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[Art] Though the scent lingers, the flower scattered
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Rly nice work. 25h is not that bad thinking of how long it took me for some of my drawings. Im slow af, makes up for my lack of talent xD

You draw in Photoshop?
Alla wala town:
Oh wow thank you all the compliments, you guys almost got all the Easter eggs, I am very surprised that the more subtle ones like the Alice colored pillow were spotted. Oh and I draw with paint tool SAI.

One thing is that Hina lookalike was supposed to be Hatsune Miku but now actually it could definitely be her as well, i'll add that one to my references.

The sword is Youmu's, but i didn't really do research on it. And yea, i apologize for the mediocre quality background accessories, I sped through most of them.

The moon is actually a reference to the entirety of imperishable night, like the picture of trees for HSiFS and not a specific item, like the flame below the moon represents Mokou as a part of IN.

I'm pretty sure Reimu is also related to butterflies, but yeah the color scheme is that of Yuyuko.

Good job xD, only 2 easter eggs left to find!
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