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RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
« on: April 21, 2009, 10:17:49 PM »
-Waking up from the Dream-

Registration and Character Profile Thread.

For current players, please post a character profile here.

For new players, you can register by posting a character profile.

Information for new players:

There is a summary of the story so far in the summary/status update thread.

Current story for each of the available factions:

Gensokyo Faction
You are an outsider who had somehow managed to enter Gensokyo. During your stay you managed to befriend and get close to a Gensokyo resident. However, Gensokyo suddenly collapsed in a sudden disaster when the source of mana supporting it suddenly failed. During the escape you discover that the collapse was a mere by-product of someone hijacking the mana supply for their own nefarious ends. With newfound comrades and your partner at your side you manage to escape out into the outside world.

However, the ordeal has only just begun. Your partner, being a Gensokyo resident who is used to the abundance of mana in Gensokyo, couldn't survive without an external mana supply in the mana-bereft outside world. You manage to establish a mana-share through your the link you share through your relationship. (read the rules on mana-sharing below).

The Gensokyo refugees have now managed to escape, some straight into the small town of Karuisuwa by Lake Suwa in Nagano Prefecture, some into the abandoned Hakurei Shrine in the Yatsugatake National Park. The latter group found themselves attacked by a mysterious group of agents in black armour, however, who had appeared to capture all the Gensokyo refugees. They've managed to evade capture and get to the safety of Karuisuwa. There they have taken refuge in an old abandoned shrine/hot spring inn, the Saniwa Shrine and Onsen Ryokan.

Here their new life begins as they build up their strength for their retaliation to take back Gensokyo...

Faction 2, Rai Force 1 - The Path of the Chosen

?.your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go visit a certain abandoned shrine?

It was a very well-equipped personnel transport from the inside, boasting all the cool gadgets, computer panels, and whatnot you only thought existed in the movies. It was the very best the secret service could provide. Pity it was just a laundry van from the outside, sporting the brand ?Miyanaga Laundry, Cleanliness is next to Godliness?. You find yourself in said transport, finding the journey a little uncomfortable as the van wound up and down what could only be rather rough and rarely used hillside roads. You are en-route to a rather desolate location, an old abandoned shrine located within the Yatsugatake National Park. You?re a fresh new recruit, idealistic and enthusiastic about your first mission. A little curious as to why you?ve been chosen, but blazing with passion nonetheless.

You?re a member of a newly-formed secret organization (yeah, clich?, but wait for it!) that reports directly to the rather shadowy and mysterious (fictional) secretarial aide to the Prime Minister of Japan (a strange woman named ?Saaya Kikuri?). It is currently still a virtual institute, meaning it was assembled by taking agents from many other organizations and bringing them together under one new organization, which doesn?t have a proper physical headquarters of its own as yet. It was assembled in a hurry and you, a fresh newbie recruit, found yourself drafted into the service of this mysterious new institute rather suddenly and abruptly, leaving you wondering what on earth you?ve done (wrong or right) to deserve this.

You have been assigned to the newly-formed ?RAI? Force 1, the first of its kind. You still don?t know what it?s actual purpose is?.just that you?ve been sent on a first mission ? to go out to the aforementioned location to capture a group of civilians that, according to the top brass, will be there when you arrive later in the evening. They will be mostly harmless, though use of non-lethal force has been authorized. You are to round up everyone you see, regardless of who they are, with extreme prejudice. i.e. Who they are and why they are there doesn?t matter. What matters is that you capture them, alive.

Well, there?s no saying ?no? to the top brass, is there? And thus you set out, curious .

The mission turned out successful. Your team managed to capture a good many of the targets, though you are unsure whether or not you let any slip by you. You realize that the operation wasn?t too well organized and that some may have managed to escape capture. You blame it on the fact the team was still newly formed and inexperienced.

Now, after a week of inactivity, you?ve suddenly been given a new, rather strange mission. You look down at the file in your hand, wondering what on earth the top brass were thinking. One of your ex-captives has been assigned to be your ?partner?.

Problem is, you have to start out by convincing them to cooperate with you?.and the top-brass explicitly mentioned that they won?t tolerate failure. There was some fine print about your future partner requiring a ?mana? supply or something, and that she had been surviving so far on an artificial mana supply or something like that. However, you had glossed over the minor details in your curiosity to find out what you thought were the more important details.

?.time to brush up on your people skills. You?ll need them.

The third faction, the renegades - The Path Less Trodden, The Renegades

You are a member of RAI Force 1?.or at least, were. Yes, past tense. You managed to capture one of the targets assigned to you on that desolate mountain that evening.

?however, you find that she?s a young girl, harmless, frightened, cold, and miserable.

You brought her back as ordered and turned her into the custody of the institute. But you couldn?t help but wonder about her?.and the other girls who were rounded up and caught that night.

?.you finally demand to see the girl you caught. The people tending the holding facilities weren?t very friendly. However, you are a trained agent, and sneaking in to a make-shift holding facility wasn?t a difficult feat to perform. You manage to locate the girl?s holding cell and broke in successfully. She was startled to see you and was quite afraid of being harmed again but you convince her that you?re on her side, having broken in to see her. You ask her for her story. After a bit, she confided in you.

?.at first you thought she was mad. How could this be true? A hidden realm? Filled with ?youkai?, fairies, vampires and other manner of mythical creatures?

Then she tells you that she?s one of them. Your disbelief doubles. The girl before you looked positively human!

But the more she spoke, the more you believed her. The government wouldn?t have had you catch these girls for no good reason. The fact that they were gathered in a little-known desolate area was also strongly in favour of her story. Well, you have a few alternate theories, such as the possibility that they may be some sort of cult or something practicing their rites in some secluded place?.but the fact that she was a young girl and your pity for her drove any misgivings you might have had completely out of your mind.

Perhaps some old memory drove you? Some old regret over something that happened in your past? Or maybe you just feel that you hadn?t signed up to put innocent girls behind bars.

Whatever the reason, you decided to quit that night. Without any preparation whatsoever, you decide to break out with her.

You succeeded, partly because of your skill, but also partly because of the fact that the institute was still in its infancy and still had many security flaws.

You manage to duck under the radar for a while and lay low. Before long you had created a new identity for yourself and emerged as a new person, living a new life in the small, remote town of Karuisuwa with your newfound companion.

The Forth Faction - The Random Outsiders - Out of the Blue

You are an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, in the completely ordinary rural Japanese town of Karuisuwa. Perhaps you may have heard of Gensokyo from folklore. Perhaps you?re an avid fan of the Touhou series?.or are at least aware of it. Perhaps you?ve never heard of these things before in your life.


You felt a strange, sudden impulse to go out romping into the countryside. Perhaps you felt the sudden need to go camping? Or perhaps just a nighttime stroll around the hills of the Yatsugatake National Park? Perhaps the knowledge that a few trees in the region will be cut down for the upcoming Onbashira festival made you feel somewhat melancholy for the trees. Perhaps you?re just dead bored enough to go walk through sludge. I don?t know. Think up a reason.

Anyhow, the point is, you find yourself there at the Yatsugatake National Park, avoiding deer droppings and other manner of biological land mines as you walk across the hills. You notice the abandoned shrine up atop a hill and feel a sudden fascination. You approach it. However, upon getting close, you notice signs of commotion.

There were people in panic. There was something strange going on. People in black were running after what seemed like harmless young girls. Something was definitely amiss. You take out your handphone and tried to dial 110 for the police?.but find that there was no signal up here in these desolate mountains. Yep, just when you needed it.

Anyhow, through some sort of chance (you decide for yourself what sort) you end up escaping with one of the young girls. You make it back to the safety of Karuisuwa, and, somehow (you decide how), you end up taking the girl in.

What on earth have you gotten yourself wrapped up in, you have no idea. But still, you?re in for the ride of your life?

Simplified Rules:
1) You play as yourself. If your username is too long or absurd, then think of a nick or a variation on your username. For example, mine will be 'Hakurei Mitaka' or 'Taka' for short (Romaji'd my username).
2) Anything goes. Just try to keep everyone in-character. Oh, and comedy is encouraged. The point is to keep everyone amused.
3) You are allowed and encouraged to write in situations for other players. React to what others have written as well.   
4) If you don't agree with what others have written for your character, ask them to kindly make alterations.
5) Try not to go off on tangents or complete solo storylines. Try and stay in groups. The point is to play with everyone else.
6) Keep all OOC (out of character) discussions in the discussion thread provided. If your post is following up on a previous post then please alert others that you're writing a post to avoid clashes in posting.
7) Start all story posts with a location and time heading in this format - 'location, time, day', for example 'Hakurei Shrine, Gensokyo, 12.00 AM, day 1'. Underline and Bold, please.
8) Have fun.

Things you should keep in mind:
1) You must keep your partner close. The farther she is, the weaker the contract link. If she goes beyond a certain distance she starts wasting away. The maximum distance depends on your own strength.
2) You can improve the energy supply rate and maximum distance limit by strengthening yourself in body and soul.
3) Once we arrive in the outside world, we'll be just outside the fictional town of Karuisuwa (loosely based on the town of Shimosuwa that is situated around lake Suwa, the very same lake Suwako was named after). You will all decide to settle here for the time being as it is closest to the remains of Gensokyo. For your information, it's a good-sized town, about 3 hours away from Tokyo, with all the conveniences of modern life (something a few of your waifus wouldn't be used to...think of all the funny antics possible!). It is well-known for its onsens (yes, hot springs). There are two great shrines here that make up the Suwa Taisha (or Suwa Grand Shrine) and it is also where the famous Onbashira festival is held every 6 years.
4) You return to the outside world to find that there are even greater, more sinister powers at work. The collapse of Gensokyo is only the beginning, a small detail in a bigger scheme.
5) Additional note: You don't have to begin as a married couple. Beginning and fostering a bond with your partner can be part of the challenge and can add a lot to the story. But keep in mind that your spiritual linkage is only as strong as your relationship bond.

Characters currently available (You may choose up to 3 partners at the moment. May increase in the future, depending on player agreement).

Currently up for rescuing from RAI

Currently up for rescuing from the yakuza
Hong Meiling
Kana Anaberal

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

Perfect Cherry Blossom:

Immaterial and Missing Power:

Imperishable Night:
Wriggle Nightbug

Phantasmagoria of Flower View:
Medicine Melancholy

Mountain of Faith:
Suwako Moriya

Scarlet Weather Rhapsody:

Subterranean Animism:
Undefined Fantastic Object:
Ichirin Kumoi

Highly Responsive to Prayers:

Story of Eastern Wonderland:

Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream:


Lotus Land Story:

Mystic Square:

Youki Konpaku
Layla Prismriver


How to write a profile:
Fill out the following character sheet. Feel free to add any additional details.

Picture: (optional)
Strength: (can be a personal trait, or a skill, or whatever. e.g. endurance, intelligence, cooking, etc. Nothing over the top please.)
Weakness: (this can be fun ? things like fear of spiders, intolerance to spice, allergy to pollen, etc.)
Home: (current settlement in Karuisuwa)
Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)
Visual Description:
Partners: (Your in-game partners)
Fun Facts (optional):
Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)

(I will explain more about profile fields later. This will suffice for now).
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Just making sure that I still have Koishi, Satori, and Merlin.

Name: Gabriel "Gpop" Marcello
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (turns 17 in July)
Strength: Physically strong and fit, holds quite a bit of mana. Apparently he could manipulate the amount of mana he could hold, but currently can not control it.
Weakness: lacks magic attacks, holds back if wife and friends are endangered.
Home: Palace (currently gone with Gensokyo), Original Home located in Canada. Now residing in the underground ruins.
Occupation: N/A
Visual Description: Tall, black hair, somewhat tan.
Personality: Caring, courageous at times. May be rude-mannered at times. Carefree. Short-tempered if either him or Satori/Koishi is insulted.
History/Background: Originally lives in Canada. Randomly landed in Gensokyo through Yukari. Found by Koishi. Married to Koishi. Friends with Underground Palace crew and many humans.
Fun Facts: Ever since he landed in Gensokyo, he found it like paradise, as if he can no longer care about the troubles of the outside world. Normally everyone is friendly with others. But now his mind is puzzled and his emotions are mixed after the incident.

The Suwako incident is another story that is best not told.

His dreams reveal some of his past, especially about his cousin, his one true rival in his life. Gpop was happy when he found Gensokyo, and could relieve himself from all of his troubles.

His relationship with Mitaka is not a good one. This was mostly caused from Gpop's personal rage and punched Mitaka in face. It was only natural for him to fight back, but ever since, they could never look eye-to-eye seriously. But as Mitaka tries to apologize, Gpop tends to stay away from him and appears to rather distant himself from him for some unknown reason. Gpop calls Mitaka "deodorant" just to get on Mitaka's nerves.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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(Edit: I hear that the pictures are optional. I hear that someone used one. WHAT IS THIS? I don't even..)

Picture: Zei

Name: Zei Akabane

Gender: Male

Age:  14

Strength: Infinite well of Mana, Moderate strength and fit.

Weakness: ...? Do I have to explain? XD (You guys can figure that out.)

Home: Opposite Mansion

Occupation: None

Visual Description: Tall, dark-brown hair, a bit white.

Personality: Caring, Sacrificial, (somehow)Loving, CAN BE rude-mannered if provoked.

Partners: Flandre, Mystia, Reisen, and Shizuha

History/Background: Originally lives in United States. Was living a normal life until Yukari came along. Landed in Gensokyo thanks to her. Found by Reimu. Lived in Hakurei Shrine for 2-4 weeks. (somehow moved, due to Yukari again.)Moved to SDM after Winter(?). Lived there ever since.

Fun Facts(added since of 8:15am today) :
- Came to Gensokyo right after capturing one of IN's Last words, but it was due to Yukari's mishaps.
- Was a bit of traveller around Gensokyo, seeing what place was safe enough to live
- Has met Yuka, but it wasn't that nice. Zei thought that she wasn't there and ended up Sparking the area. Yuka woke up and Dual Sparked him. He was lucky enough to gap out of the way and back into SDM.
- USED to live in Hakurei Shrine, till Aya showed up.
- DID, infact, have the ability to gap, almost similar to Yukari's. She then told Youmu and then she thought that I was her son.
- Friend of Medicine, but not that close.
- As soon as he got into the Mansion, he immediately helped Flandre get out of the basement more often. Meiling, Patchouli, Sakuya, and even Remilia was a bit impressed by this feat. As soon as he went back to the Hakurei Shrine, Reimu pestered him about where he went. Aya showed up and pestered him about being either Reimu's or Flandre's "lover". As of that event, he never went to the Shrine ever since.
- Survived in Former Hell, due to semi-immortality.
-Gets called "Cirnoass" by Koji.

Thoughts of other outsiders:
Koji: Well..he's a friend of mind, but could laugh at any given thing there is. Can't believe he's actually doing ANYTHING to make sure nothing happens to Remilia. What a nice guy..

Gpop: Don't know him much, but he kinda surprises me in some way or another.

Jan: At first, I thought he was going to raid the Mansion, but turns out to be a Tourist. Weird though.. ._.

Relations with Gensokians:

Reimu: Ahaha, she's such a bitch, but she seemed a bit helpless due to no one visiting her shrine. Too bad it was destroyed by those UNGRATEFUL bastards.

Yukari: ..Not much to say about her. ._.''

Marisa: Seems nice, outgoing, a bit crazy, but all in all, LAZY. ._.

Yuyuko: There really isn't much to say about her than from what happened last time I talked to her. I can tell you this though, 'Innocent look = Guranteed death'.

Youmu: Guh...within a mather of time with Koji, she's already EXTREMELY skilled with swords. Goddamn.. ._.

Medicine: Seemed pretty harmless, but mistaked me for a youkai.

Yuka: Evil. One word to describe it all.

Relations with own team:

Flandre: I've cared for her ever since I first met her. I'm pretty surprised that she's trying to control herself and make sure she doesn't kill anyone. That is just...plain sweet. I don't know how, but she just stole my heart by that. I'm sort-of impressed. o.o'

Shizuha: Yeah...she's pretty lonely since no one CARED about the Aki Sisters before Koji started to mention them. To answer your question.. NO, I AM NOT DATING HER. ._.' She's just like that.

Reisen: Lunatic rabbit that tells me what's right and what's wrong. Why her? I REALLY don't know..

Mystia: Seems caring since she makes sure everyone in the team is ok. Different from what I expected..
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Jalal McWallace(for now anyways)


Age:  25

Strength: Can shoot fire from his eyes and lightning from his arse. Is a reasonable tactician, hunter and can wield a claymore with some proficiency. Recently began archery practice. Can remember some drugs. hourai. not bothered by blood. (Added from battle in Sky Ray)His skill with guns is enough to hit a target 10 m away, but not a bullseye.(I never thought I would have to detail this ability) Is well practiced with using the tentacles from the tentacle pill. These grow when and where they are needed.

Weakness: mild pollen allergy, hard to understand because of rapid persona shifting. When using a bow, is more likely to hit the guy next to the target.
Home: Where are we?

Occupation: (you can add this later once you find a job in Karuisuwa)

Visual Description: lean, average height. Black hair and eyes. Has worked out quite a bit.

Personality: variable, but generally loyal and upbeat.

Partners: Eirin(married)

History/Background: Multiple choice question at best. Few commonalities include sharing drug trials with Reisen. After all, what better way to see a drug's effect on humans than testing it on a human. Drinking the hourai elixer so that Eirin wouldn't be worried over his death.

Fun Facts (optional): Wants to figure out how Ronald McDonald dances like that and do it himself. That clown must be tapping into some new power. Once saw Kaugya kill and eat Mokou. Then she later spread her droppings in the garden. May argue with the narrator and should Satori look deeper than basic feelings, she will hear "He She but I did never regret money powered ran so slithering I couldn't but there was no cantalopes ate the silver gold." or something along those lines.

Additional Information/Background/History: Earlier, while Gensokyo was still healthy, he had taunted Reisen with the belief You can't drive someone insane who is already insane and that included all of Gensokyo. To make amends he requested that she give him her best shot. She did. His recovery or recuperation gave him the realization that there is no true self, rather such a thing is developed by all the masks or personas one adopts. This leads him to act somewhat differently according to the occasion, even adopting different accents and mannerisms at times. Reisen, as a wedding present, gave him a robe that no two people will agree on its looks, unless Jalal and another person concentrate on a specific style. He is a descendant of William Wallace or so he claims. This does help him as he gained two of the powers his ancestor was once rumored to have.


-Married to Erin, know that she suffers from self-recrimination, but has no idea how to solve it(neither do I)

-Is friendly to Reisen and Kaguya. Reisen still feels a little guilty about lashing out in anger towards him.

-Inspired by Thirtyfour, Frank, and Caboose's conflict. Mainly the jolly robert.

-has NO respect for the fourth wall

-lends more weight to Mitaka's will than he would to any other stranger, but only a tiny bit more.

-Sees Owlbear as a jolly good fellow, up for some hard partying when it come to that

-Argues with the narrator, but is somewhat friendly most of the time.

-Gets this feeling that the place in which Kojiro and Zei are staying is overflowing with goodies

-Somewhat grateful to Ria for the use of the armoury(looted many things)
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Running two characters

Name: Ghandi Vernier
Gender: M
Age:  50
Strength: mechanical precision with his tools, genius
Weakness: he is a squishy scientist who works out just enough to be fit, though he sometimes forgets. Recently, he took up running. He is only thin because he sometimes forgets to eat.
Home: Wherever his mobile laboratory is.
Occupation: Government scientist
Visual Description: A dark colored man with a shaved head. He usually forgets grooming.
Personality: A polite person, though never treats his nonvolunteer subjects as anything more than objects. His morality to them is that of a Nazi scientist, though he is not interested in extermination or sterilization. To volunteers, he is a gracious and kind man. He will always attempt to resolve matters peacefully. If he can't, well that's the reason for his recent interest in running. He alway makes sure to remember the names and faces of the people he interacts with.
Partners: none
History/Background: He graduated with PH.Ds in engineering, math, biochemistry, geology, and every medical field.
Fun Facts (optional): He is always asking Isaac to note things. Isaac is his apprentice who may or may not exist.
Additional Information/Background/History: His interest in the occult was not a very strong thing, though he has a few contacts with decent knowledge on the subject. He was assigned to head a small laboratory to research these beings with magic powers. Maribel Han is his first subject. During the course of experimentation, he has removed one of her eyes for inspection and installed a camera in the other.

Isaac exists, this is what is known.

Name: Isaac
Gender: Assumed to be male.
Age: Unknown
Strength: He is forgotten quickly.
Weakness: He is forgotten quickly.
Home: N/A
Occupation: Ghandi's lab assistant
Visual Description: nobody can remember except Ghandi who when asked, will point to him and say "see for yourself."
Personality: His speech will not be in quotation marks. He is only a faceless lab technician at this point.
Partners: none at the moment
History/Background: Unknown
Fun Facts (optional): Only Ghandi will acknowledge his existence.
Additional Information/Background/History: Unknown
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Little did he know, the shed was near Yuyuko, who was in a role-play of Dune. As a sandworm.

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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Requesting to join

Name: Austin Magree a.k.a. "Etch E Sketch"
Gender: male
Age:  18
Strength: a killer right hand and good sense for technology.
Weakness: insects. of all kinds.
Home: Destitute
Occupation: none
Visual Description: White hair, slightly tanned. Wears shorts to the knees, a plain grey white shirt, black shoes, and an overcoat
Personality: generally shy, esp. around girls.
Partners: Nitori and Momizi
History/Background: ( brief history ) A Hitchhiker. Fell in a river and wound up in Karuisuwa. Discovered by Kappas. Lives in a cave with an electric generator.
Fun Facts (optional): owns a laptop, which he carried into Karuisuwa. It has a limited charge of 3 hours. Somehow, it can access a world called the Internet. Wishes to obtain a katana. Currently aflicted with Crios Syndrome with very low control. (see Ria's profile)

That should be it.

also. Mad Chase. WTF?!?
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Kojiro Celadon Hiragumi

Partners in story: Remilia, Minoriko, and Rumia

Gender: Male

Age: 22 in this life (over 5000 years old thanks to Reincarnations)

Strength: Swordmage who can use many types of energy(Chii, Chakra, Mana, Ether) can convert energy into another type of energy.

Left over Abilities: only useable when a spell is invoked, requires time to set up however. can't be used for more than 5 minutes due to lack of power and would cause tremendous strain afterwards.

Crimson Lightning Ashuratic - created 8 blades. 1 in each hand, 2 float near his feet, 2 near his waist and 2 near his head, can manipulate the floating 6 at will and combats only at maximum potential. Fights in a dance-like manner.

Blade Overlord Kojiro - The 6 swords float near his back and flap like wings, 3 from each shoulder, Speed is maximize and each cut from the 2 swords left in his hands cut 4 times per slash.

B.L.O.O.D. - Blood Loss Option Over Drive - An automatic failsafe(works by itself), the blood he loses turns into a very sinister sword and his offensive abilities increase the closer to death he becomes.

Weakness: Can't use any ability for very long at all since having lost most power to do so long long ago, pessimistic and can be so easy going that could lead to submissiveness. Skills are above average and can't excel at one particular thing.

Home: A medium mansion has 3 floors (basement) 1F and 2nd with 5 each.  he built up from ages ago to house "The Knights of Sidonia", now teleports his home to whichever world he goes to.

Occupation: Swordsman, "Sudden Business", Poet

Visual Description: Medium Height, Red Hair with a center parting and ponytail, wears a flaming styled Hakama.

(Pros)  Laid-back and carefree, protective, and accepting Fun-loving Humble.
(Cons) Can be overwhelming, pessimistic, and merciless, and indecisive.

History/Background: This is gonna be long since i did say i had a story for my character already ^_^
Was originally born in many dimensions/worlds ago and lived a normal human life until his father and mother were murdered in front of him while he and his mother were captives in war. While attempting to kill him since he wasn't needed he suddenly snapped and murdered all enemy troops by himself (Age 10) Was known as the Crimson Terror.

Settled down and went to school but kept his past a secret. But it was found out thanks to the scar on his forehead and neck and many classmates scorned and hated him for either murdering so many or thought he was some sort of monster.
At age 17 he had a girlfriend (miraculously)who cared and loved him but was kidnapped by some occult along with other people so they can give sacrifices to summon demons from hell. Baal was unleashed and killed everyone on site and dismembered his girlfriend along with other people there. Having lived a life of regret and scorn he charged the colossal demon full of vengence and did considerable damage to the demon but he still lost. Baal didn't kill him but instead cast him into the Netherworld so they could "play" again sometime. After gaining the power of Reincarnation thanks to Overlord Laharl he became on Overlord in his own right and killed Baal but it too reincarnated and killed him and his family in kind.

This continued for centuries, where Baal would attempt to kill any person who Kojiro cherished and Kojiro wanted to kill him for good for originally pure revenge and hatred, but then for the sake of the universes but still held much personal hatred for the demon.  Kojiro killed Baal's brother Valmar and the heavens gave him a child as a sort of reward. He lived in Heaven for a while and raised and named her Pearl for her pure innocence. However she was an experiment created to copy and inherent his abilities so that Heaven can create an army of celestials to destory Baal and Hell itself. At age 18 she surpassed and defeated him, and they sealed him up so they could extract his abilities. However, madness and belief that all life for him was false since his original life full of grief sorrow and anger he broke out and slaughtered many in heaven and only Pearl could stand against him. he still won in the end but he was remorseful and killed himself to revive her. She searched many worlds for him and found him at last and asked if she could continue to be his daughter even if she was created and has his abilites. Relieved and emotional they went back to being father and daughter.  And she now fights along side him to destory Baal

1000 years ago they both stumble upon the power that can break reincarnation and attempted to kill each other once and for all. One to save the universe. Another to conquer it. With the power of becoming a near omniscient being and Baal attaining the power of hell itself they battled with Kojiro being the victor. He destroyed Baal's existance and concepts so that he can never reincarnate again.  After that he became very disturbed at his conquest for revenge but Pearl and their many many allies told him that it was for the sake of the universe that Baal was destroyed at last. However, with the power he held he was the strongest being in the universe and he didn't want to be reminded of the brutal battles of his past so he sealed away 80% of his power and released it back into the cosmos. Doing so killed him immidiately. That power will never be attainable to him ever again. After a few more lives he ends up living in and near Gensokyo and his mere curiosity got him drawn to it and he found his way in.   Now leads a life as a normal swordsmage with average abilities.

Fun Facts: loves spicy food, and video games, wants to catch up on all the FUN things he missed during his battles against Baal. Finds Gensokyo a very good and creative place to be. Is single despite all the teasing Pearl gives him about "Dad I want a mom already!", Although he is very embarrassed about that he still isn't used to having a lover since Baal would normal kill her as soon as he was able to find what world he reincarnated into.
Has a Nobody named Xokijor (basically Assassing from Fate/Stay Night) who is summonable at will to help in combat or otherwise....Oh loves Gummi Worms :3

Relationships/Thoughts of other Outsiders.
Gpop: Likable guy, pretty normal other than his high mana output that he wishes to control. Pretty level-headed and considerate. One of those "will do anything for his loved ones" types and never thinks twice about protecting Koishi.

Zei: Friend before coming to Gensokyo. He's a bastard. Swears a lot and gets mad but overall fun S.O.B. Tried dating my daughter in the past but was turned down.

Jan: really smart guy, knows his philosophy. perfect match with Patchouli. I'm glad i gave him the link with her and Koakuma.

Taihou: Remilia's butler and friend of mine because of it. Normally don't see him around when at the SDM but he's strong and dependable. Is almost Sakuya's twin they are so similar. Dam skilled with a knife and learned that firsthand with him.

Hiroko: Cute girl. Crazy with a gun. Fought with her during the Sky Ray incident. Thinks she's okay. Seems a little mellow?

Relations with other Gensokyians.
Flandre: she's tryin really hard to control herself for Zei. This can be very good for her.

Sakuya: she's kinda cold towards me i think...maybe because i'm the vampire's lover or something (lol)

Patchy: she's REALLY soft-spoken. she wants to read the books in my library and has been a bit nicer to me since then.

Koakuma: really cute little devil. I like her. kinda have a big bro relationship with her currently

Youmu: apprentice of mine. She wanted to become stronger and i offered to teach her what i can. Taught her the Tsubame Gaeshi attack among other things. Very loyal and protective.

Relationship with Own Team
Remilia: despite being relatively powerless there is little actions on her part to deny it. She's fallen in love with him and they've known each other even before Gensokyo collapsed.  Despite being a mistress she was rather lonely and felt like she didn't really have any friends at all. Is haughty and sometimes selfish. both of them are taking strides into love together. Her only fear is her Father who she ran away to Gensokyo to escape from (will explain later for juicy background info :3)

Minoriko: has a little sister/ big brother relationship. she wasn't that strong to begin with so she doesn't feel any more different than she already did. Is friendly with Koji and cautious of Remilia (devils and gods just aren't a good mix)

Rumia: met her numerous times on the way to the SDM. and numerous times she tried to attack him. Once she was starving and he gave her some food he had stored (a sandwhich) she enjoyed it and became his friend and promised to not try to eat him again.  Thanks to reconditioning (brainwashing/memory erasing) however, ironically she attacked him during the Sky Ray incident and their battle was much more serious.

This is Pearl the character I'm using as my daughter (no i don't own or draw this IN FACT if you know where she's from tell me! i wanna know XD. been lookin for a while now >_>) Well i make soem facts about her for the heck of it i guess

Name: Pearl Dashon Tsubame (the name he had when he had her)

Age: 17 (nearly 3000 really)

Partners: Komachi, Elly and (maybe) Shikieiki.

Strength: having her dad's abilities but to an even lesser degree

Home: Koji's mansion

Occupation: Chef and Clothes/plush maker

Personality: supportive, smart and creative.

Fun Facts: has taken to using the scythe and dual wielding blades lately, since moving to this world she studies the trends in food and collectible dolls. A former celestian with a sentimental touch.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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We have to do profiles? :S

Name: Sanasan
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Strengths: None really
Weaknesses: Ghosts and other supernatural things
Home: Karuisawa (apparently)
Occupation: Student
Description: Black hair, brown eyes. Usually wears dress shirts and long pants, wears glasses.
Personality: Can be shy, fluctuates between taking everything or nothing seriously. Can sometimes be humorous.
Partner: Renko (Friend)
History: Student from Canada, travelled to Karuisawa to study after discovering tuition rates were extremely cheap there.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Profiles, well...
A picture and a blog entry......


Anything that belows Personal History went to here.

I'll work the remaining fields out later.

Picture: Above
Name: Amarillo Viridian / 亚玛丽欧 维拉蒂安 / アマリロ?ヴィリディアン
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Strength: ESPer - Limited Telepathy with nature deities, healing(Currently Locked), weak TK(Locked), Force Sensitive(Locked)
Weakness: Brute Force (Not specialized for Long-Term close hand combat due to limited strength and stamina caused by her ability)
Home: Inner Room of the shop TOURIST HELPERS
Occupation: Mascot Shop keeper of TOURIST HELPERS
Visual Description: See above data
Personality: See Link.
Partners: Lily White
History/Background: (An Age of Chaos - Original Arc)See Link.
Fun Facts : Can fall asleep everywhere, anytime. (A critical draw back of her ability because she can't stop her force from running away.)[She had most control of it currently.] Also, she have great fishing skill.
Additional Information/Background/History:
Before this story had taken place:
(An age of Chaos - Another Side Arc)
FARGO, thanks to the paradox that NOD had created, successfully invaded Gensokyo and captured a few of the residents including Cirno and Keine for their plan to corrupt every time and place with "Unseen-Power". Two Chrono Agents was assigned to solve that matter and they had brought Amarillo with them - Not together, but 2 month after they had make their come-in.

Unlucky for her, she had landed right in the middle of a battlefield, and was rescued by Koakoma, who is sending a disk containing her master's memory data to the Shrine to be resurrected using the technologies of "Norman Hospital" (A organization from another time line which do research on cloning). That's when her ability started to manifest that allow her to commute with fairies of Gensokyo and fight with them.

Under the help of several fairies she had greatly weakened the enemy's defense, allowing the incident to be solved with a landslide victory.

After the battle, she was giving a chance by Satori, the master of the Subterrain Palace, to face her original self - "YELLOW" from another time-space but sealed in her memory. Yellow admits that she had locked 50% of Amarillo's power in order to "Prevent another tragedy". Since Amarillo want to be living peacefully in Gensokyo she leave her power unawakened.

However, now the border is collapsed and she must find a new way of living and eventually revive Gensokyo -- ALIVE.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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here goes my shot warning long ass post

Name: Alex (only known name)
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Strength: Can do incredible feats of strength thanks to physical mental and spiritual training since he could first stand up and walk on his own

Resiliant body due to the body strengthing training he under went while growing up,
and lastly due to the his true family mixed Youkai bloodline a generous amount of spiritual and mana reserves and probably other ablitys he's yet to tap into.

Weakness: doesn't have alot of friends due his mostly loner lifestyle, is a sucker for sour food and candy, can't stand seeing women suffer

Home: had several over the course of his life starting from the Heavenly dragons dojo has a child to a young adult to Gensokyo for 6 months and is currently hiding out with the rest of those who fled from gensokyo's destruction at the abandon shrine.

Occupation: None at the moment but he is a highly skilled and and trained martial artist

Visual Description: he's kinda tall at 5 foot 11 inchs he's well muscled he has short Brown Hair Brownish black eyes Normally seen wearing your typical "karate" gi but when out of them he likes to wear a red shirt under a blue vests and Jeans or shorts

Personality: normally laid back and a bit quirky but will get deadly serious if the need be

Partners: Lily Black ( *CLOSE* girlfriend who he is sexually active with ) (( i will be making it presented in good taste though ))

Daiyousei Star sappfire Luna child Sunny milk (rescued from the collapse of gensokyo and are under his care seem to like him in a sort of protective big brother way)

History/Background: He was abandoned as a baby his true parents did so because the plot of Kikuri was already in motion since before Alex was born his parents were hunted because of their ancient bloodline which had been hybridized with Youkai and other such mystical beasts made them a prime target for expermentation and to protect their new son They decide it was best for him to be raised far away from them.

So they left him at the doorsteps of a Dojo the Heavenly Dragons known for its long line of honor filled warriors and left him there with note to whoever raised him which had his name and the stereotypical abandon baby at the doorstep message but it also had a message to the person that when Alex was  to reach a certain age he was to be told about his bloodline ancestory he was found by one of the masters of the dojo Master Ryen who would later adopt Alex and raise him not only has a fine warrior but has his own son.

Alex had a loving and nice childhood as nice as one can get being raised at a dojo he would grow up to be the one of the 2 top fighters there.

The other Top fighter was a boy named Yagi like alex he also was without his true parents but for a diffrent reason his mother and father were martial artists but were involved in a car accident while Yagi was still in his mothers womb at 9 months along which claimed the life of his father on spot his mother lived but was fading so fast it was hopeless to save her life so they C-sectioned her to save Yagi's life has Yagi's mother lay on her death bed she asked Ryen and the other masters of the heavenly dragons to do her one last wish to raise him for her to give him a home and a loving family.

They accepted  and soon afterwards Yagi's mother joined his father in death after years of training Yagi emerged has the second strongest fighter of the dojo training along side Alex.

Alex and Yagi became friends due to there similar fates of never knowing their true parents but couldn't quite become best of friends because of opposing views on fighting.

Alex was your run of the mill mostly honor bound warrior who didn't like doing underhanded tactics unless they were really needed.

But Yagi train of thought was as long has it can win you a battle use it.

This eventually caused a split that resulted in Yagi being disqualifed from being selected for a Tournament against other dojos and martial art schools because The masters of the heavenly dragons didn't want Yagi's tendancy to use underhanded tactics to make them look bad so Alex was chosen instead in that tournment Alex made it to the finals before losing but dispite losing The Crowd and even his match's foe gave him a standing applause for making it so fair.

The rift in Yagi's and Alex's friendship only got worse when Yagi was again not chosen this time for who would be come the next in line to become the next set of masters worthy of being able to teach the styles of the Heavenly dragons dojo. 

Alex in order to earn the right to read the dojo's sacred scrolls to become a true master had to embark on what was basicly a year long spritual walkabout leaving the Dojo with a smile at pride of soon being his dojos newest true master who can teach to others.

Sadly apparently Kikuri was looking for recruits to help her plans and found Yagi
who apparently agreed to her being his new master and stealing the Dojo's sacred scrolls to help her in exchange for the power to revenge on Alex and the Dojo's masters for picking alex over him

Soon after Alex left the dojo Yagi enhanced by his devils deal with Kikuri attacked the dojo and killed the masters and anyone who tryed to stop him taking most brutal action against Alex's adoptive father and favorite sensei Ryen and stole the heavenly dragon's Sacred scrolls afterwards.

Alex unaware of these happenings was 6 months done with his trek when one day after taking a rest from his journey somehow wound up in Gensokyo after a strange dream about a lovely place.

Alex found himself inside the human village Keine watchs over and stayed there for 2 months because keine wouldn't let him wander without him having both the knowlage of the spellcard rules and him having some form of danmaku which he later added to his fighting style.

He spent 2 more months wandering around Gensokyo he enjoyed some of his fights against the locals being more challaging and fun against most of his human foes from the outside world eventually the lovely vistas around Higan made him settle down around the Sanzu no Kawa were he would spend the last 2 months of his time in Gensokyo there were he would meet his future girlfriend the Fairy Lily Black liked him alot they started off casual friends then eventually through sparing sessions turned dates became close boyfriend/girlfriend even the Yama liked the couple although it does look strange when a grown man is making out with what looks at FIRST to be a 12/13 year old girl.

Sadly Kikuri plan had reached a apex when she finally took out the very supporting mana of gensokyo which resulted in the eventual destuction of gensokyo having to flee Higan from Alex and Lily Black made there way to the Hakurei shrine among with others seeking to flee the onslaught this disaster.

Once there Alex took part in the defense from Kikuri's shadowly familars and the giant shadow snake his skills helping to give enough time for the fleeing to escape eventually Alex and Lily black fled gensokyo after Alex helped 4 other fairys Daiyousei Star Sappfire Luna Child and Sunny Milk escape gensokyo

By a twist of fate they ended up back in Alex's childhood home in Karuisawa the Heavenly dragons dojo but it was dead quiet which bothered Alex.

The trip out gensokyo apparently stripped the fairys Alex had with him of their wings but other than that the girls under his care seemed unharmed but Alex wasn't sure why they didn't seem to be acting any worse for the wear.

While Alex and the Fairys spend the rest of the day and then night there Yagi apparently under the same orders as the rest of Kikuri's forces under a guess found them them and tryed to ambush Alex and Lily Black while they slept after a "love" session but Alex was woken up by the voice of Ryen and managed to save himself and Lily black from Yagi's attack.

Yagi then told Alex and the Fairys he was there to capture them but his actions toward Alex suggested he would rather kill Alex first then capture the fairys however Alex was able to fend Yagi off which forced Yagi to beat a retreat cursing Yagi promised Alex the next time they meet it would be diffrent.

Yagi then fled from the dojo and returned to Kikuri hideout expecting to be chewed out for his failure but instead was praised for revealing more of gensokyo's evacutes.

Back at the dojo Alex after tending to his wounds offically made links with his beloved girlfriend and 4 fairys under his care when suddenly a voice was heard that didn't belong to them.

It was revealed to be the ghost of Alex's master and adoptive father Ryen.

The spirit of Ryen gave Alex and Lily Black his blessing dispite the rather odd coupling it was it was a genuine love between the two that Ryen approved of which Lily gracefully accepted.

When asked about what had transpired to the dojo while alex was gone Ryen revealed part of Kikuri's plot and Yagi's turning to the darkside and his actions including his murder and the theft of heavenly dragon's sacred scrolls.

Ryen Then revealed to Alex his true nature of his bloodline in that he had some Youkai blood running in his veins this blood was the source of his enormous spiritual power and part of the reason which allowed The fairy girls to remain intact even without a offical formal link.

Ryen has he faded away urged Alex and his fairy friends to go look for the others who have fled from gensokyo which they did soon they came apon the abandoned shrine the others were hiding out and this is were they are now.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Demonlord OwlBear (or just 'OwlBear' for short)
Gender: Male
Age: 20

Strength: Rather adept with Mana, good when it comes to fighting with his fists, can take alot of abuse (both physically and mentally), rather creative and tends to experiment with things alot (usually CQC moves).

Weakness: Can NOT stand the scent of Vinegar the very smell of it makes him sick, Impulsive and usually doesn't think before he says or do things, one of his back teeth has a cavity in it if anything with sugar in it so much as grazes the tooth Owlbear will go mad with pain.

Home: Formely Pandemonium in Makai (Now gone with Gensokyo)

Visual Description: Lanky build, rather tanned skin, black hair and deep brown eyes.

Personality: Carefree, somewhat lazy, impulsive, sarcastic. Has a tendency to be rather mean spirited when in a shitty mood but he makes up for it by being rather kind when he's in a very good mood.

Partners (in-game)
-Shinki (Lover...supposedly)
-Yumeko, Yuki, Mai, Luize (Shinki's subjects from Makai)

History/Background: Original home was that of the boring state of Virgina located in the USA, grew increasingly fed up with human society and shut himself away from others was going to go elsewhere in the world when he suddenly 'fell' into Makai through a random gap. Upon reaching Makai, he became Shinki's vassal and as time passed the two would eventually become quite close to one another.

Fun Facts
-Really enjoys sweets (He takes care not to chew anything sweet on the side with the cavity)
-Has a strong belief that he's an Overlord (or Demonlord) since he ruled Makai alongside Shinki, and has worked hard to prove it to others.
-He will fall asleep if you speak to him softly enough (I Am Not Making This Up).
-He's older than he looks; physically he appears to be about 16-17 years old, in reality he's actually 20.

Relationships (Harem~)
Shinki - Fellow Overlord, Blossoming Love
Yumeko - Servant (Formely), Teacher (Currently)
Yuki - Friend, Cheerleader, maybe thinking of him as something more(?)
Mai - Unknown, she rarely interacts with others
Luize - Travel Encyclopedia, Friend

"Eh? Where's Sara?"

Relationships (Others)
Mikata - "Isn't he our leader?"
McWallace - Watches Wrestling and Monster Trucks together.

Need to work strengthening Social Links Friendships
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Sho Kagemaru
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Strength: Able to learn martial arts from reading manga. Yeah, seriously.
Weakness: Moderately afraid of spiders. moderately afraid of knives. never concedes loss of arguements if he can help it. Unusually sensitive to pain.
Home: Someone's un-ocupied vacation house.
Visual Description: Straight black hair, brown eyes, black t-shirt, tan pants.
Personality: Much like Yuyuko, he tends to do crazy stuff. However, he's dead serious almost as often. In general a nice guy, though he can be very threatening if it comes down to it.
Partners: Yuyuko, Youmu, Kogasa.
History/Background: Stumbled into Gensokyo by accident, managed to survive through martial arts skills and being VERY good at running away. Encountered Yukari and spent a year doing errands for her (mostly shopping or other stuff that Ran was to busy to do and Chen couldn't be entrusted with.). Introduced to Yuyuko during this time, and they started dating, mostly due to their shared crazyness. Eventually maried. Accidentally brought Kogasa's umbrella home one day, not realizing that it was actually a Karakasa. Has adopted her as a little sister of sorts out due to his finding the idea amusing and not being the kind to turn down that much moe.
Fun Facts:
- All his moves are cribbed from History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi, which he reads as regularly as possible.
- Enjoys giving hugs.
- References manga and anime a lot.
- Believes that the purpose of life is to seek out as much moe as possible.
- As close to being an atheist as one can get in a world where there are most clearly gods.
- Enjoys coming up with scientific explanations for things that he is quite aware have no scientific explanation.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Shii (will change when I think of another one)
Gender: male
Age:  21
Strength: Good with mana, strong spiritually. I guess being generally likable is also a useful trait.
Weakness: Not very strong physically. Aversion to bright lights.
Home: Karuisuwa
Occupation: N/A
Description:Around 6 feet tall, Asian, shortish black hair, skinny but not scrawny. Sometimes wears a mask.
Personality:Generally accepting of most things, willing to let the world run it's own course. Usually keeps to himself, but does occasionally show random kindness to others. Has a logically mind and learned in science, yet enjoys thinking about fantastical things and respects nature and religion.
Partners: Momizi (is my waifu (not yet (subject to change))), Wriggle, Tokiko (and maybe Rumia).
History/Background:Was starting to grow bored of life. Went to sleep one day and woke up in Gensokyo. Was he transported there or is it just a dream?
Fun Facts: He's good at throwing things like discs, cards, other projectiles. Could come in handy.

Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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with the new thread for the Rai force 1 faction i will now post my char for that side

Name:Yagi(the only name he wants people to call him by)

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Strength: due to a lifetime of martial arts training can do "Superhuman" feats (like alex these are beyond the the ablity of untrained human body) also due to his "devil deal" with Kikuri he is now capable of Truely super human feats and has his postion the leader of Rai force 1 he has biggest the most capable mana support pool of them all has a way with women due to his charming looks

Weakness: His pride, mentions about his birth parents and their deaths, his intense hatered toward Alex can make him do rash things

Home: formerly the Heavenly dragons dojo now  The "graveyard"

Occupation: Formerly a Martial artist he is now a minion of Kikuri and is now the leader of Rai force 1

Visual Description: short but flowing Blonde hair a giant of man at 6 foot 6 inchs Blue eyes tends to wear gi's or when on missions jumpsuits wears a formal suit when formal needs arise.

Personality: formerly just a harsh person now he just a aggressive but clever brute now who knows how to charm a lady

Partner: i request just Yuka Kazami after all being number one requires something strong right?

History/Background: see Alex's history i don't feel like typing in a wall of text again
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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You play as yerself, eh?

NAME: Yoh Hirowaza (Hirowaza=Yoh) 楊 弘業
AGE: 16

STRENGTH: Hirowaza's Mana-related ability is not yet fully controllable. He is able to concentrate a large amount of Mana for his own designs, however, it can backfire. The main strength here is Hirowaza's way with words. Being unusually eloquent for his age, he can seem to be some sort of loonie or someone who knows very much about the word. His mental strength is also unusually powerful, being able to bend mana easily to his will despite only being sixteen years of age. Perhaps this came with the tragedy he has suffered in his past, he was able to focus his negative energy into something quite devastating to others. With such immense power comes a great cost. His only physical strength is being rather agile, and being quick with his hands, but that's all.

WEAKNESS: Hirowaza is physically unsound, having a very frail build and is easily battered up. He is also extremely worrisome and often worries about things that are over his control and/or jurisdiction of things. He is certainly not fit for close combat, and is definitely someone who you would not want to throw into a panic. He's got his priorities mixed up and, he is still a kid after all, he has his limitations despite his strengths. He also has an irrational fear of tentacles, meaning he won't go anywhere near things like octopi, even if they're harmless. He can only stand to be near consumable forms of the stuffs.

HOME: Karuisawa, sort of.

VISUAL DESCRIPTION: Hirowaza stands just nearly five feet nine inches tall, a little shorter than that, but he refuses to admit that he's shorter than that. He has black hair that's wavy, and touches right down to the tip of his neck. He's been trying to grow it but to no avail. He wears a pair of silver-framed, rectangular glasses that he absolutely requires in order to see things properly. His complexion is a little to the yellow side, and has brown eyes that may or may not appear to be feline in shape. He is quite thin and barely has any meat to him, people have called him skin and bone. This isn't entirely without reason, once you see what he looks like. He has relatively little muscle, however, despite this, he is still quite a fast sprinter and can run quite a ways. On his left arm he always wears a tiger-eye bracelet and above it a prayer-bead bracelet that he believes gives him good luck, even when he goes to sleep he wears it. For clothing, he is usually seen wearing a black hakama and a white robe, however, when the time arises, he is able to crossdress and get away with it. He usually doesn't resort to that however and simply just wears whatever he feels like wearing.
PERSONALITY: A strange fellow in nature, one can tell that Hirowaza is strangely nice, acting altruistic even when the situation does not call for it. He's too nice to a fault. He is able to listen to others but he is unable to help himself, trying hard not to draw attention to himself but acting like an attention whore anyway. He is constantly called out by it and it angers him. He's also the kind of person who won't sit around and let injustice reign, if he sees something he thinks is bad, he will definitely try and do something about it, he has a compulsion to do these sorts of things, even when the best thing to do is to just watch it play out. He generally is serious, but at times sprinkles things with jokes and feeble attempts at sardonic wit. Overall, an oddball who is simply more complex than he looks. Not even he understands the way he acts at times, but that is just something that comes along with his age. Within him lies the seeds of vengeance, perhaps this is just inhibited... Or maybe, it may be released before it comes into fruition...

- Meira - Hirowaza, in his feeble attempts to get acquainted with the land when he first stumbled upon it, came across this rather forward samurai who threatened him with death. Hirowaza did not like the idea of dying so young, and instead managed to convince Meira not to kill him. However, Meira had something better in mind. She decided to see what use Hirowaza would have for her, and subjected him to numerous tests of dexterity and agility. Hirowaza, being a good sprinter and somewhat fast with his hands, managed to fulfill her expectations, and, in the end, they formed some sort of "business bond" with one another. Meira would ensure Hirowaza's survival, and on the kid's side of the bargain, would do various menial things that Meira would otherwise be unable to do herself. This panned out quite well for a while, and the two became friends after quite a while.

HISTORICAL INFORMATION: Hirowaza, before he discovered Gensokyo, lived a life ridden with many incidents and tragedies. When he was ten, his eldest sister died. Two years later, his parents split up and he lived with his mother. The next year, his other sister went off to a distant country to study abroad. The year after THAT one, he heard from some confidants that his father had gotten himself into deep trouble and was facing some serious danger, and in the end, though his father survived, was hospitalized and until now is still recovering. He is good in his studies, and has done lots of personal reading in his spare time, and he was able to balance that with many hobbies that have allowed him to become the person he is now, perhaps as a result of the tragedies he has faced. He lives by "what does not kill you makes you stronger." Following this philosophy, he heard a rumor from someone that the person who dealt grave injury to his father was to be found in an abandoned shrine. So, off he went to this mysterious place. Along the way, he tripped over a rock by some bad luck and knocked himself unconscious when he fell quite hard. When he arose, he found himself "spirited away" to this land of Gensokyo. He was discovered by some fellow humans and then nursed to health. He was invited to stay in their village. Gladly accepted, Hirowaza was allowed to do some field exploration on his own, and that was when he encountered a hungry Meira who threatened to kill him. Using his wit he was able to convince the samurai from lopping his head off and was forced to follow her trials in order to be worthy of survival. In the end, the two of them agreed on some "business," a "scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" deal, where they would help each other mutually, almost in a symbiotic manner. Over the months, they have managed to form a friendly bond with one another and now they are quite on good terms with each other.

- Hirowaza crossdresses.
- He used to be a sprinter back in the outside world. He uses this skill very often.
- Recently, Hirowaza has been learning how to use a sword under Meira. He's failing very hard at it but it certainly doesn't hurt to try!
- He learned about a certain Reimu Hakurei from Meira's exploits years ago and after that has despised Hakurei's character ever since.
- He can eat lots of small meals but cannot eat very much at one given time, to Meira's shock.
- He is an avid Mahjong player and has been part of his trade for 3 years. 


About his glasses: Hirowaza's mana is stored in an unusual place, somewhere close to his brain, somewhere near the receptors that help his eye to work. This mana has a tendency to leak out and materialize in the form of power when he takes his eyeglasses off and keeps his eyes open. When he loses too much mana at once, he gets migraines and/or head pains, which is why he doesn't like to take off his glasses or let anyone take them off. However, this works to his advantage, he can take off his glasses to concentrate larger amounts of mana into his attacks to increase their potency. He is also given increased senses for as long as he can sustain his mana loss and mana upkeep to Meira. You can tell that the mana leaks out because it causes the tip of his right iris to glow a neon, fluorescent red that constantly trails when he turns his head 'round. It brightens up in the face of danger, and dims when there is nothing of concern to note.

About Mahjong: Hirowaza started to play Mahjong around thirteen years of age. At least, the year he turned thirteen. He was technically twelve years old. He learned the basics from his mother, but most of his intuition and knowledge of cheating, coined as "urawaza" and "ikasama," came from raw experience. His most vivid memory was his match against two undercover yakuza, one of who was actually a younger Ryoji. Hirowaza had won by a landslide, this was a match that the two yakuza wanted to make against Hirowaza's mother, and it was the first to lose all 100000 points that they would lose. Hirowaza won that match, by taking down Ryoji with a triple yakuman tsumo (Daisuushi/Tsuuiisou/Suuankou). Ever since that day, he has become a target for many aspiring money-makers to try their luck. When he went to Gensokyo and met Meira, he found out that in the Human Village there they played Mahjong too! He played with the residents, and eventually learned of the exploits of a certain Shrine Maiden he secretly despised. She came along to town and then played to see if she could get some money. Hirowaza simply watched and in the corner of his eye swore he saw Reimu cheat. There he instantly caught the technique of moves like "Tsubame-gaeshi," to exchange your hand with the bottom tier of the wall in front of you, and "tsumikomi," to rig your wall so all of your draws would be tiles you needed, as well as "bakudan," to rig the dora wall and your hand so you can instantly score dora 16 and above hands.

About his Mana powers: Hirowaza can control mana to a great degree, however, he is unable to ration it well enough to maintain his link with Meira, usually rendering him extremely fatigued after a long day, often fainting and passing out seemingly randomly. This is especially so if he has had his eyes open, glasses off for a long time. The powers he has exhibited so far are:
-- Electrical paralysis/Electric net

About Deathly Attraction, Hirowaza's heritage: Deathly Attraction is a form of mental poisoning coined by Hirowaza's family wherein an otherworldly force, or even a corporeal being taking shape in the ethereal realm, possesses anything, human being to animals, and takes over their subconscious, influencing their actions through telepathic communication, and parasitically absorbing their strength and exchanging it with dark power. Deathly Attraction can lead to a fatal form of schizophrenia, in exchange for massive power fueled by dark influences and vices. It is extremely hard to get rid of and one must be specially trained in order to exorcise it from someone. Hirowaza of the Yoh family is one of the Deathly Attraction exorcists, he was taught the basics from his father before he left, then his mother, the better of the two, taught him the way of the switchblade, which is what he uses. When Hirowaza went to Gensokyo, he discovered about the presence of mana in his body, when it was pointed out by Meira when they became friends. He was able to channel this mana into his switchblade, at first thought to be ordinary, but it was somehow special. The switchblade itself was a family heirloom of his mother's side, and passed it down. Remember the deal about his eyeglasses? They hide his latent power, the ability of SENTENCING.

Sentencing: Sentencing is the act of revealing an agent of Deathly Attraction, or if one is strong enough, the root or source of the Deathly Attraction itself. Hirowaza's right eye is similar in concept to, say, Satori's 3rd Eye, in that it has some sort of significance. If done right, it can reveal such things and assist in exorcism if the Deathly Attraction is of a high level. If the source itself is revealed, Hirowaza can use the switchblade to force it into the corporeal realm where it can be eliminated. Usually, the switchblade exorcism itself is enough to kill it off or drive it away.

Cacophonous Symphony: Cacophonous Symphony was first invoked during the event in the corrupted Sky-Ray, where a non-existent being appeared before Hirowaza's eyes, paralyzing him and locking him into a temporal cortic shock, where he witnessed several traumatic memories. Having seen them, he was able to muster his emotions and conquer partly a fear of his - the fear to be defenseless and alone. This epiphany unlocked a fraction of the power of the Cacophonous Symphony, which at its current level, can shift Hirowaza's switchblade into numerous forms of weapons. As Hirowaza faces more emotions and conquers his fears, Cacophonous Symphony becomes stronger and stronger, and also expends less mana on Hirowaza's part. As it is though, it doesn't really consume very much mana.

Charm Synchronization: Charm Synchronization is a technique developed by Hirowaza and Meira during their trainings in Gensokyo. Because Meira spent a lot of time helping the kid hold a sword, their bond became stronger. Hirowaza helped Meira with the chores, and Meira helped by defending him and helping him protect himself. They found a lot of complements in their strengths and weaknesses, and together, using the power that the contract allows them to share, they created various "Synchronization Attacks," where the two do things to assist each other in making an extra attack. For example, "X-Strike," where Hirowaza uses his switchblade or changes it into a sword and synchronizes a powerful slash with Meira in an X fashion to decimate enemies in their path. The stronger Hirowaza's mana grows, the more unique and more powerful Synchro-attacks they can unleash on their enemies.

Charm Unleash: Charm Unleash is a more powerful form of the Mana Powers that Hirowaza already uses. These are for last minute situations where he must expend more mana for a greater cause. In the future, Hirowaza will be able to Charm Unleash for an indefinite amount of time instead of simply using his mana powers.

About Heavenly Purge: Heavenly Purge is the process that only some people undergo in their lifetime(s). It may occur once or more than that, it is on a case to case basis. Heavenly Purge usually occurs upon death, or on an overload of mana that may be induced via drugs, magic or by artificial means. It causes the person to deteriorate physically into an enhanced, younger form, retaining all the previous body/host's memories and their storage of mana, as well as amplifying and increasing that mana source. In a contract, Heavenly Purge effectively doubles or even triples the amount of mana being supplied to a partner, but it can be less if there's more than one partner. Keine explains here that Heavenly Purge is also the only method in which a person with a Cacophonous Symphony can unlock their true state, something like enlightenment. It causes excruciating pain in the host as their weapon is literally pulled out from a specific part of their body. It causes visible blood loss but no visible injuries. It is a trial of sorts that tests the fortitude and new willpower of the freshly reincarnated soul.

Who is she? A girl several years, around six years, older than Hirowaza, saved him from thugs who raped him when he was 10. This girl then, out of pity and sorrow, helped Hirowaza and nursed him back to health. They became steadfast friends and would often keep in contact with each other. When Hirowaza was in Gensokyo, he also saw her with some certain characters. When Gensokyo collapsed, Hirowaza never heard from her again since. She displayed superior skills to Hirowaza, having stronger Sentencing, stronger sensing of Deathly Attraction, and a high level of Cacophonous Symphony. However, she does not have any form of Charm Unleash, which Hirowaza at present is the only person who does. She appears to be very important to Hirowaza's past, ever since that day he got raped.

Charm Release List
KEY: Offensive | Supportive | Debuff
IMPORTANT: In bold are especially powerful charms, in italics are story-based charms.
* Metal Clash - A collision with a blunt object to deter a single person from getting to a certain destination. The more willpower is induced into the Charm Release, the stronger the attack gets.
* Strike - A powerful, lightning-charged strike with a sword to make the victim a literal walking target.
* Flame Scabbard - Flaming energy is used to charge up a person's weapon to deal more damage. Can be used in an offensive form to burn people.
* Stone Fist - A fist is enveloped in stone, and upon impact, it shatters, causing the rock to turn into mana, and empowers the next physical attack.
* Frozen Damsel - The sword is charged with a freezing magic, causing whatever it hits to freeze up and reduce its strength and swing capability.
* Dragon Aegis - A magical, constantly shifting essence armor that can block any attack, reducing its damage, but its effectiveness drops over time and it can dissipate the longer it gets hit.
* Frozen Skin - An icy blanket covers the user's skin, causing resistance against magical attacks. However, it shatters when hit by physical attacks. On the flipside, it reduces the attacker's fighting capability when struck at.
* Maxim's Special - A knife is enchanted with a special poison, dealing heavy damage over time and reducing their combat abilities significantly. The initial strike damage, however, is low.
* Linking Ice - Icicles strike an opponent, that stick within them, creating a freezing glow that can help allies in attacking and focusing on that enemy.
* Crystal Boomerang - A crystalline, magical boomerang initially hits an enemy and flies away. After some time, the boomerang travels back, hitting the enemy from behind and returning to the user.
* Frozen Grave - Magically enchanted ice automatically strikes the target with the lowest protection, the resulting impact creating mana that guards the user from some physical harm.
* Bone Freeze - A simple magical shock creates the bone structure of the target to slowly freeze up if they have no protection to magic. If they do, the freeze is minimal.
* Baralas' Legacy - A large, burning axe is used to smite the enemy. If the user has been thoroughly empowered by magic or artificial means, the flame surrounding the axe increases magically in intensity and has the potential to double its damage output.
* Black Torture - A dark, evil energy grapples the opponent, and slowly seeps in, and over time, saps and damages the opponent's strength and fortitude. Weak against the naturally evil.
* Skygod Sigil - When the user is heavily concentrated on protecting his allies, lightning from the sky empowers the user and grants him a powerful shifting defense that is almost impregnable, requiring extremely powerful attacks to penetrate.
* Ice Scabbard - Icy energy is used to charge up a person's weapon to deal more damage and cause the attack to weaken the target. It can be used in an offensive form to weaken an opponent.
* Cerulean Rod - Lightning quickly strikes at an opponent's weakpoint, causing the resulting mana impact to transfer to the caster in the form of boosted willpower.
* Fiery Inspiration - A benevolent, white flame empowers a target's magical power, temporarily boosting their mana capability. If the target's life force is still high, the effect is further amplified.
* Magebane Poison - Poisonous liquid is splashed onto a target, and when it seeps in, it constantly lowers their magical abilities over time for a few minutes.
* Heaven Scepter - A large, white, holy hammer is used in this powerful attack. Mystical energies envelop it to create a strong banishing force. When this hammer smites its woeful target, if it is evil, it is instantly disintegrated. If not, it deals a massive amount of damage, the impact being so strong the user is forced to stagger and is stunned.
* Fateful End - A black, burning energy strikes the enemy with the weakest will to fight, further sapping them of their spiritual essence. Those with a burning passion to fight have that passion extinguished at once.
* Lightflake - A holy, breezy wind envelops the user, creating a refreshing chill that keeps the user's mind at ease. It amplifies the user's magical powers at a constant rate. It is often used in conjunction with Hirowaza's "Baralas' Legacy" to deal massive damage.

Charm Synchronization List
KEY: Offensive | Supportive | Debuff

* X-Strike
---> Hirowaza's Strike + Meira
---> Hirowaza and Meira are far apart and then synchronize their movements to dash through enemies slicing and dicing in an X motion, which releases a mana-powered explosion. Usually just knocks people out. It's the slicing and dicing that kills people.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Mitaka
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Strength: Foolishly simple one-track mind (can be a weakness at times), rather stupid courage, quick wit, some semblance of intelligence, perseverance, is a surprisingly good cook.
Weakness: Blindness (lost use of his eyes in a recent mission), Foolishly simple one-track mind (can be a strength at times), average human mana supply (relative to the other players, which puts him at an extreme disadvantage), intolerance to spicy food, fear of heights, fear of the dark
Home: Saniwa Shrine/Inn
Occupation: Staff member of the Saniwa Shrine/inn. Is slated to be one of its cooks.
Visual Description: Simple, open expression on a face with sharp, well-defined features. Black hair, brown eyes, fair skin, a rather large nose. Thin and wiry, product of typical British education and upbringing.

Personality: Simple, naive. A little laid-back. Lacks personal ambition. Fiercely passionate about helping others. Couldn't stand still when people are suffering before him. Has something that can pass for intelligence under casual observation, but not exactly good with reading situations and reading between the lines. Can make up plans on the fly, however. Can be painfully sarcastic at times.

Partners: Reimu, Suika, Ruukoto, Marisa, Alice

History/Background: (for the purposes of this story, since I somehow started with a Japanese name) A former Japanese expatriate who was raised in Britain. He had returned to Japan for what he thought was going to be a brief holiday during his gap-year. However, he ended up straying into Gensokyo with a number of other outsider adventurers after getting involved with them in a drinking game (he doesn't even drink normally). In Gensokyo he found himself lost and alone in the forest of Magic. Stumbled around for 2 weeks, narrowly escaping becoming youkai food a good few times. He was finally rescued by Reimu when he was on the verge of becoming spider food alongside Cirno and Rumia (who head tried to rescue from the spider's web). Reimu offered him shelter for a while and they quickly became good friends. Through her he became friends with a good few other Gensokyo inhabitants, including Suika, Ruukoto, Mima, Alice, and Marisa.

Fun Facts (optional):
- Is nicknamed 'Taka-kun' by Reimu.
- Is nicknamed 'Deodorant' by Jeremy Nezu, product of a pseudo acid-trip he had after initializing his contract with Yukari. Probably a play on the Armpit joke.
- Reimu is nicknamed 'Armpits' by the very same Jeremy. Probably good to note.
- His team has been nicknamed team FUBAR (F'ed Up Beyond All Repair) over the fact that his team's the weakest of the lot, thanks to his average human mana supply being split 6 ways.
- He has a cat/mouse relationship with Gpop and has taken to calling him 'Lollipop' in retaliation to his calling him 'Deodorant'.

- Is very good friends with Reimu, Ruukoto, and Suika.
- Quite friendly with Marisa. Their friendship had barely started but it's snowballing nicely.
- A little at odds with Alice, but they've struck a chord of cooperation at the very least.
- There is tension between him and Gpop at the moment, mostly due to a slight turn on Mitaka's part. He will apologize at some point though and attempt to patch up the issue.
- Gets along well with Jeremy (who seems to pity him somewhat). Is on speaking terms with Yukari but not exactly friends. Yukari seems to harbour some deep-seated resentment towards him for reasons he does not quite understand.
- Has started to become good friends with Taihou who has agreed to assist him with the shrine. Sakuya seems rather cool towards him though, or perhaps she's just that way with everyone.
- Is starting to understand the enigma that is Amarillo. Friendship may blossom. Doesn't know Lily that well yet.
- He believes Owlbear is a real demonic overlord. He feels a little uncomfortable around Shinki, mostly due to the fact that he's current contracted to her daughter (and failing miserably at mana provision).
- Hasn't spoken much to Hiroko or Parsee, really. But he still remembers that they helped him out of a hole back in Gensokyo. He admires them for their bravery in volunteering for the suicide mission onboard the Sky-Ray.
- Hasn't spoken much to Sumire or Aya either, but he has great respect for their information gathering skills.
- Hasn't spoken much to Sho, but he is somewhat impressed by his ability to manage Yuyuko's appetite.
- He is awed by ThirtyFour. They say men judge each other by their rides. A Challenger 2, Britain's pride and joy, is enough to impress any Englishman...or scare them into submission...He's a little scared of Rika and has worked hard to keep her away from Ruukoto.
- He has mixed feelings regarding Alex. He respects him for his strength as a martial artist but does not approve of his wanton slaughter of the yakuza in the park (though he thought that last person who shot Lily at least deserved some punishment, though that was an awfully harsh one that Alex put him through).
- He thinks McWallace is a real highlander. Fears Eirin somewhat.
- He feels Yoh is a kindred spirit. Is intimidated by Meira. Is a little concerned about his crossdressing tendencies.
- Hasn't spoken to either Kojiro or Zei ever since they moved away.
- Thinks there is something fishy with Austin. Doesn't trust Nitori within a mile of Ruukoto.

Additional Information/Background/History:
Is currently blind due to an injury caused by dark mana overload.


My RAI Force 1 character

Name: Miguel 'Mig' Sawyer
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Strength: Compassion, MI6 secret service training, cooking abilities,
Weakness: Hotheadedness, terrible at social skills, can't interact with others, reserved, is terrible with children, fear of death
Home: an apartment block near the Saniwa Inn
Occupation: Teacher at a local school
Visual Description: Tall, lanky, with short, spiky black hair and brown eyes, rather prominent nose, sharp features with rather heavy eyebrows.
Personality: Reserved, not social, finds it difficult to speak to others, but is compassionate and kind inside. Feels for others, especially the innocent. Hotheaded, severely. Fears death.
Partners: Lyrica, Lunasa
History/Background: MI6 trained agent, a complete newbie, sent to Japan to join a joint-intelligence team, RAI Force 1. His first mission was to capture a number of civilians at the Yatsugatake National Park, for unknown reasons. He had his misgivings but endured it anyway. 3 weeks later he ended up a test subject for project Harbinger, a cabinet 42 project to create teams of supernatural beings bound to humans for use in supernatural warfare.
Fun Facts (optional):
- Terrible with children, and yet he has been asked to teach in a local school.
- His subject is Mathematics. Funnily enough, he finds Cirno in his class later.
- He's also a homeroom teacher.
- He's also been slated to be the supervisor of the necromancer's society. What?!

Additional Information/Background/History: (add history and other details as you go along)
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Name: Thirtyfour
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Strength: Exceptional tank pilot and gunner. Gall, adrenaline and testosterone powered during imminent danger.
Weakness: Allergic to bigots. Russian tanks.
Home: Saniwa shrine
Occupation: N/A
Visual Description: 5'7", his face and it's surroundings are quite bland when not counting the occasional liver spots lining his neck in a random pattern. His skin on his hands is as tough as crocodile skin, due to his former job in Vickers. Blue eyes, short, brown hair. Caucasian skin tone.
Personality: Confident and willpowered, talks in clear sentences, but pitifully easy to anger when something that he is using in any way does not work. Otherwise, the way MTG portrays him.
Partners: Rika
History/Background: Former citizen of England, and former employee of Vickers Defence Systems. He worked on some parts of the Challenger II, until one day while on a break, Thirtyfour was unaware of Rika lurking in the shadows. When Thirtyfour was off-guard, Rika took her move and struck him unconscious. Rika abducted him and flew him into Gensokyo. Vickers bothered to search for the lost employee, but came to no conclusion from blood and coffee stains. While in Gensokyo, Rika requested in a good manner Thirtyfour to give her the blueprints of Challenger II. Thirtyfour thought he had none, but memorized copying some parts of the Challenger II to blueprints. Rika took them and kicked him out of her house, just like every tank engineer she had captured. But Thirtyfour kept coming back, as the hull of the copied blueprint was missing one important part. Rika refused to let him inside, until he finally persuaded Rika to give up, so he could fix the blueprint. Thirtyfour payed even closer attention and noticed that almost all the blueprints were missing something. Together, they finished the Challenger II, but due of the time limitations, it had to be merged with the current version of Flower Tank. Thirtyfour and Rika drove it out of Gensokyo just before the border collapsed, and rendezvoused with numerous teams and drove to the Saniwa shrine.

  • He has no real name as of yet, Rika just calls him Thirtyfour, after the famous tank.
  • Prefers to wear jackets and coats most of the time, mostly a flak jacket.
  • Avoids Russian tanks for their unconformity.

Additional Information/Background/History:

FV4034 Challenger II

Current class, as of 5/5/09: Vanilla

The version Thirtyfour copied was the prefinal Challenger II, which was slightly different from the current one. Because of the sudden announcement of Gensokyo's border's wearing, the Challenger II had to be merged with some parts of Rika's improvised Flower Tank, mainly the tracks, as such the handling had become more sloppy, allowing physically impossible turns for the Challenger II to pull out, like in Sky-Ray's corridors. The main armament consists of a 120mm smoothbore cannon reminiscent of the Rheinmetall 120mm smoothbore, smelted by Rika to replace the default rifled 120mm cannon issued to the Challenger IIs. Machine guns include a coaxial 7.62mm, hull 7.62mm, and a replacement machine gun in case of breakdown. To keep in the spirit of the Flower Tank, the hatch has been painted with a yin yang orb. The hull is only the Challenger II chassis, there is no real Flower Tank elements. It's armour is the same secret composite of England as usual. The tracks from the Flower Tank have been lengthened to fit with the Challenger II chassis, and thus have lost some of their grip. From inside, the tank is quite conformable and spacious; a characteristic in British tanks. Challenger II also features air conditioning, and a boiling vessel (BV), like in most of British fighting vehicles. It is used for brewing tea and other hot drinks. A true gentleman always has tea with his enemy, even if it was the pinnacle of the war at 5:00 PM!
After the Sky-Ray incident, some of the tank's electronics have suffered damage from water pressure and they can malfunction at any time they want until they are fixed.
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as I understand it, you can have multiple characters, right.

If that's the case...

Name: Frank Furt
Gender: male
Age:  30
Strength: Digs like no one else can. As a result, he's stong as a bull
Weakness: hates fish
Home: none
Occupation: Escapee
Visual Description: rather muscular. Brown hair. Wears a tatered, orange shirt and orange pants
Personality: can be a little serious at times, but is a good guy
Partners: Caboose
History/Background: Not much is know. Even he doesn't know his origins. Brainwashing is speculated. He only knows tha the had to escape from a room full of massage chairs.
Fun Facts (optional): Currently the leader of the escapees

Name: Caboose Sharff
Gender: male
Age:  23
Strength: A killer right hand and is good at learning new stuff
Weakness: money
Home: none
Occupation: escapee
Visual Description: pale skin. Orange hair. Wears a tatered orange shirt and orange pants
Personality: Very easy going. Maybe a bit too easy going?
Partners: Frank
History/Background: Not much is know. Even he doesn't know his origins. Brainwashing is speculated. Escaped with the others in hopes of getting moneys
Fun Facts (optional): Has met Etch-E-Sketch at one point in time. What they discussed, no one knows.


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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Btw, Etch-E-Sketch, Nitori's free. E-mouse dropped her, I think. I think you wanted her as a partner, yes?

EDIT: Plus, I don't think I ever specified this, but you should have a touhou character for a partner.


Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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even for a character whose job is not on the front lines, but rather dealing with what the RAI Force 1 bring home?
Little did he know, the shed was near Yuyuko, who was in a role-play of Dune. As a sandworm.


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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Satsuki Rin
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
« Reply #21 on: April 22, 2009, 09:14:55 PM »

Everyone, I would like to make a very sincere apology. I realize this issue is my fault and my fault alone for not setting this out at the very beginning of the game. At first I had conceived it as an informal RPG, something casual to pass the time. As I said before, I hadn't organized it as well as I normally organize my usual RPGs. But now that we've come so far, I think it's best that I raise these concerns now before the game is ruined for everyone.

Which is why after the reset I decided to add a proper profile thread which is usually standard practice BEFORE beginning an RPG. Now that I've reviewed a good few of your profiles, I have a few concerns to raise.

I won't point any fingers, not yet anyway. I'm sure you'll be able to review your own profiles by yourselves and see if this applies to you or not.

These are the concerns:
This RPG is freeform. It gives you a lot of freedom of choice and room for character development and I always urge players to take full advantage of that freedom and power. But with great power comes great responsability. Do not abuse it. Do NOT GODMOD. How does one godmod? By empowering oneself out of proportion. By making it such that every battle, every problem, becomes a breeze for yourself, cheating yourself and other players of the great challenge, the sweetness of victory when you snatch it out of the jaws of death.

Remember, we always enjoy hearing stories about underdogs, weaklings, who are oppressed at first and go through many sufferings and hardships, crawling along, climbing, yet falling back down time after time, yet gritting his teeth and climbing once more to finally grasp sweet victory. We love seeing the lowly weakling who was beaten into the ground unfairly in the beginning slowly rise up against all the odds before finally showing it up in the face of the opposition who had kicked his ass in the beginning. Is that not so?

So don't cheat yourself and others. Make your battle a hard one. Make your challenges difficult and interesting. Pile up obstacles and opposition in your own path. Persevere! Endure! Fight against all the odds! It makes the victory at the end so, so much sweeter.

However, when you have the strength of a god, where's the challenge? Where's the sweet victory? You end up the big bully on the playground, toying mercilessly with your enemy. It doesn't matter if you're good or bad, you're still crushing your enemies underfoot like they are ants. Where's the fun in that?

Or things like giving yourself tons of money, wealth, everything else. Have you ever heard the saying, 'bread won through blood and sweat tastes richer than the feasts of kings?'. Earning every cent, bit by bit, building your cottage into a castle, that's where all the fun is. If you spring into existence with an invincible fortress, where's the fun in that?

The fun part about RPGs is the character development element. Your characters can grow, develop, turn into better or worse people as the story goes, as circumstance tamper and twists them around. They go up from humble beginnings to become victors at the end. Isn't that the sort of story we like watching? Don't we enjoy seeing Simon rise up from his hole in the ground up to become the pilot of the mecha that drills into the very Heavens themselves? Don't we enjoy seeing Naruto get beaten into the dirt again and again, only to finally rise and defeat his opponent? Isn't this the sort of story you want to be a part of?

So, I implore you, everyone, please review your characters now. Step back and look at them. Will it be fun playing with these characters? Will it be fun to WIN with these characters? I'm not asking you to lower your strength for others. I'm asking you to do it for yourself, so that your victory, your achievements, your glory, can be so much greater at the end.

I may go so far as to use my own character as an example. I'm not saying I'm an expert at creating characters or roleplaying, but I think my character is somewhat passable. He is an average human, clumsy, rather simple-minded. When he created his contracts, he was so weakened that he almost died. However, he's striving to become better. He wants to overcome his weaknesses. He'd swallow his pride and learn from others if he had to. But he will grow stronger, for his own sake, and for others. It'll be a slippery slope, with many defeats, lots of stumbling along the way, lots of false starts, lose hope and despair again and again, but he will rise out of it a better, stronger man (one hopes)

There are a few other characters that are even better than mine. Well written with great personal challenges. I wont' point them out. But you might know who for yourself if you've been reading so far.

Once again I'd like to reiterate, we're all outsider humans. We may have a few quirks up our sleeves, but we're not Goku from dragonball Z. We're not aliens from planet Saiya with the power to blow up planets.

Thank you. Sorry for the rant, and thank you for reading. Again, this is nobody's fault but my own. I apologize very sincerely.


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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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So I heard the signups were still open~

I read some of the other profiles and some of them are really good.  Way to make me feel like a lazy bastard >_<

Name: Ben ("Rabbit")

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Strength: His soul is a 'void'.  In practical terms people just do not notice him unless he addresses them directly or is in their line of sight.  However he knows that this 'blessing' has not yet completely manifested and he has no idea what kind of consequences this will have in the future.  Possesses university-level analytical skills (but didn't learn anything else during those three years!).

Weakness: See above.  But he's not really the Unfavorite, since most random acquaintances have no opinion of him.



Visual Description: Brown hair and green eyes.  Fair-skinned.  Has some chinese features.  Is somewhat shorter than the average male human.
Personality: Craves recognition but knows that he will never get it, and is indecisive, constantly worried about the consequences of his actions.  Other than that his personality is very malleable and is shaped by his experiences.  Vengeful in the extreme, his one concrete belief is that people should get exactly what they deserve.

Partners: Yumemi

History/Background: A lazy American student who ended up studying in the UK, something he doesn't enjoy talking about or explaining.  Because no one ever noticed him he had to go out of his way to talk to people and make friends, but he was very rarely successful.  He just didn't leave a lasting impression on anybody.  This also made it difficult for him to find any sort of work, which compounded his problem of not knowing what he wanted to do with his life.  In fact the only reason he was even transferred to RAI Force 1 in the first place was due to a bureaucratic oversight; one of his job applications was somehow switched with some unlucky fool and ended up in the hands of an organisation that transcends all aspects of customary international law.  He was also recruited due to a lack of available personnel, and is grateful to be employed, let alone have a superior who will tell him what to do.

Fun Facts (optional): Wishes magic were real.  Wishes he knew magic.  Despite his soul being blank, still has a childlike heart filled with dreams and ambitions.

Additional Information/Background/History:
Too much of a good thing, and it is no longer good.


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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Jeremy Nezu
Gender: Male
Age: Early 20s
Picture: N/A
Visual description:
A baby-faced, black-haired Caucasian shrimp, fairly thin and with minimal muscle. Pretty much always wears a t-shirt and some sort of casual pants (other than jeans).

Witty, SPIRAL POWER!!!, bends over backwards for close friends, creative at finding loopholes/alternatives/third options, strong reasoning skills, highly knowledgeable about Gensokyo via Touhou, intact and working laptop with many Touhou images and several games for internet abuse, a decent schemer, tries to be neutral about issues and listen to his 'enemies.'
Easily irritated, can be very hostile, spoiled, foul-mouthed, addicted to the Internet, slow to trust, gives up easily, below-average human strength on his own, overly idealistic, pessimistic (sometimes), may fall into despair (this is especially dangerous; see Spiral Power), long-term NEET and hikkikomori, poor with names, not a great fighter, little inherent motivation, skeptical of his own worth.
Mixed Blessings:
Fairly paranoid, Dangerously Genre Savvy to the point of being genre savvy about being dangerously genre savvy, somewhat overdeveloped sense of drama, anarchistic streak, overly fond of spouting references, obsessive.

Home: (will update once I catch up some more - hoo boy)
Occupation: (ditto)

A cynical and irritable fanboy, with a habit of making wisecracks and challenging assumptions. Can be sweet-hearted if you get to know him well, but tends to be very slow to trust. Loves his otaku references. Strongly believes more in the value of sentience and thought over race, species, or faction.

Yukari Yakumo, Ran Yakumo, and Chen.
Gensokyo Refugees

Token American Touhou fanboy, transported to Gensokyo either out of despair or the whims of Yukari. Spent his days in Gensokyo as basically a hikkikomori, trying to learn basic magic to sustain himself and abusing the kappatech electricity and wireless to the fullest. Adopted a Japanese-sounding last name primarily to stop getting annoyed when people mispronounced his last name. Now, he's Yukari's manaslave, and is trying to plan ways to restore Gensokyo and deal with Kikuri. He's taken a strong interest in figuring out what, exactly, is going on with the whole thing.

Fun Facts:
Gives people he doesn't know well unusual (and often cruel) nicknames, though he tries not to call them by it to their face. Loves strawberries and fuzzy animals.

Additional Information/Background/History:
Significant plotline participation:
Basically turned around the final battle to escape Gensokyo with the help of Kaguya, Nitori, and somehow unleashing the Spiral Power of the Gurren Lagann series. He has no idea how.
He followed this up by freeing Yukari, Ran, and Chen from the small prison Kikuri trapped her in, and brought her out of Gensokyo alive. Now he acts as their mana source, and tends to be pretty drained from doing so. He's pretty sure the main reason he can survive this is funneling Spiral power through to them. Can barely sustain Yukari, and Ran and Chen are essentially stuck remaining in their original fox and cat forms.
Discovered Kikuri's government position early, with a highly portable cellphone satellite connection. He's not entirely sure how that still worked.
Attempted to incite a rebellion/uncertainty/questioning among RAI Force 1 during their initial raid on Gensokyo's refugees, but doesn't know how well that turned out.
Kept Rika's tank going with lol spirals.
Assisted in the interrogation of the sniper that appeared the morning of Day 2, and pointed out that Satori could do it to anyone.
Got an explanation of Maribel's background/origins from Yukari.
Suggested Ran and Chen disguising themselves as plush toys to help avoid suspicion, and can manage sustaining both in that form with some difficulty.
Sought out Renko on Day 2..... but have yet to fully expand on the events.
(To be continued...)

Harem Masters:
- Mitaka: "Poor guy. I mean, FUBAR? That's harsh. He needs some help. I wish I could remember his name properly... 'Deodorant' is amusing, but he's being treated harshly enough already."
- Alex: "Capable fighter, easy-to-remember name, quite practical... you have my respect, sir."
- Sho: "A pretty good idea-bouncer, and a likable guy on his own. Maybe I should try to talk with him sometimes."
- Gpop: "I don't know how he does it, but he provides for the most powerful supernatural ability we have available. I should really learn his name."
- (Most of the other harem masters: Respective primary Touhou-girl partners' boyfriend, not especially familiar with the specifics yet.)

Gensokyo Natives (personal experience):
- Satori: "Easily the most useful person here. Ah, but all the demands I have... I can't ask her for too much. Just thinking about how much I'd like to exploit her ability is probably making her uncomfortable enough."
- Maribel: "Where are you, what are you, and are you okay...?"
- Yuyuko: "Okay, I know she's just trying to be annoying, but she does such a damn good job of it."
- Kogasa: "I can't believe she....."
- Patchouli: "Well-informed. Worth talking to. Maybe she can explain the Drill..."
- Kaguya: "Need to thank her for that bolt. And ask her what the hell happened with it."
- Nitori: "I owe her. And if I get strong enough....."
- Mokou: "Sheesh, she's being rash. Does she even understand what our situation is?"
- Yumemi: "Artificial mana sources, huh? So, she's on the other side. Damn."
- Cirno: "Confirmed kidnapped... I hope she's okay."
- Reimu: "Hasn't seemed as bitchy as she could have been..."
- Marisa: "Perfectly true to character. Lovable thief, as can be expected."
- Suika: "Poor girl. She's taking this really hard. Deodorant..."
- Alice: "She's being practical. That's good. She's being cynical. That has its ups and downs..."
- Ruukoto: "Another maid? I wonder what we can get away with from 'android...'"

Gensokyo Natives (Touhou experience):
- Sakuya: "Timestop... knives... hints of murders... blood in tea... even now, I'm scared of her."
- Remilia: "Selfish little bitch. Don't like her much, but I'll try not to piss her off."
- Flandre: "I wonder if there's a way to just teach her how to control her powers... and impulses, for that matter. She's just dangerous because she's immature. But BOY is she dangerous... when her powers work. Perhaps now is a good time...?"
- Eirin: "I'm wary of her... I mean, I know I'm a schemer, too, but it's tough to tell what side she's on... I guess the drugs could be useful, if we can get the materials for them out here."
- (Others: Either not relevant, no strongly-felt opinion about them, or haven't considered them significantly.)

Personal harem:
- Chen: "Holy shit, she IS as cute as fanon portrays her!"
- Ran: "I don't think she likes me much..."
- Yukari: "A wonderful mischievous bastard. Bitch. Whichever. Just as long as she keeps the pranks relatively harmless... well, the banter is fun. And she's pretty hot..... no, stop that. She isn't going to care that much..."

- RAI forces: "Poor manipulated sheep... I wonder how many would do this given a proper explanation and a choice...?"
- Yagi: "Sounds like a real asshole. If he lives up to the rumor, I'm not going to cut him any slack."
- Kikuri: "Spiteful bitch. I WILL kill you. ... unless you have a goddamn good reason for this."

Core Drill: "What are you? How did you work? What have I gotten myself into...? And can I be strong enough to fill Simon's shoes?"

Spiral Power:
(Note: Includes some TTGL spoilers.)

As many here probably already know, Spiral Power is the basically-magical power source of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann series. It essentially converts Hot Bloodedness into matter and energy via the Rule of Cool, often based on actions of manliness. Heavily themed with drills, true to the name, and based on the many spirals in nature, such as DNA. "Spirals do not only go downwards."

Somehow, Jeremy managed to tap into this power thanks to chipping together a faux Core Drill in the last minutes of Gensokyo, combined with a bolt provided by Kaguya. It didn't work until the bolt was added, and Jeremy's not sure why. Hell, he's not sure why it worked in the first place. The most likely explanation is the bolt itself being a magical artifact, or imbued with as such between its presence in Gensokyo and the fervent fan-person hopes of Kaguya and himself.


Due to the nature of Spiral Power, Jeremy's been able to gain substantial power through it ever since unleashing its ability. However, he's also been rather psychotically rash, which is generally unlike him. It HAS happened before, but it tends to be followed by a terrible crash into depression and abject laziness.

Problem is, if that happens, it's likely that his Spiral output/input/whatever would plummet; Simon's bout of despair really adds weight to this. Since he's providing for the Yakumos, this would probably be fatal to all of them. A small part of his mind is well aware of this, but he's trying very hard not to worry about it, since it'd just make it more difficult to prevent.

He's hoping to maintain his mania by doing some of the insane things his idealism had always, distantly, hoped for, even though they're incredibly risky, likely to fail, and may be dangerous to Gensokyo's restoration - perhaps?

Jeremy keeps the "core drill" he made close to him at all times, and believes that he needs to have it with him to maintain any Spiral output i.e. survive. He distantly suspects it might just be a psychological crutch, considering "The drill is my spirit," but he isn't about to risk it if he can help it.

v2 as of May 5th: up to Clothes Shopping review.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Something a bit Type Moon centric, but the usage of Mana and establishing of 'contracts' with supernatrual beings has me thinking of Fate/Stay Night. So in away a character of that calibur shouldn't be too off topic. Anywho a guy for the 'other side'...or so he says.

Name: Shinjiro Kuroyama
Gender: Male
Age: 29

Strength: Skilled in the usage of Mana and Magecraft. His left eye (while appearing lazy at first glance) is actually his Mystic Eye of Abraxas which allows him to 'stone' things by looking at them...although it's not always as efficent as it sounds (see below)

Weakness: Shinjiro is 'thin-blooded' and thus cannot tolerate cold tempretures, heat however doesn't bother him. Because only his left eye houses the 'Mystic Eye' Shinjiro cannot fully control the power that the eye grants him (meaning the victim will only be somewhat stunned (or numbed) by his gaze, however it's full power will materilize if Shinjiro pushes the eye to it's limits). If he runs low on magic then he's practically worthless in a fight.

Home: No one seems to know, aside from Tewi.

Occupation: Freelance Writer, (Self-proclaimed) Magus

Visual Description: Rather tall individual, wavy medium length brown hair, his left eye is an empty greyish color while his right is its normal brown color. Attire consists of a black, longcoat, a set of matching pants and a white shirt. Has a cut like scar on his left eye proof that he might have resorted to surgery to implant the eye into his body.

Personality: An 'Arrogant Bastard' type of character has a huge ego that is only fueled by his supposed 'Greatness as a Magus'. He has very little regard for the lives of others, and will basically treat you like shit if he sees you as worthless. Has the hidden potential to become the 'Complete Monster' if (or when) he's driven off his high horse. Is also mercilessly selfish too.

If you have a tough time thinking on how he operates, then think of him like as something of a Kotomine meets Gilgamesh.

-Tewi Inaba (Good Luck charm)
-Yuugi Hoshiguma (Muscle to balance out his high magic)

History/Background: A freelance novelist who's views on humanity is less than perfect. Shinjiro spent most of his days in college studying Magic, his grandfather's books and notes on the matter also seemed to help the aspiring Magus grow stronger in Magecraft. After college he spent most (if not all) of his time perfecting his magecraft and expanding his mana reserves via training, however he still retained his occupation of writing various novels which was able to provide money for daily needs. Due to his vast well of Mana, he was a perfect candidate to be selected by Rai Force to combat the supernatrual beings by forming a pact with several other beings, although disdained by the fact he must work with another (he already has Tewi to deal with), Shinjiro sees an oppurtunity in this...what this oppurtunity is for he won't say...

Fun Facts
-It is believed that the Mystic Eye he possess is not his own...but is infact someone elses.
-He is somewhat of an 'Extreme Omnivore' and sometimes develops a taste for unusual foods.
-Shinjiro's last name translates to 'Black Mountain'.
-His left eye will occasionally 'wander' making him look as if he has 'Googly Eyes'. 
-Beneath his arrogance he's actually somewhat paranoid and constantly believes his luck is running out, so maybe this mentality is what compelled him to form a life-bind contract with Tewi (e.g. Rabbits bring good luck).

Additional Information/Background/History: Somewhere between the time of training and his recruitment into Rai Force, Shinjiro found one Tewi Inaba passed out and apparently on the verge of wasting away from existance. Having read that supernatrual beings usually need mana to survive, Shinjiro linked his vast supply of mana to her thus saving the rabbit youkai's life in the process, however he seems to have something else in mind for keeping her around as he's stated that he did NOT save her out of kindness (that part of him died years ago).

Not sure if he's overpowered, lemme know and I'll fix it ASAP.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Another mundane villian

Name: General Tao Qwai

Gender: Male

Age: 40

Strength: The general with command over the non-RAI forces in the area. Has a higher rank than Yagi, though Yagi has authority to make his own missions. Is a veteran of anti-terror conflicts.

Weakness: is used to fighting openly and is constantly frustrated by the need to keep the entire operation secret. After all, shelling a residental area to the ground is not very sneaky. Distrusts the RAI.

Home: The mighty land dreadnought Dominion. It is currently parked next to the "graveyard." The citizens mistake it for a simple army base, though that is part of its purpose. It bristles with heavy guns, machine gun nests, and sniper nests. It has enough artillery fire to flatten a minor city with a range of 1 to 70 kilometers. It was designed to not have a blind spot. It is equipped with an experimental shield generator developed from the mana generator research and has a top speed of 20 mph. It will not move from where it is parked except for extreme circumstances.

Occupation: 4 star general

Visual Description: A rather gruff sort of person, 5'10'' and 200 pounds. Wears stereotypical general's attire and a commisar hat with four stars on it. Has brown eyes and a good tan.

Personality: serious. Really serious. Put's Frank's seriousness to shame. Can't take it easy ever. It's like the stick up his butt has a stick up its butt. While he distrusts the RAI, he never gives missions he believes to be suicide missions. His teachings had emphasized no waste. He would rather scuttle his larger vehicles before letting the enemy have them.

Partner: no one, he is not a member of RAI.

History/Background: Fought in the GLA World Conflict, and loved every minute of it. Was sent to replace the former commander, who's failure at the shrine even had the council of 42 facepalming.

General strategy was to first scout out and area with five man teams. When the enemy was located, the scouts left immediately and tanks surrounded and besieged the area. This was accompanied with carpet bomb and heavy shelling. His tanks are equipped with the program to find targets based on the origin or the projectile. His army contains the mobile fortresses Yamato, Dauntless, Shinigami, and Suzaku as well as countless tanks and mobile artillery. He also keep some infantry regiments in Armored Personell Carriers(APCs) for operations involving capturing a target. They specialize in close quarters fighting with flamethrowers and shotguns.

As it is, he is somewhat out of his element, though as the conflict escalates he can increase the amount of pressure he uses. Has no idea how to use the RAI save as saboteurs, scouts, and assassins.

Note that more mobile ships, such as land cruisers may come into play, but the Dominion is a unique vehicle.

Fun Fact: keeps a teddy bear that has the tendency to shoot people. Named it Vince

This kind of guy should be ok right? A commander facing what he believes to be an implacable foe, harried by the higher ups about this operation, and having most of his strategies unavailable to him. Tell me if there is a problem.
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Little did he know, the shed was near Yuyuko, who was in a role-play of Dune. As a sandworm.

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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Ria Soguyen

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Strength: A good hand at tank command. Mercenary commander

Weakness: a love of weapons

Home: The land cruiser Sky Ray. Raids the outer wastes near the Graveyard are her responsibility. A supposed trump card lies in the bowels of the tank.

Occupation: Merc

Visual Description: 5'7", black hair. Green coat, black pants.

Personality: A easygoing girl, but don't ask about her weight.

Partner: Kaguya Houraisan

History/Background: Former RAI captain.  Left when the Outcry incident occured, and stole the experimental land cruiser while she was at it. No one knows if the Crios syndrome in her right eye left, as she has an eye patch over it.

Outcry Incident: Few details are known, but it took place another Gensokyo. Yukari had hired four mercenaries to assassinate the ⑨ who was supplying arms to both the Hakurei and Moriya shrines. Those two were locked in a holy conflict. They failed.

Upon arrival, the mercenaries quickly contracted Crios Syndrome and were scattered. Ria ended up near the Hakurei shrine and was quickly absorbed into the fight. She got her first taste of Onbashira firepower in a battle and was nearly killed, if not for a certain Black Magician.

Not much detail is known about how it ended, but somehow, Ria emerged with a ragtag team of humans, and a Cruiser known as the Sky Ray. It was horrible damaged whe she launched her first raid, on the celestial lands. No one knows what she stole, but it is rumoured to be an artifact of great power and, if anything, great size. Due to the damage, the Sky Ray was converted to a Land Cruiser and plies the Wasteland for scrap and supplies.

Crios Syndrome: An unusual power gained during the Outcry incident. Slowly kills the holder, however, it's power can be controlled through the use of special hot chocolate. When Crios is stabalized somewhat, those affected by it find that their sight is enhanced, generally starting with the ability to see through walls all the way to seeing where the next attack may land. More moderate control allows for the access to a separate dimension where weapons and items are held. These thing can be brought back to the user's dimension. Even higher control allows for stuff you would find only in the Matrix. Further control allows for power that could rival gods, however such control is hard to obtain.

Fun facts: signiture entrance involves missiles raining from the sky.
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Re: RPG - Waking Up From the Dream (Registration/Profile Thread)
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Name: Jan Monteiro

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Strength: A bit of an intellectual as well as a bit of an athlete, Jan is more along the lines of a general Jack-of-all-trades, excelling in neither field more than a specialist. However, he does excel more at certain things than others: Jan has a high tolerance for pain, and his stamina is very high. Even if he is not particularly strong or fast, he can go on fighting or running far longer than others. And while he is smart in a normal capacity, his ability to analyze and predict the actions of others could be put on-par with that of an actual psychologist.

Weakness: Jan's fears are rather low on the spectrum: He has a fear of things he cannot notice right away (for example, while he is afraid of bugs and spiders, he is more afraid of being surprised by them or not noticing them until they are on him than their actual selves). Along with this, while he is not actually afraid of the dark, he tends to act much more slowly and cautiously when in an area he cannot see in.
Jan's physical weakness stems from his strength: As much as his body may be able to keep performing or take punishment, when he is done with it, he tends to become too exhausted to be of any other use. Because he tends to push himself to his limits, even in everyday life, Jan normally acts very tired as well.

Home: Jan is a visitor to Karuisuwa, so he is merely staying at an inn and exploring the outlying area. His true home is at an American university, far and away from the action.

Occupation: Jan is currently a psychology student.

Visual Description: Jan is short and light for a man of his age, standing at a little over five and a half feet tall and weighing about 130 pounds. He has somewhat long, wavy black hair, the back of which reaches to his shoulder blades, and is parted to either side above his left eye. His skin is somewhat darker than most Japanese people's, but is a bit light for his Hispanic heritage, resulting in an ordinary tan look. He wears a pair of steel-framed glasses whenever he is awake, and his eyes underneath are a very dark brown.

Personality: Jan tries to be friendly to strangers, but still seems to be a cold individual to outsiders. However, he can show a good sense of humor and genuine kindness to those that he trusts. Gaining this trust is as easy as being friendly in return, and having the same interests as him (Japanese culture and entertainment, as well as psychology or other intellectual pursuits) helps too.

Partners: Planned partners will be Patchouli Knowledge (main) and her library helper, Koakuma.

History/Background: A college student in America who had been studying psychology, Jan decided to study firsthand how a foreign culture and way of life changed the thought processes of others. He quickly chose Japan, being a bit of a weeaboo fan of anime, manga, and Japanese games, as well as an interest in their culture. Having spent much time in the larger cities, he decided to journey to rural areas and learn about the more traditional Japanese life and how the people there would act differently from those in the somewhat more Westernized city. Having come across the small town of Karuisuwa while traveling by bus and foot, Jan decided to take a break and had meant to resume his trip later.

Fun Facts: Jan's (made-up) surname comes from a Portuguese word for "hunter of the hills," a relic of his mixed-Hispanic heritage.
Jan's strength and weakness both stem from an abnormally-high red blood cell count: While his above-average lung capacity can couple with them to keep him moving longer, stopping has the effect of causing minor blood clots, leaving him very exhausted. This can usually be remedied with some fluids, but he refuses to use any medication. Jan's reason is that he fears he will lose his stamina, and become more physically inept as a result.
His lung capacity also gives Jan a preference for breathing through his mouth, although not when around other people. This leaves him vulnerable to throat or respiratory illnesses, and he usually has a minor cough.

Additional Information/Background/History: Jan is not a student of the martial arts, but used to be a bit of a brawler when he was younger. He remembers the times when he had fought, and is more than capable of defending himself when it becomes necessary.
Jan has only just hiked into the Karuisuwa region after being in the cities. Because of this, he is carrying a large pack of various types of Imperishable Food, as well as a first-aid kit. Not one to forget his work, he also has some psychology books and notebooks of his findings. He also carries a few other books, mostly nonfiction, for pleasure reading, and a laptop computer... Resulting in two heavy bags.
Anything that Jan purchased in the city (music, clothes, doujins and games) has already been sent home, but Jan carries a well-crafted knife for various odd jobs he has to do while trekking through the forest (skinning fish, cutting branches, etc.) as well as self-defense. He also has a simple wooden walking stick to help manage his heavy load.
Jan prefers light weans with some reach to them over heavy ones. While knives fit the weight requirement, light swords are somewhere in-between, and spears can be both, Jan has had his eye on the Japanese naginata for a while now. While he had no such luck finding one in the city, he maintains the futile hope that the countryside will be kinder, even with the statistical improbability. Perhaps being thrust into a combat situation will give him a chance...
While he has no experience with firearms, Jan would more than willing to learn to use one, given the opportunity.

(Aside from my new last name and changes for the situation, I'll be following this RP-as-yourself thing you guys seem to have going on. If there are any changes I should make or other concerns, feel free to let me know!)

Edit 1: Added weapon preferences to "Fun Facts."
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appearing in a holding cell near you

Name: Marilyn "Marx" Dyrnara

Gender: female

Age: 18

Strength: Stealth capability. Mana drain(requires skin contact), Ice manipulation, shadow clones, Expert shot with hand guns. Crios syndrome currently with low control.

Weakness: Seems to hate daytime.

Home: None, she is always on the move, despite orders from command

Occupation: RAI 1 member: stealth and assassination specialtist

Visual: A seemingly thin and frail body. Blonde hair. Black jacket and shorts. Goggles of Unknown origin

Personality: A rather dark person, noted for her morbid jokes

-(Alternate Personality: Kind, outgoing. Pretty much ready for anything. Kind of easy to frighten, however. )

Partners: Cirno

History: She can't recall her origins. All she remembers is waking up in a massage chair.

Fun(?) facts: Her right eye periodically shifts from brown to light blue. None of the scientists can figure this out, nor can they figure our why the mana sensors go berserk whenever she's near. Has always kept a pair of special guns that utilize energy, which were named Dragon Teeth, for some reason. Hears a voice in her head, calling for help of some sort.

Oh yes. She has a short temper and little patience
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