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2017 "Real" (& Fantasy) Football Thread - Super Bowl Long IIsland
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>implying the NFL isn't rigged

Much to the delight of DeAngelo Williams, Steve Smith Senior, and Josh Norman, apparently the Panthers fired their GM today, which made me remember that Ftahdr is a human being that exists. I'll be honest, I'm only making this thread as a honey pot because I want his reaction to this news. But eventually we'll get around to fantasy stuff too. (Who's gonna roll the dice on Ezekiel Elliot this year?)

Suwako Moriya:
I'm sure Allen was just really heavily invested in the Kirk Angle scandal storyline on Monday Night RAW.
Wonder what disaster will befall the Chargers this year. Will it finally be the year the team stays intact while Rivers breaks a leg tripping over his 11 kids?

--- Quote from: PX on July 19, 2017, 10:41:44 AM ---Wonder what disaster will befall the Chargers this year

--- End quote ---

"No one showing up to games" is the most likely scenario.
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