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Art Tips Thread II
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Quad City QBs:
Here's another good tutorial with a little bit of everything, and in addition I'd like to shamelessly plug my Livestream channel :V
Oh crap I thought I added the PSG link, it totally slipped my mind.
And thank you very much for the livestream!  :V
Whoops! I almost forgot about this topic!

Added about 12 more links to the Visual art section and will most likely add more in a few hours along with some music tips.

Happy drawing! or something like that.
Quad City QBs:
Lines keep running into each other? Try this guide to tangents.
Quad City QBs:
Reposting here because I think it's generally useful:

--- Quote from: Bad Appellant!! on June 26, 2012, 10:51:24 PM ---What is meant by grasping the fundamentals is to see a cute girl, or a dinosaur, or a house not as a collection of lines, but as an amalgam of simpler shapes. Although a drawing is made of lines, it's not the lines that you're drawing. As the above linked shadow exercise shows, sometimes you can do away with lines entirely--because it's ultimately volume that you're trying to show, the peaks where light gathers and the valleys where light can't get in. As an illustrative example, and these links are slightly NSFW:

I start with a basic stick figure to get the pose down. At this point I'm not worried about details at all, as long as the joints are in the right places and proportions are about correct (torso and arms 2 heads long, each half of the leg a little less). For further guidance, I draw in a ball and plane for the head, a cut-off egg for the rib cage, and a couple angled ovals at crotch level to represent the pelvic bones.

Second, I start adding volume to my stick figure. In this, art books provide useful practice - these studies come from Loomis's Figure Drawing for All It's Worth.

Only here, with the underlying form, pose and shapes laid out, do I concern myself with hair and eyes and other details.

e: Finished product.

--- End quote ---
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