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Touhou Project 17.5 「東方剛欲異聞 ~ 水没した沈愁地獄 Submerged Hell of Sunken Sorrow.」
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Screenshots!! Only two for now because they're gyazo and reverse image search and poking around on Twitter (including the handle in the first pic) yielded nothing--

Spoiler: YUUGI'S
Spoiler: BACK!!!

E: I just snooped around and found the weibo account of that handle!! TITLE SCREEN Spoiler: ...AND CHARACTER SELECT???[/url]

I would translate what's in that second screenshot but I'm posting in my phone in the middle of the night, soooo :colonveeplusalpha:

E2: just found the art for Spoiler: Kogasa, as well.


Spoiler: So apparently it's a boss-only game like the LION HEART games instead of being a full-fledged platformer? I feel like they're missing something by not doing fully structured stages, though I could imagine the extra time/risk/frustration in trying to establish a 'basic enemy' structure that could apply to Touhou in this specific way; not that I am trying to ignore fairy and yinyang enemies like in the main games, but if Tasofro would go down the path of if actual monstrous, non-humanoid youkai or other appairations would've appeared and therfore commonly exist in Gensokyo in that case.

The fact that the fight becomes scrolling since the bosses are flying around is absolutely fucking ingenious.

The "black water" DOES have significance as a gameplay mechanic; apparently you sweep it off the screen after it leaks out of bosses when you hit them? There also seems to be some bullet cancellation going on, almost like a "burst" in an ArcSys fighting game. You also have a Spirit Power gauge at the bottom showing how long you can fly.
So... this basically the way this is playing out, it seems to be a standard fighter with lower quality art and no PvP. In exchange it seems like there might be a lot more characters than usual.

Slightly disappointed that this is more or less the same as usual, but the minimalist style in exchange for more players is alright in my book.
Hmmm, I wonder how many characters will be in it...
i wish there was a game with like, the entirety of the touhou cast, but no way they can fit over 100 characters in any genre...  :V
It's totally possible the final game will have stages, or will look much better. They said this was going to be pretty rough since it's a beta.

I'll miss the nice sprites of the last three fighters though.
I?ve played a bunch of unofficial Touhou platforming games so it?s going to be interesting to see what an official one might look like.
Definitely more interested in this than just another fighter.
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