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--- Quote from: Sophilia on April 26, 2019, 12:04:30 PM ---
Spoiler: Hecatia's plan seems to be even more sketchy to me, since Hell already must have fairies of some sort or Clownpiece wouldn't even be a thing.  That said, with this sort of mafia tactic, can Reimu and Marisa continue to refuse?
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Spoiler: Hell does have fairies, just not the same kind Gensokyo has. IIRC it was said "nature" down there is related to souls and similar stuff rather than what people usually think when talking about nature. Hecatia said the whole point of what she is doing is introducing new stuff to Hell, which is in line with the mission Hecatia gave to Piece: meet life force and especially things you don't find in Hell.
So, huh, there wasn't a VFiS chapter in Comp Ace today according to Clarste. I wonder what happened.
Delayed to september because it's very long, and they didn't want to split it so it could be seen all at once since it's the last chapter.
Rather, it was going to end in September anyway, but ZUN opted to have one really long final chapter as opposed to a two-parter so it can be read all at once. It'll be the longest chapter in all the Sangetsusei manga, apparently.

EDIT: oops i repeated you a bit
Last chapter up, you know where.

To be honnest, I'm pretty satisfied with the ending.
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