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What are your age headcanons for the touhou characters?
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Ok, Ok, here's a fun thought!
Imagine that the toeshoes are now humans from the outside world, what are your age headcanons for them, you can also include an explanation if you would like?

'Nyways, here's my HCs, this is gonna be loooong, so beware!

Reimu & Marisa = Early 20s (I heard that's their canon age, but I do not know if that's true?

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil
(Note that I won't be including Dai and Koa or PC-98 characters!)
Rumia = 10
Cirno = 9... Yeah.
Meiling = Early 20s
Patchouli = 18-19
Sakuya = Early 20s
Remilia = 15
Flandre = 12

Perfect Cherry Blossom
Letty = Mid 20s
Chen = 14
Alice = 19-20
Lyrica = 14
Merlin = 15
Lunasa = 16
Youmu = 17-18
Yuyuko = Mid 20s
Ran = Early 30s
Yukari = Late 30s

Imperishable Night
Wriggle = 13
Mystia = 15
Keine = Mid 30s
Tewi = 10
Reisen = 19-20
Eirin = Late 60s
Kaguya = 15
Mokou = 19

Phantasmagoria of Flower View
Medicine = 8
Aya = Mid 20s
Yuka = Early 30s
Komachi = Early 20s
Eiki = Mid 20s

Mountain of Faith
Shizuha = 19
Minoriko = 15-16
Hina = Mid 20s
Nitori = 16
Momiji = Early 20s
Sanae = 17
Kanako = Mid 30s
Suwako = Mid 30s (Despite looking very young on everything, I like the idea that if she were a human, she would be a woman with dwarfism)

Subterranean Animism
Kisume = 7
Yamame = 19-20
Parsee = 19-20
Yuugi = Late 20s
Satori = 19
Rin = 17
Utsuho = 20
Koishi = 12

Undefined Fantastic Object
Nazrin = 13
Kogasa = 15-16
Ichirin = 19
Murasa = 20
Shou = Mid 20s
Byakuren = Early 30s
Nue = 17

Ten Desires
Kyouko = 13
Yoshika = 19
Seiga = Early 40s
Tojiko = Late 20s
Futo = 20
Miko = Early 30s
Mamizou = 40s (Old 'Zou is best 'Zou, in my opnion!)

Double Dealing Character
Wakasagihime = 18
Sekibanki = 18
Kagerou = 20
Benben = 17
Yatsuhashi = 17
Seija = 20
Shinyoumaru = 10 (Alternatively, she too could be a lass with dwarfism, but that would be too on-the-nose for me tbh, even though it thematically fits.)
Reiko = Early 20s

Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Seiran = 17
Ringo 19
Doremy = Mid 20s
Sagume = Late 40s
Clownpiece = 8
Junko = Late 30s
Hecatia = Early 20s

Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Eternity = 10
Nemuno = 60s
Aunn = 20
Narumi = 13
Mai & Satono = Both 14-15
Okina = Early 40s

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature
Eika = I personally see her being very young since she's a stillborn spirit, probably 3-4
Urumi = Early 30s
Kutaka = Mid 20s

Fighting Games, Mangas, Etc
Suika = 19
Iku = Late 20s
Tenshi = 13
Kokoro = 15
Sumireko... Is already from the outside world? I do see her being 16-17 though.
Joon = 15
Shion = 17
Sunny = 8
Luna = 9
Star = 7
Kasen = Late 30s
Akyu = 19
Kosuzu = 15
Rinnosuke = Late 20s
Toyohime = Late 20s
Yorihime = Late 20s
Maribel and Renko are also from the outside world, but I see them being both in their early 20s

That's pretty much it, sorry if it's too long or if it's too weird, I just really love doing these fun little headcanons!
I'm a little too lazy to follow up with a list of the same production value as you did one, but there are a few notable and unusual headcanon ages I have for some of the Touhous.

First of all, I've made a habit of saying "nine-year-old Tenshi" whenever I speak of her. I think almost anyone assumed Tenshi was to be in the middle up to late teenages appearance-wise until Antinomy of Common Flowers came along. Her unambiguously young design in that one must have felt a little awkward for her most super of superfans. I just found this unexpected rejuvenation very funny  :D.

--- Quote ---Medicine = 8
--- End quote ---

How old Medicine is has never been a question for me, as I think of her as 1/8 figma sized. She isn't too small as a sprite in PoFV or StB, but I've seen too many fanworks that have made her absolutely puny compared to anyone she was standing next to.

--- Quote ---Satori = 19
Koishi = 12
--- End quote ---

I remember that Genius of Sappheiros gave Satori the basic armor piece "Kindergarten Outfit" upon recruitment. I've never been able to think of her and her sister as anything but very, very little ever since. I've also heard that folklore in Japan said that annoying, know-it-all children that repeat your lines almost as fast as you say them are what Satori use as their disguises of choice.

--- Quote ---Aya  = Mid20s
--- End quote ---

Independently of what Aya appears like, I've always liked the idea that she's viewed as an experienced Tengu, senior to many. The M-1 Grand Prix doubled down on this in one of my favourite skits of theirs "Wind Girl" by joking that she's so far in her youkai-lifespan that she may turn senile soon  :3. Edit: I completely misremembered that it seems, all they said was that Aya is definitely older than Momiji and that there are senile grandmas among the Tengu. It must have been something else that emphasized how old Aya already is for a Tengu.
So this effectively boils down to a 'how old do you think the characters would look' thread; with the whole 'imagine they are humans'. Because there's some characters like Tewi who can be pinned as 10,000+; Mokou and Kaguya are at least multiple centuries.

Anyway there's a few characters we can pin down quite well:

An E-mail from Zun explicitly stated Remilia doesn't even look 10. Vampires don't age. So at best; Remilia would be 9 and Flandre, as the younger sister, would be 8; more likely 7.

Maribel; Renko and Sumeireiko are all explicitly University students; putting them 19-22. Likewise; Sanae; if I recall is explicitly called a High Schooler; which would make her somewhere between 13-15 if Junior High; and 16-18 if Senior; during MoF. Time has passed since then however. So she could probably be anywhere between 22 and 18 now, depending on how much time has passed since MoF and her initial age. I'd imagine she's about the same age as Reimu however, and judging from Reimu's various appearances recently I'd pin her ~22.

Seiga is explicitly known to have been married and had a family. So obviously she'd be at least of legal age. Likewise for the Watasukis; we know they're married. Although legal age on the Moon could be anything. Kaguya as well was attracting suitors, so it's pretty safe to say she'd appear as a young adult.

It's also fairly reasonable to assume any character who is regarded as some sort of elder [Eirin; Yukari; Okina; to a degree Mamizou] would look on the older end.

It's worth mentioning the the Primsrivers explicitly have the appearance of the *older* of the four sisters, with Layla being the youngest. This makes it rather unlikely the sisters would appear too young.
Hieda no Mukyu:

--- Quote from: Raikaria on May 10, 2019, 08:36:52 PM ---So this effectively boils down to a 'how old do you think the characters would look' thread; with the whole 'imagine they are humans'. Because there's some characters like Tewi who can be pinned as 10,000+; Mokou and Kaguya are at least multiple centuries.

--- End quote ---

I have probably ranted about this elsewhere, but I have this very personal headcanon regarding the infamous Alice ? Marisa ? Patchouli triangle. When it started to build, I had understood that Zun wanted to abandon the PC98 canon altogether (which seems not to be true), so I grew to see it like this:

Marisa is 15?16 when she first faces Alice, but it takes time before Alice can be honest about her feelings. Marisa is 17 at the very least when they develop a closer friendship. I assume this leads to some sort of romance, but I still cannot tell how that happens, and how soon. As for looks, Marisa has the face of a 17-year-old already by age 14, but after that she appears to age slower than average. Due to her relatively petite and slender body, many will still mistake her for a teenager when she?s 22.

Alice is by far the oldest of the three. She has been born to human parents, probably in the first half of the XVIII century or as early as the second half of the XVII century. However, over two centuries of (mostly) solitary life have caused some aspects of her emotional side to regress drastically ? she has stated herself, ?Long ago have I forgotten what it is to be human.? This makes the Alice ? Marisa pairing far less unlikely, yet it is a two-edged sword. Alice is longing to discover her feeling self again, but cannot help it that this also brings back memories from the decades when she was living an adult life as an aspiring witch. When it comes to looks, Alice appears to be around 25 years old, except in the moments when the look in her eyes is telling otherwise. She is almost as tall as an average British woman and has a proportionate body (possibly with some extra at the hips), which makes her look both tall and robust compared to the two other witches.

I used to think that Patchouli was just a bit over 100, perhaps 115 at the most, but I am on the way towards retconning that inside my head. My new theory is that her age might rather be between 120 and 145. Unlike Alice, she has never truly reached adulthood if we put any emphasis on emotional or social development. This is partially due to her being the only one of the trio who was not born human; partially due to her family background (it is not by chance that their surname is ?Knowledge?, not ?Wisdom?); and, perhaps most importantly, due to her being an exceptional case even within that family. This is not at all to say that she is stupid. When it comes to knowledge, she is more than adult, plus she has a brilliant understanding of cause and effect, which lets her analyze her own emotional shortcomings in a way  that would be out of reach for most teenagers. While clearly taller than Remilia, Patchy is so short that she easily makes you forget what a shorty Marisa is. Patchouli has an otherwise surprisingly healthy and young-looking skin, but her sickly paleness and frequent eyebags will distract you from that fact. She has something of a babyface combined with the most adult eyes of the trio. She might very well be the curviest of the witches, but her way of dressing does not exactly emphasize that. All of this makes it difficult to tell how old exactly she looks. Most would probably say: clearly older than Marisa but younger than Alice.
You all have extremely interesting headcanons, and thanks for the info, Raikaria!  :)

This reminds me, I was babbling to my friend about this and we ended up coming with the idea that Kaguya has a gaming channel, and Mokou has a ranting channel.

Everyone gangsta till rantsona Mokou crosses her arms.

...Haha, this might end up turning into a "human life au" thread if i keep talking about it.
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