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[Music] I made some Touhou Music
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Thanks for your feedback Z_A
not exactly sure what the definition of arranger is tho. can u explain?

Yea in Wind God Girl i messed up the rythm guitar, too much mid freq. think thats messing with everything.
I will play some guitar on video someday, but im too lazy and have no cam atm.

I already listened to your stuff and its sure good enough. Just go for it ;)

Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Let me introduce some definitions here:

A composer is a musician who writes an original piece of music (at least in notation format).

An arranger is a musician (could be the composer him/herself or someone else) who turns the notation of that piece of music and turns it into actual music (by specifying which instruments play which notes).

When the song is arranged by the same composer, it is said to be an original song (like all those BGMs made by ZUN himself). When such song is re-interpreted by another arranger (by changing the instruments, octave, tempo, and/or some backup melodies), then it is said to be an arranged song (examples: all that stuff made by IOSYS, Cool&Create, etc.). When only the instruments are changed (but the overall song is otherwise unchanged), then such arranged song is usually called a cover song.

I hope this explains everything to you.
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