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Games You're Playing Right Now Thread VI - Even in this thread, F O E
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--- Quote from: Jq1790 on August 18, 2019, 02:11:16 AM ---Still though, I KNOW the feeling.  I never found those status blocking items either so I had to just pray I didn't run into that.

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Sure sounds like you do because that was 100% exactly it. I just... not even ragequit, but despair-quit when that happened, though. Like, nah, I'm not even gonna wait until I get mad. Just pressed the power button and walked away. I got those status items by a total random saving throw at a friend's recommendation, as they explained that some Personas can be fused and get Heart items if you just randomly luck out. Never happened to me the whole game, but I figured, hey, I can make Abaddon, he's got a chance of producing a Tome of the Void which nulls every status but Poisoned. All you gotta do is get him to have it when he fuses, and when he hits max level, he'll produce the item.

...and, if you register him in the Compendium just before he hits max level, you can just keep dismissing him and purchasing him back and quickly farm as many as you need. So, I did.

It does not feel like the most satisfactory of victories since it required some chance, but it involved an actual strategy and the grinding necessary to get him to max level also got my party where they actually needed to be for the fight, so it worked out.

--- Quote from: Jq1790 on August 18, 2019, 02:11:16 AM ---I'm still bitter the PS3 never got P4G, relatedly...

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I bought this PSTV, like, three years ago.

Can you imagine how stunned I am that I finally have this extremely specific actual single use for it

(Also, the PSTV inheriting the Vita's ability to put a game on standby has nicely opened this up to being playable way more hours of the day because I can actually stop without having saved. Not that I don't still do that frantically and constantly, but picking up exactly where I left off is a real nice time-saver, especially where I'm actually busy lately unlike when I started P5.)

--- Quote from: Ionasal kkll Solciel on August 18, 2019, 10:07:57 AM ---Lowkey, I've never finished P3FES despite having blasted through P4 enough to get Izanagi-no-Okami. I think I stopped right after Ryoji left?

(Also, I own a copy of P5 that I bought on heavy discount, but I've never played it yet. How shitty am I?)

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Well if there's no more Ryoji, why even bother, can't blame you there

Hey, great to get in on the ground floor and snag something when it's cheap, but also, it being the title I started with, I'd obviously heavily massively recommend P5. And I'll keep that in mind, strategy-wise; if it works, it works! (I had no idea about the DDS one, that's pretty frickin' hilarious.)
Ionasal kkll Solciel:
So I just learned that Celeste has Chapter 9 out. Oh boy, it's kind of crazy, and apparently I'm not even halfway through yet. The two new mechanics introduced so far (jellyfish that you can use to glide, and pufferfish that explode if you're in a specific arc and also get pushed down if you hit them out of that arc) are pretty neat.
Since I last checked in, I've finished P4 Golden and, speaking of Celestes, started up yet another series my friends recommend, Danganronpa. I've played the first, second, and Ultra Despair Girls. (How do I have time for all this? Well, not having a job by the time P4G ended certainly opened things up, and by god have I needed an outlet, especially with motorsports season mostly over and icecross season not yet begun! So I'm just frantically plowing through the whole backlog.)

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc feels very much heavy on story and light on, well, actual gameplay, if you're coming into it expecting Ace Attorney or a point-and-click adventure game. It's a visual novel first and foremost, without much depth to the gameplay, but there's enough going on in it that it still feels like it matters that it's interactive. It is best played, not read or watched (doesn't help that the Funimation dub kinda butchers my top favs, anyhow). Absolutely fantastic atmosphere, characters, and setting kept me actively hooked even where I really, really did not like the last chapter.

Super Danganronpa 2 (yes, that's the Japanese title. I just like getting to call things "Super", it's fun) definitely, uh... well, let's be honest. Major improvement on the gameplay difficulty front, as in, it's actually pretty punishing, and Logic Dive is extremely fun. (Essentially, to come to some conclusions, you have to dive into your mind. On a snowboard. And basically play a Sonic 2 special stage in the middle of a trial. It's so stupid and so spectacular.) However, the cast is enormously more hit-or-miss. For me, it was almost entirely miss, and the ones I did like, uh, had a very bad time of it very quickly. But, I'm doing Island Mode in post-game and I'm finally able to catch up on their FTEs, and I'm starting to really like more of the cast, to the point where I went from despising most of the cast to not disliking anybody very strongly. Also, if you're the type to just tune in and watch, Chris Tergliafera, the voice actor of Gundham, has been streaming his own first playthrough lately.

And Ultra Despair Girls... dear lord. Where to even begin with that. I don't think I've ever so heavily enjoyed a game that I don't think I want to recommend. I absolutely loved the cast and the ending and yet I will freely admit that so much of it was brazenly uncomfortable to outright abhorrent that I feel like most human beings I know do not need to experience it. But it closes the circle on DR1 and DR2 in a very satisfying way, and the two lead characters do have excellent chemistry.

All this to say, I'm yet again late to the bandwagon on a series my friends like by an enormous margin of years, and thus I am standing here in a barren empty field of internet finally able to appreciate that the Naegis, Chihiro, and Spoiler: a certain stabby stabby serial killer are the absolute best.
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