
I had been away for months.

While I knew the community was facing some unspecified major difficulties, I had no idea the situation was anywhere near this grave. Yet I was feeling kind of skeptical regarding the future of the Kaleidoscope forums.

Having skimmed through this thread last night and read many parts of it with thought, I am deeply impressed by the community spirit that has surfaced and the self-sacrificing efforts of several members.

Under similar circumstances, many an online community would have just abandoned the ruins even if they had proper root access to the database. Sure, there would have been individuals who would have saved dozens or even hundreds of threads as mementos. Most likely there would have been some sort of continuation, possibly as a number of different Discord groups or whatever the people would have found convenient enough.

As I told one of my friends last night, no social medium that I have discovered so far can serve me like web discussion forums ? as a cross between a chatting circle, a study group, a publication platform, and a searchable online archive.

While I am sad for what has led us here, I am most grateful to those who have helped salvage, save, and revive the discussion forum incarnation of this community. Whether you have contributed with work, money, ideas, or encouraging words, you have been a part of it.
Shame that this forum's days are numbered, RIP to the owner.
I haven't been here for the past few years, just decided to check this place out and then this happenes.
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