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Looking for a specific video
I was trying to find a certain video I watched several times years ago, but sadly, I cannot seem to find it again.

Its title was "When Sakyua isn't home", or roundabouts. It's based on the "When mama isn't home" meme.
The video was 2D animated, and actually a few minutes long. It was drawn by a Chinese person, and originally posed on one of those video sites, then reuploaded to Nico and YT.
It played out the time period after Sakuya left for DDC, and what Remilia and Flan did while she was gone (Partied. Lots.)
It was probably DCMA'd off the internet, due to containing a significant portion of the song "Freaks", credited in the credits, and the origin of the meme.

Does anybody either have a copy of the video, or have found some dark corner of the web where it still lurks? I would be very grateful. Thank you!
Results of 30 minutes of meme research:


I should be charging for this.
You know what?
I would pay you.

It would be like an hourly wage, except it goes up the less time you take.
An inverse wage, eh? I see you'd make a fine businesskappa.
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