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Rei Scarlette:

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A year and a few months later, it's finally time for the third topic. I couldn't come up with a clever and punny title right on the spot, please understand
Previous entries:
Format shamelessly ripped from the previous topic because I think it looked nice

Ongoing Events




(if I miss a JP event just give me a poke and I'll update OP -- trying to keep on top of info for both, but I only play on NA server)

(All IDs copied from previous OP - if you want your ID added or removed, just give the word)
Friend IDs:

beaver1231: 702,073,038 / 340,339,400
Chaore: 789,874,752
Jana: 602,309,163
Mr. Jovial: 693,517,823
Patorkiku: 606,389,941
qMyon: 674,355,001
trancehime: 398,240,354
yuyukos: 293,823,911
Zengar Zombolt: 861,528,643
Zerviscos: 235,589,526

AzyWng: 810,842,433
Chaore: 416,340,402
commandercool: 440,432,213
Edible: 180,877,949
Ionasal kkll Solciel: 396,872,783
Jana: 468,680,095
Kasu: 836,681,458
qMyon: 936,634,137
Rei Scarlette: 039,794,959
Sect: 199,652,307
yuyukos: 408,231,921
Zengar Zombolt: 744,658,052
Zerviscos: 970,709,708(Quit NA)

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Did an obligatory ten-pull for the event and managed to get the 5* CE this time around. Also got Fran, so that was nice.
Two ten-pulls gave me a Poster Girl CE and Anne/Mary, I'm satisfied.
Rei Scarlette:
Meanwhile, while asking about ways to purchase quartz without a CC (I didn't know it was as simple as a giftcard okay this is the only mobile game I play :ohdear: )

I was mistaken for a minor and suggested to ask my parents for help with making a purchase  :V so I guess I've got that eternally-12-years-old thing going for me at least?

Don't know for sure if I'll spend yet but I really would like a TB Saber to go with my Demon Archer yes

Edit: Speaking of, emergency maintenance in progress. For what, who knows. But more quartz for the quartz throne
Aya Reiko:
Whaled a bit for 5 more 10-pulls...

No Daishouri. :(
But I got a pair of 5* Event CE's, NP3'd Emiya, and got a brand new Herc.

The Event Point gain (or lack of it) is a bit ridiculous though...
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