Author Topic: Yes, it's the World Cup. Yes, it's causing a bit of a schism.  (Read 8039 times)


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Rather than have people pissing each other off all over the place, here's what we're going to do.

- If you wish to discuss the World Cup, do so in the World Cup topic here. Keep it out of other threads.
- If you wish to express displeasure with the World Cup and/or its fans, do so in the Venting topic here. Keep it out of other threads.

I believe that you all are capable of adhering to these instructions. Nevertheless, we will enforce this as strictly as we need to. This could be very strictly if people decide not to follow these instructions.

[22:40:12] <Drake> "guys i donwloaded esod but its not workan"
[22:40:21] <Drake> REPORTED
[22:40:25] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> PROBATED
[22:40:30] <Drake> ORGASM
[22:40:32] <NaturallyOccurringChoja> FUCK YEAH

[22:28:39] <Edible> Mafia would be a much easier game if we were playing "spot the asshole"