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[Art] Hakugyoukurou's little ghost gardener
Alla wala town:
My second post!
This drawing is a bit older then my other ones, so you can notice the quality dropping a bit. Since I discovered the character like in 2016, I always wanted to draw a piece of Youmu Konpaku fan art, she's just too sweet and her design is too cute!! But i restrained myself from doing it because I didn't know how to draw a more active pose, what i tried doing in this picture, and I think that I made the right choice, since I put all of my energy in this piece and made a drawing that I'm even quite proud of today!  ;) ;)
Draw time: About 6-7 hours ( I really tryharded the maximum I could at that time to make it look good)

Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Where is the drawing? Or a link to it?
The Image doesn't load, yeah. If you see it, Alla walla town, you might have it cached, but it'll only show for you. Probably best to upload it to DeviantArt.
Alla wala town:
ohhhhhh my bad ;-; never thought of it since in previews I always see them, ok ill fix it rn lol
Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Now it shows up and how good it is!
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