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What are your age headcanons for the touhou characters?
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--- Quote from: Raikaria on May 10, 2019, 08:36:52 PM ---

An E-mail from Zun explicitly stated Remilia doesn't even look 10. Vampires don't age. So at best; Remilia would be 9 and Flandre, as the younger sister, would be 8; more likely 7.

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The only ZUN statement i remember about this subject says that Remilia, Rumia, Cirno, Flandre, etc, have an height comparable to girls in their early teens (10-14), so maybe the one you are talking about is probably Remilia's PMiSS article? Then again, both talk about height, not physical appearance, and height isn't exactly consistent across ages.

--- Quote from: Gesh86 on May 10, 2019, 04:23:21 PM ---How old Medicine is has never been a question for me, as I think of her as 1/8 figma sized. She isn't too small as a sprite in PoFV or StB, but I've seen too many fanworks that have made her absolutely puny compared to anyone she was standing next to.

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She was a ventriloquist doll, and IIRC she still has the size of one. Her being puny makes perfect sense.
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