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Gensokyo Railway Series video series
I'm currently taking my Gensokyo Railway Series (Basically Touhou-ized Thomas) fan series and making into video form with wooden models. There are a few videos out, I'm currently trying planning to make custom models of the GRS engines so that there could be more characters.

Chrysanthemum and Maybach:

Walfas superimposing test:

Guess Who's Back? Dizeru's Back! (My first full production):

If you want to check out the Gensokyo Railway Series in its written form, then check out my Fanfiction.net profile here: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/8871939/
Any feedback will be appreciated, and this will be updated as I make more videos.
I just uploaded a new video!

Shiro and the Throwaway Character:

This features my first custom model of one of the GRS characters, Shiro the JGR 5100, as he pulls a freight train to Kourindou. All is well until Eternity Larva wanders onto the tracks...in the path of Shiro's oncoming goods train! Truly a full speed encounter.
This video also contains 2 and a half minutes of blooper and B-roll footage.

Here is the video about my custom Shiro model:
In this one, I talk about Shiro and who he his and his duties on the Gensokyo Railway.
The fan fiction profile link is broken for me.

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