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Sparen's Code Dump (Final updates)
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With the end of MotK approaching, I'll close off this thread by announcing all of the locations where my work can be found and where I can (currently) be contacted.

My Discord Server (usually empty but people are still welcome to join): http://discord.gg/vXpr7Mw
My Website (ph3 function reference, ph3 tutorials, Danmakufu design studio, utilities, software recommendations): https://sparen.github.io

I am (as usual) staff on the LOCAA Discord, and am present in the Bulletforge, Fangames & Chill, Bullet Hell Engines, Unreal World of Mugenri, and Danmaku Artist Nightclub discord servers.

I've been preparing for the day MotK went down for good for years now.
RaNGE Contest backups: https://sparen.github.io/projects/contest/contestlocalbackup.html
[NOTE: Only opening posts were backed up. I might go and back up placement/rank announcements but it's a terribly messy job and there's no good way to keep the formatting, images, emoji, etc]

Backups of the content of this thread and my other release threads (Note: content parity not established; some things just don't work outside of the forum structure): https://sparen.github.io/projects/projects.html

Danmakufu Wiki will still be available via the Wayback Machine after it goes down; otherwise my function reference covers part of what was on the Wiki. Unfortunately there's just too much stuff floating around and too little time/energy, so I don't know how much more I will back up

And that's that. See you on Discord/YouTube.
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