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[Music] I made some Touhou Music
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Hey guys,
I did some touhou music the past few months and want to share it with you.
Would also love to hear some feedback/critic.

Here is a youtube playlist:

Also a question. Im not that familiar with the whole touhou culture, just love the music.
What exactly is a touhou circle? Am I one as an individual? Or is it more like a community?
Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
One of the members of Keine Ahnung (a dōjin circle comprised of international people) can explain to you about circles.

In the meantime, I can say that your strongest ticket here to fame is Sleeping Terror. Have you considered showing this on Redditaisai (a Discord-based online Western alternative to Reitaisai & Comiket) this coming July 27? Do you have a Discord account? Mine is SilSinn9801#0413; I can invite you to at least one Discord server where you can showcase this playlist of yours.
Ey thanks. I did not know about Redditaisai , have to look into that. Seams cool.

Yea im still growing as a musician so my last track is always my best one kinda xD
I feel like I finally reached a decent level of quality now with Sleeping Terror. Hope i can farther improve it in the future^^

Sure i add you on discord, thanks for the offer. (:


It's not all good, I have several complaints for each piece, but I'd say you've got a pretty good taste for what sounds nice, which I think is really important for an arranger (do you consider yourself one?)

U.N. Owen: it's not that much different from ZUN's original, but since you really played the guitar, that would be cool to watch rather than just listen. Like, a cover version or something... As for the complaints, I think some of the notes are wrong, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as long as you know what you're doing.

Night of Nights: not bad, but I'd like some more completeness to the sound. Seems a bit empty-ish.

Wind God Girl: seems like the frequencies of certain instruments overlap a lot, that's not good, as the sound gets somewhat messy.

Sleeping Terror: not a fan of the original, but I like the sound very much.

@Silent Sinner in Scarlet: could you please comment on my stuff as well and tell if any of it is worth showing at the event you mentioned? Thanks!
Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
I'll go soon, after I am done eating lunch.
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