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What anime(s) and/or manga(s) are you watching/reading right now?
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Plan to watch:
* Gurren Lagann
* World Conquest Zvezda Plot
* Bakemonogatari franchise
* Log Horizon
* Non Non Biyori
* Chaika
* Fate/Zero
* Anohana
* Another
* Chuunibyou
* Arpeggio of Blue Steel
* Samurai Flamenco

Yeah, my backlog is pretty large. Makes me wonder why I spend my days aimlessly browsing the internet.
I'm watching and reading way too much at the moment mainly due to summer and barely having a job.

The main thing I'm watching though is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, which was a really good choice I made. I'm at episode 87 and I'm enjoying the crap out of it.

All dat political and militarist suspense.
No Game No Life, Mekakucity Actors and Witchblade.

After that comes Nisekoi and a bunch of other things.
♛ Apher-Forte:
1. Ajin - http://mangafox.me/manga/ajin/  - intense, quick paced, a challenging to read, something I had no expected in recent works, deeply confounding storyline with a hated main character, who is unrealistic to me, but the bad guy for now, in the recent chapters showcases the extreme calculative, strong characterization that is few and far in between, a strong established base of challenging people to question - what will you do if you are immortal?

2. Mahouka - http://mangafox.me/manga/mahouka_koukou_no_rettousei/ now currently running anime with the coolest school uniforms ever introduced in manga, anime and light novels ever. (fact) follows the story of one Shiba who is a mysterious soldier like student who runs away from a powerful family behind all the magic and plots to destroy them from within one day, agenda not yet known. Good read, as good as the slow pacing in the show itself, but I will take on the novel for progress. Cool characters and supportive role cast of equal numbers of males (WITH MEANING, NOT TREES THAT INTERACT) that means something makes this a NOT harem (although it reeks of one, it really isn't) good read.

3. Koi Kano x Ai Kano - an intensely clearly hentai established adult oriented love story of two kinds of love - abusive oppressive obsessive love and loving caring and mutual love, it is focused on the three characters who are interacting closely on these relationships, and how they strive to overcome little blockades they themselves place in order not to move away from one another too much, or hurting the actual relationship itself. The male character is weak, and is submissive to a strong female cast, worth reading simply because it reflects on a whole lot of strong female x weak male relationships and how they actually work in a real life setting. (not a manga setting where the weak male doesn't have to do anything other than being kind and he gets all the pussy.)

4. AOT - Before The Fall  - http://mangafox.me/manga/shingeki_no_kyojin_before_the_fall/ - grossly intense read on the story of the 'Son of the Titan' and how 100 years later Eren's time came to be. Now you can read the prequel to the intensely gripping series that caught the anime and manga world by storm, and that which inspired countless fanfictions and yaoi offsprouts. A serious as hell read by famed author and artist of Blade and I.S. (not the love manga, the one about underground water cities) Strong art with heavy lines remind me of GITS.

5. Cooking Master B-- I mean Shoukugeki no Soma - http://mangafox.me/manga/shokugeki_no_soma/ Another intense series from famed author of the most erotic adult manga ever now going clean and worksafe (though clearly influencing his worksafe side with peppered nudity here and there) with some of the most DELICIOUS FOOD terminologies ever inscribed in manga ever (AND THEY ARE ACTUAL TERMINOLOGIES) that work and showcase them to the reader. Never has after Cooking Master Boy bought about another character as hot blood, as strong and as characteristic of a cook to the books since then. This is a guaranteed grandstand level of involvement, if you love cooking, and you love reading about cooking. THIS is your thing. Any cooks in the house? read this. You might open a restaurant one day based on this thing you read about.

~Stuff I'm finishing up right now that isn't airing:

God bless Mushishi.

~Big titles on my backlog, because it's way too big(tm):
Death Note
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell
A bunch of Ghibli, Kon Satoshi and...other movies.
Welcome to the N.H.K.
Haibane Renmei
Kino's Journey
Princess Tutu
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Usagi Drop
Shinsekai Yori
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