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What do your friends/family think of your love for Touhou ?
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I'm pretty sure my parents don't like it, just like anything they view as not "normal". So I tend to avoid showing it to them.

I'm not sure what my friends think about it, I think they're pretty indifferent. My attempts to get them interested have been unsuccessful, but they don't seem to be allergic to it either. I wouldn't mind befriending some fellow fans, but for people like me that's easier said than done.

My sister has occasionally given me Touhou-related gifts, including this little gem.
MANoBadAssGar Jr.:
As people who don't use internet, i get the impression my parent are unable to distinguish between Touhou or Gundam. And sibling only know i like to watch Gundam for free. They just glad i'm not in biker gang.

Outside of family, "are you into Hentai?". Actually there's a lot i want to say about this, but that phrase in quotation sum it up pretty fair, elaborating it would just irk me.
Hieda no Mukyu:
I do not really end up in situations where somebody would judge my interest for certain parts of Japanese popular culture. It is kind of frightening to hear stories about fellow Tōhō fans who just sit quietly at work or at school, listening to how a bunch of their mates collectively thrash ?anime?, or ?hentai?, or whatever, with no apparent reason, just because these things happen to irritate them on sight.

More than a handful of the people I call friends or acquaintances today I?ve met through my interest for manga or the Tōhō fandom, so there is not much to comment. Some manga fans are notably indifferent to our fandom, because it offers almost zero opportunity for boys? love relationshipping.

More than one of my friends outside these circles openly dislike anime and manga and the related drawing styles, but they rarely bring this up. All they want is not to be bothered with enthusiasm regarding kawaii girls with weird, big eyes.

I have a lot in common with my parents, but one major factor separating us has always been their extremely low interest for any kind of fantasy fiction. Thus there is little reason for us to discuss the Tōhō Project. I once showed Anira?s famous ?Bad Apple!!? animation to them, and they found it aesthetically very pleasing. Further discussion soon led to my mother psychologizing some aspects of Gensōkyō and wondering what sorts of aggressions lead people to play any shooting games in the first place. She comes from an era when all or most entertainment containing any sort of violence was commonly condemned, even if she has never been an extremist in that sense.
Friends? What are those?
Elusive beasts.
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