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Reitaisai 16 - May 5th 2019
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Missed it last year, but in for it this year! This trip is shorter than usual but I will be attending Reitaisai as a circle participant (hopefully) for the first time! I know some other MOTKers will be there but here's the usual thread to plan for possible meetups and other stuff!

My trip will be from 30th April to 7th May so yep.
I have a thing on the 4th but I should be free after the event as well as most days around it.
Circle announcements just went up and I will be attending for sure.

There is also going to be the usual pre-event jazz festival at the same place, but it seems they won't be putting out seats this time around so keep that in mind.
Yep! Got my circle space number!

と-44a - Tofucat Workshop

I'm up for dinner after Reitaisai! Vento and Sei are with me so that's a pretty nice party size as it is. We sadly can't make it this time for the Jazz concert since we have other plans but yeap, defo looking forward to the reunion!
I just got a message saying JAGMO will be holding another Touhou orchestra performance on May 2nd, the Thursday before Reitaisai. I actually get a small discount since I'm a patron, so if anyone's interested, I can help out.
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