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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Don't forget to bring a weapon of distortion for a quick exit out of pandemonium. Really though, if you're worried about losing mutations then best we clear Zot:5 now, leave the orb where it is, then go visit Chireiden. Nue is beyond the point of needing mutations to win. Nue's Dragon form is ridiculously strong in Zot:5, I just tried it.


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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you do know if i clear out Zot:5, the temptation of insta winning is too much :P

and yes weapons of distortions, that completely miss my mind! (remembers the good old times of Doom-Repercussions of touhou (the last game with Patchouli), where i forgot distortion weapons just as i entered pandamonium/chireiden XD )

but i assume we are aiming for a full rune run, so i'l refrain from Zot:5 until we get all runes.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Temptation to win? I guess that's a good instinct to have but I just don't feel it myself. I play this game for the stories it generates, not to pull some trinket back to the surface. Well, there's dev talk of making the orb run more exciting, but until then there is no incentive for winning to me.


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Heres my update!

we start at 216000. and should end in 221000.
the layout of Dispater looks good and is compact enough for Haunt Spams to be effective. hopefully its the same story for Tartarus.

i reach Tartarus at 216600, after going to manage the loot. i opt to use the Regen ring.
i also brought along a ring for blinking.
you may think that why dont we use the blink spell, but you see, Blink spell cost 2mana and spell slots while the Evoke blink cost 1 mana.
also i need to practise Evocations to use the Attack staves properly.

the layout of Tar:7 looks new. Rod of discovery shows im near a loot room so i may as well break inside rather than knock the front doors.(i didn't know there were front doors until later :P )

Looks like da shit jsut hit teh fan!

Indeed, jsut how many are they!

My army vs your army okay?

Staff of Asmodeus is simply awesmoe! it regularly spams Bolts of Fire and Lighting Bolts, both elements which they are NOT resistant too. it clearly helped me. In  a Single Bolt of Fire/lightnig bolt, i deal much more damage per turn than if i try to melee them. in 2 bolts of fires, i kill 3 Souleaters, but it may take up to 10 turns to kill 3 soul eaters by melee.
thats my reasoning for upgrading Evocations.

then Hell summons came to get me while Flandre timer is coincide, so i get an unwanted DEX boost.

never the less, Lets just say Haunt spam is nesscessary when you get swarmed.

A few Hellfires from the attack staff alerted and EVERYONE came swarming.....

Taking refuge in the Loot vault and blocking off the entrance with Haunts.

i found this awesmoe glove among the useless loot, as well as a ball of energy.

if you remember the good ol sdays of PAtchouli-Life the Ball of energy is a mana powerhouse, refilling mana in 1-2 turns.
with good enough Evocations, it makes our ability to channel mana OBSOLETE.

The next area was abit of a maze, full of hidden doors. bascially, i jsut use the rod of discovery at the end and middle of the hallways.
eventually reaching a very laughable and FLAWED layout for Shikieki.

I have Smite attacks. She doesn't.  Thats all i have to say here.

Several Haunt smites later, she's almost defeated,

And i end it with a cheap shot. out hellfire smite ability. wasn't very challenging......

And i forgot to take pics but right after i entered the vault, i almost got killed!
I TOTALLY underestimated Mimas. after by easy victory over Shikieki, i became cocky and went to melee Mima.
the result is a very painful series of Dispel Undeads that nearly ended my run!

so i decided to escape back to hell to heal up and put down the rune.
Flan decided to mutate but i was still in lich form so our beautiful form isn't tainted by Flan!

After healing up, i return down to get teh rest of the loots, and never making the same mistake of attempting to melee Mima.

I've spent 2500 turns to finish Tar, what now?

most of teh other rings, suck, except for this ring but its still obselete.

To sum up the loot, i got a good glove, a ball of energy, and an adequate ring.
the rest of the the loot sucks.

I return to Lair to get a dagger of Distortion and a book that has the Yukari Gap spell.

after doing some preparations for Pandamonium, im at 219000 turns. that leaves me roughly 2000 extra turns.
what preparations you ask?
Dagger of distortion.
Books taht have : Yukari Gap(portal), Necromicon, and Dragon Form.
some food and thats it.

With the extra 2000 turns, i feel abit confident now to clear Zun:5 so i do so!

i also brought along a book for Dragon form to try it out eventually.

OH? whats this?! Mannosukes in loincloths?!

theres nothing like a bunch of zombiegoasts to share my burnt vision which i cannot unsee.

You can never have too many allies in such a open room. Lets jsut say, i can quickly fill up the room with ghosts using the BALL OF ENERGY.

Then i fought THREE orbs of fire with some nasty electric golems.
even with such a large army, it turns out the most effective way of killing them was to melee tham as they simply plow through the ghosts.

BUT these orbs of fire kept spamming Polymorph and caused Nue to lose alot of hitpoints. if Nue wasn't in Lich form, no doubt she's lose her Fire resistance and gain some nasty ones.

but after killing them all(only the Left room), i think its safe to try Dragon form.
i only have 500 turns left. plenty of turns to get the Beer of Zun.
Also Nue MASTERED unarmed combat. i can't wait to turn into a dragon!

<insert nostalgic image of Dragon vs touhou characters> remember taht image where theres a Dragon head the size of a continent, and several small figures standing on mountain peaks ready to take on the dragon? Yukari with her umbrella being on of the small challangers.



Beer of Zun is in our sights!

i did not even need more than 100 turns get past the Mannosukes.

After that i did not take screen shots, but i can say this.
Despite Nue's Dragon form overpoweredness, she ahs one FATAL WEAKNESS.
suddenly 3 orbs of fire and an ancient lich swarmed in from the RIGHT room.
Nue tried her best to resist mutations butr she manage to get Shout X1
whats most dangerous is that her HP went from 200 down to 50 HP in just a few turns, because of TORMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nue escaped luckily and my epic run did NOT come crashing down.

So yeah, Dragon is awesmoe and all, but i'd rather stick to lich form.

ALSO, its almost impossible to have Necromutation + dragon form spell, due to spell slots scarcity.

you can only have one or the other, so bring the neccessary books.
Also bring a book that has Bladehands because Dragon form means we LOSE ALL buffs from Armour, such as our resist colds and such.

Dragon form = insane atack power. ALOT of weaknesses. NO cold resistance, No torment resistance etc.
Bladehands = impressive attack power, with no weaknesses except for Torment vulnerable.
Lich form = Best form. can use Haunt Spam + ball of energy powerups.
But no REgen Spell......

choose one of Nue's 3 main forms. i would choose Lich form for teh Pandamonium run,

It's be ideal if we have Dragon form as a Finishing ATTACK, on Utsuho. we can Haunt Spam first, then USe dragon form to finish her off!
but we need more spell slots for that.

So the gate to Pandamonium is as follows.

Nue got a bad mutation due to the Orb of fire spams during our Dragon form.

a potion of mutation fixes that but removes out Robust +10% and Heal +1.
Lets NOT taint Nue's perfect figure anymore okay?

I finish according to Turn quota.

Nue's already prepared for Pandamonium, with the dagger of distortion.
Just  make sure she has a book for blade hands.
you can decide whaever further preparations you need.
i personally think royal jellies are fine, because they cure stat drains.
we have heal wands but you can bring heal potions too.
just remeber that you'll be stuck there for a long time.

Be prepared but not OVER prepared.
you dont wanna reach there and find you have no space to pick up the loot.
only bring whats neccessary. Nue as she is now is quite alright and prepared.
Its the books that important.

i recommend you train Translocations so we can insta win it using Portal/Yukari Gap hax when we get all runes.
good luck
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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also Maullar did say to skip his turn he said "taking a hiatus".

so its probably Psieye's turn now.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Ok your right, so Psieye, it's your go. Go and take the file and have your turn.

Mean while I'm here to report that currently transporting the files from 0.6.1 to 0.7.1 has been going smoothly. Mostly everything has been going as planned and I got the sprites and most of the text in place. I still have dialouge and some simple name changes to fix but otherwise all it falling into place... after I complete this, I should follow up with the zombie creatures sprite changing....(so much rankkuri sprites I have to work on.... @_@) Fairy sprites for the spriggans, and then some other small sprite changes...

Also I've been debating on changing some of the sprites for the alters as well to fit more closes to the charater we worship...maybe.

And also debating on making Cigotuvi's yukkuri to replace his monster. :P

So yeah I'm still a bit filled up, but I'm coming along.

(also I wish there was a different sprite for Chuck and the Iron Giant, should talk to the Crawl staff about that.)

Edit: Graphic and text transfer is now complete! Now onward to sprite works
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Ok, I'll need a day or so before I can take my turn. Personally I'd have kept that Shout mutation as an acceptable handicap but oh well, you'd rather I don't be in dragon form. Let me guess, you didn't extend haste permanently while in Zot:5 as a dragon? Excellent job on lol Siki fight though, that really was a laughable layout.


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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i didnt use haste in Zun:5, but the orbs of fire spammed polymorph spells at me.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Yeah that's the thing - you didn't haste yourself into glowlight status. It's very rare to mutate from glow now, so hasting to beat up orbs of fire before they get too much spam going has less risk of mutations. We can stick +9 Str on from rings, which gets sick in dragon form.

Oh and Totaku, a sprite suggestion: normal human = Renko.


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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well, i disagree with the sprite suggestion....depending on what you meant.

can you imagine Pikel having about 5-8 Renko clones as his slaves? or the random spawned groups of humans?

But if you meant the Human player race to be Renko/Maribel etc, then that would make sense.

i have a few suggestions of my own though:

1. Air elemental fan = Aya's Maple leaf fan
2. Hat of alchemist/Terrorist Turban = Patchouli's hat
3. Hat of the Bear = Meiling's Hat (it has spiritual guardian + rage, a perfect hat for fighters like Meiling)

but then again, Totaku said its the final mod, so i think he'll only start working on 0.7.1?
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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I meant the random polymorph result that makes humans, but ok you have a point - they can spawn in groups too.


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Yeah what Barasia said is correct, more or less what I'm doing right now is modding 0.7.1 right now.

The fan idea seems pretty fitting. Something I had considered for wind fan.

The hat are also interesting, but they're not on high priority at the moment. I however take a look at it to see how this all plays out with time.

Undead work is pretty much done now. I've gotten all the specteral, zombie and skelton variation of certain yukkuri specimen down. So you should now have something like this. :P

Hope you won't mind having skeleton yukkuri haunt you in the dungeons. XD

Also the Remiya is done too so now your giant bats will look a bit cuter at least in yukkuri standards. :P

So now what remains is replacing the spriggans with fairies, Daiyousei with the Enchantress, and then work on changing the alters and Citrivolti's yukkuri.

This should complete all the basic things I want to get ready for 0.7.1. Then I can turn focus on the fan and the hats.

And also yes, Renko and Meribel would work better as player humans along with Reimu, Marisa and a few others...

As an enemy human they come in too huge of a number at time, thus the idea wouldn't work at all.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Ok so starting at 221k turns. Potion of Gain Dex failed to pass our mutation resistance, oh well. Now then, stocking up on various buff potions we'd never use otherwise...

I'm keeping this +6 troll armour, the EV+4 robe is put down. I forget fulsome distillation (Ha ha, old chap! what corpses?) and sublimation of blood (Ha ha, old chap! crystal ball). Evaporate I keep as it's nice to have emergency smoke screens, but I drop every other ammo potion as these are demons we be fighting. Right so that leaves me with 15 spell levels, of which 8 go into whatever transformation I need at the time. Looks like I'll need to bring some spare spellbooks around to abuse Cast & Forget extension, at least while I power train spellcasting as best as I can in there. Specifically, I want Phase Shift and Borgnjor's Revivification, so I'll be forgetting Flight after extending it.

Gah... alright hang on. Need to set init.txt properly:

force_more_message = You have a feeling this form

force_more_message = Your transformation is almost over

force_more_message = You are starting to lose your buoyancy

force_more_message = duration:

force_more_message = Your deflect missiles spell is about to expire

force_more_message = You start to feel a little slower

stop = Your transformation is almost (// in travel stoppers.txt)

RIGHT, had to re-memorise flight and forget it again because that wasn't set before. Good thing this came up now rather than in Pan itself.

Ok I'm ready:

A "Slurping" sound on D:24? Oh well we have nothing to care about. Into Pandemonium!

Rin Satsuki trio (cacodemons). Hmm 3 is rather plenty, gonna put on Resist Mutation.

A sling. That is Flandre's latest manifestation of generosity.

Huh? I don't have blink in memory? I didn't bring the blink ring either. Hmm... I'll finish this level then consider going back to Hell a bit. Or I could just risk it all I guess... Anyway, a sure sign I've reached the pan lord:

Out of place architecture. Now then, this pan lord has no resist other than poison:

Lich-fu'd to death. That lord made the mistake of leaving his troops behind. Stealth has uses~

Do dee do... training translocations while waiting to heal. Oh there was a balrug who dropped a demon whip of reaching.

Oh hello Shinki the Pit Lord:

She contested me with martial arts. Sucks to be her that Nue is a Grand Master now. Ok, new Pan level!

Elly is not scary when she can't hit me or do reliable damage:

Oh great, it's THIS type of level:

Eyes of draining encased in Stone Walls. How lucky we have hellfire smiting. I tell you, one time the starting point of the pan level was beign surrounded by 8 of those eyes. It really wasn't nice.

Ok so hellfire spam from Shinki x2 got me to half health. I need to regen fast to spam hellfire anyway so I need to cancel lich form soon.

Book of Flames... rejected. More HORRIBLE THINGS that Totaku has cooked up:

Actually I just found a way to the pan lord without having to get exposed to the eyes.

Yes, I think I will troll them with a Hellfire from afar and try to heal up the damage in time. No wait, plan B: haunt spam.


Ok not all of htem, but one was.

What? Did I punch you so hard you turned around and noticed my wraith you pan lord?

He went down in 3 punches because haunt spam got him down to half HP.

I uh... do'nt feel like going through all those eyes to see if there's any... oh wiat I have the divination rod. No loot stash, but I apport this in before all my MP got wiped:

Oh well since I'm at 0 MP I may as well see what the other items are. Reminder: Crystal Ball of Energy is a high risk device for recharging mana. Only use it if you're ~75% full in MP at our evocation rank.


Excellent precision teleport! This place would have been a lesser nightmare to go through otherwise.

Hmm, I'm on fire. I want to use this recharge scroll. HASTE WANDDDD!!! Glow? Who caressssssssssssssss~

Friendly Fire hahaha~

I can't take it easy even at half HP, not when I'm in Transam mode:

Oh ok, Flan says I should heal so she removes me from that place and dumps me outside.

The FUN way to lose Glow~

Come on you pan lord, let's see what you can do~

Nothing? Haunt says nothing. Oh ok, he blinks. That's all he does. I will say though: he was a good tank.

Demon rune the 2nd~

Yes, even in Pandemonium, the edge of the map is the same:

You know, after I train to Lv 7 Translocatoins, I'm switching to evocation training.

Hah? The sixfirhy is now Rikako?

I see this messed up thing hasn't changed:

This is such a disorientating level... No Pan lord either. Next!

This ebony casket I found 2 levels ago will be nice for training evocations:

An ordinary executioner's axe... not good enough loot. Moving on.

Excuse me while I train my evocation skill with this disc... oh wait I picked up a magic darts wand, why am I wasting time with this?

No Pan lord again, next! An acquirement scroll... what could we possibly wish for when we have everything we want? I try armour. I get a +0 shield....... I wanted some artefact boots?

Oh, Flandre gives us another trash wand for evocations training. How thoughtful!

Gah we got so many weapon enchantment scrolls. I'm going to turn this whip of reaching into something uber. Yes I know we have our +6 glaive of reaching back in Hell. I want inventory space now and we're better at maces anyway (though we coudl really do with more dex).

Hmmmmm, 500 turns left on my turn and we've got some loot to dump off. I'm gonna go to the Abyss now. There we go:

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, shining eye + floating eye = NOT GOOD. Fly + Swift = SPEEED ESCAPE

Well, I found a book with blink in it. No time to memorise it now though. Ok, found some breathing room. Swapped out Swift for Blink.

Ok, spent a few extra hundred turns getting out of the Abyss. Totaku, you're in Hell. Inventory management and then safe crawling through Pandemonium. If you plan on being out of lich form, you don't need to take a huge lunchbox - it's surprising how much food there is lying around on the ground. Oh and that disc of storms is for fighting Okuu: create some shallow water, lure Okuu into it, and she will whiff 25% of the time. Of course, create that shallow water waaaaaaaaay far away from walls and also note it's loud. Borgnjor's is also for fighting Okuu - cast it once or twice during the fight while in dragon form so you can keep the damage going without having to break off to heal. Sure it costs some maxHP but we don't exactly need all the maxHP we cna get anymore - not when Zot is empty.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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Ok I got the faries done now. This pretty much means I'm now down to a few of the more grittier assignments.... working on the alters and Citrituvo's yukkuri.

Hopefully this process won't take long, but I know it'll be a bit of a task especially with Shinki's alter.
But after I get these hurdles out of the way I won't have much else to work on.

Also... Wriggle Nightbug as the Ant Queen? (y/n) I've debated on this for a while now. I rather have a unique that controls or summon bugs rather than simply replacing the queen from a specific colony. But I'll let you all decide....

Anyways let's get to talking about Nue's adventure in Pandemonium....

When we last left off, Nue was in hell. After she just got through running around Pandemonium doing her Rune hunt. 

She spent her time go about deciding what to dump and what to keep, cause not everything was going to be useful. Eventually she came went back up to floor 24 to once again enter Pandemonium again...

More or less the same old same old...

I forgot to mentioned I dumped Blink for swiftness again, only because I have an odd habit forgottening to cast extention at times. ^^;;;

But either way I spent alot of time practicing my spells when needed thus building spellcasting.

Course I find a book here...

Might as well keep it in case I need to relearn flight in an emergency.

What's this a fine hammer in a place like this?

Nue tries it on....

Nice, Crushing AND blinking, this might be fun to try...

Needless to say that's when I ran into a Pandemonium Lord.... time to give him a fisting!

Made short work of him too. We find more books...

But we already have it and it's not nesseary....


Eventually whacking demons with the hammer pays off!

This is a keeper!

Now what do we have here?

Apperently I stumbled upon a demon party room of some sort because all the demons were coming out in a congo line on after another, I kept fisting them.

When we reach the party room...

Not much, but I might as well take out the Lord and crash his party.....


Mostly a stone wall area, but there's one room that looks different perhaps we should dig in?

This would be awesome IF this wasn't another demonic room... we already got two....

pass and kill everything!


Oh there's something special about this floor. Let's go look around!

And I was right! There's human wizards roaming around Pandemonium...something not right about this!

Eventually we run are way through the reflective rooms until we run into our next rune and.....


Satori is probably one of the more easier Frand Pandemonium lords you can fight. But she can be rather tricky.

Because at times she will launch an Ice storm!

Which hurts Nue if it connects!
And she also loves to blink alot.

Obviously she knows Nue's going to basiclly go for an all out assult.

So to even the playing feild Nue hastes herself.

Now she won't have time to keep blink as I keep hitting her.

So basiclly it's all about beating the mind reader to the punch. And as expected before too long....

Satori is fisted to death. Now to take care of the annoying Shou and the other demons and then....

Get the Rune and keep moving!

Nue also finds a book that she decides to read...

It was a guide to throwing... So much for training Satori's experince into spellcasting guess I'll pick up on that later....keeping anyways...

As usual, Nue continues to explore more floors, kill more demons....kill more Pandemonium lords....

And more....

And more...

But hey what's this?

An actual exit to Pandemonium!? One of the very rare occasions where you find an actual exit leading you back to the dungeon....

If you gotten some rune and at least explored the area your in. Then this would be a good opprotunity to leave while you can and take your goods back! No need to use our dagger of distortion.

So once again Nue set up her supplies she needs. And with a 1000 turns left I decide to go back down to Pandemonium once more....

As expected I was greeted with a freidnly audience....

And so nue keeps going...

And going...

This was the floor she stopped at, but before she did...

She danced with another Pandemonium Lord

This one was a pain in the butt, probably because it had mass confusion or confusing touch.... whatever the case Nue was confused for a good while yet she managed to retreat somehow...

I don't know if the Pandemonuim lord was killed or not, but after escapeing and setting up haunts and so forth I haven't seen the lord anywhere....

Anyways.... then Nue discovered this...a strange room with a protal and some eyes... welp let's hellfire them!

And then after killing the eyes and so forth....
WE find out that this is a gate to....

Which now means we have now entered....

The zigguratt is 27 floors of madness filled with enemies of every possible things you have probably encounted. Each floor is themed and gets more dangerous as you keep going deeper into the Ziggurat. But the longer your in the Ziggurat, the more wonderful prizes you'll recive!

Are you up for the Ziggurat challenge?

I am, but before that Nue needed to rest!

This is where my turn ends....

2 runes downs, 3 to go, and now the ziggurat is before us. Considering that the zigguratt appeared in Pandemonium, this mean this is the one time only we got to explore and take out the Ziggurat. I'll let you all decide if we should go. Personally I would like to see how insane this place can be....

Otherwise, Nue's doing fine in Pandemonium. Just keep hunting for the runes if you like.

But for now let's decide if we should go into the ziggurat.

Oh and turn order's the same.

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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #284 on: August 04, 2010, 06:44:13 PM »
We have 17000+ gold. There is no reason not to take the Ziggurat challenge. The real question is when to stop! The one endgame character I made who got to a Ziggurat managed 8 floors on his first one, then 14 floors on his next one (yes, Pan spawns more Ziggurats as you keep exploring it). The REALLY REALLY bad floors are Pan Lord parties and Daeva spam. Those are floors where you just want to run away with every survival measure switched on - that includes haste and smoke screens (because Smite from an entire room of casters can nuke you fast).


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #285 on: August 04, 2010, 11:26:45 PM »
lol i didn't expect my turn to come up so fast. will continue tonight if i have time.

oh  my god, this is turning out to become more complete every turn! not only we have to get ALL runes, now we even get to see the Ziggurat itself! (however we didn't get to see many portals such as sewers etc, except for Wiz Lab, which was good enough).

i'll try my best to survive a Ziggurat run somehow.....
If its  a Lord party, Lich form + Haunt spams + ball of energy it is, if its a Daeva party........well......shit.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
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i start my turn at 231600, so it should end in 236600.
theres no way i can return to Hell to prepare so this is a ready-or-not-here-i-come scenario.

Zig:1 Inaba party. no challenge.
i read an unknown scroll which turned out to be a scroll of silence!

Zig:2  Shoals party. is easy, even with silence.

Zig:3 small Vaults party. easy as well.

Zig:4 & 5 Hell branch party, is easy.

Zig:6, another Hell branch party, is also easy.
Do note taht as you progress deeper, they are more numerous and difficult....well....maybe.

Zig:7 Cocytus party, is easy.

Zig:8, the first Pandemonium lord. looks like its starting to get harder. i kill the lord with BEAR hands.

Zig:9 Vault Party was considerably HARD, due to having 3 liches, and one ancient lich.
i make some Haunts, then i focus on melee the liches first, THEN abjurate all their summons and finish off the rest.

The loot in Zig:9 is an AWESMOE ring.
note taht any loot not mentioned is mosty left behind because they suck, or is just consumables, in which case i pick them up.
i seem to have alot of identify scrolls and recharge scrolls.
Also, ironically we have TONS of gain experience potions. Ironic eh........

theres also an good cloak, but i really need my conserve cloak so i'll leave it.

Zig: 10 Snake/Yukanako party. a nice farming experience.

"i command it easy!"

Zig:11. Pandalords! this should just be an eas-

OH SHIT! i guess i totally
1. overestimated Nue's ability to melee and her fighting capabilities.
2. underestimated the threat of MULTIPLE Panda lords.

in other words, i WOULD have lost.........if it wasn't for Psieye/Totaku's foresight and smart preparation to learn Borgnjor's Revivification.
i end Lich form then cast REvivification, to heal up, at the cost of a few max hp.
then i recast Necromutation and Haunt spam.
it was a lenghty process to kill them all with Haunt, but Nue helped out abit by melee them.

Loot: manual of translocations. a good way to get Portal/Yukari gap spell up and running for the end run.

Rod of WArding.
Removing Deflect missile Spells. and using this rod instead. this gives us more spell slots, but takes up our inventory space. a small sacrifice as i can learn other vital spells.

An AWESMOE mace. but i'm not using it since Nue's more deadly in unarmed combat anyway. but i'll keep it....but if the inventory gets messy, its wise to drop this one. but dont drop the hammer, as it lets us blink.
i've been using the hammer +blink ability to get out of swarms alot.

Zig:13 Flandre makes us into a plaything. i totally hate it when Flandre goes against us and try to GET ME KILLED.

Zig:14 we get a message that we can't use control teleport. (i haven't even tried) but this usually means serious business......well.....usually.
not in this case.

I use the extra spell slots to learn Death's Door. This spell is a MUST if you encounter Daevas.
Once you cast this spell, ITS A RACE TO THE STAIRS!
or if you're very desperate, use the knife of distortion to banish yourself.

BTW totaku, we didn't learn FLight. Its very annoying because when i have Haste on, i'm forced to let all enchantments time out. now we can't Fly anymore.
a good strategy is to use the Amulet of Statis to max enchantments while not extending Haste.
but even so, there are times we forget to extend, and without spell back ups we cant have the enchantment anymore.
So do keep in mind guys that we can't fly.....

Zig: 15  a Kappa party. Easy with Haunt spam + melee.

Zig:16, a Slime party. A great farming experience. no Haunts needed.

Loot: an awesmoe glove. replacing out Eva+3 glove with this one, since Stat gains are much more valuable than Evasion gain.
Also, Phase Shift Rocks.
Wiht our Dodging at Level 26, together with Phase Shift, Nue can survive the toughest of fights, except Hellfires.

Zig: 17 im not making the mistake of meleeing the Panda lords again. especially when we're still a Plaything of Flandre.

Oh god... as we progress deeper, will things get this messy?
I wish i had Fire Storm right about now...

you may be wondering why i'm learning this one. (projected noise) heres how to use it:
When you encounter a Daeva party, smoke screens right away, and use this spell to direct traffic  AWAY from you.
as long they dont see you, they'll be attracted to the noise.
USE THE LANTERN OF SHADOWS to help you(you can't see them, they can't see you). even if half of the Daeva's see you its better than ALL of them.
and once you use smoke screens, This spell is truly a life saver.........
i tested it on the Panda lords, and it worked to an extent.
just make sure you know where to set the noise!

Finished Zig:17 at 234000 turns. that leaves me about 2600 turns left.

Zig:18 This message can only mean trouble.......

Dammit Flandre! are you trying to get me KILLED?!
Flandre teles me right in the thick of it.

Lets jsut say: I ALMOST LOST.
it was a true test of character from Flandre.
Not only Flandre cost me the element of surprise, SHE CONFUSED ME BEFORE I CAN HAUNT SPAM!

All the while
1. i was desperately hoping i DONT fall into tha lava.
2. i had to let all my buffs time out, since the Confusion from Flandre lasts the longest.
3. even if i can dodge the attacks while confused, a freaking smoke demon is leaching my hp by happily smiting away.

My Lich form ended so i quickly quaff a healing potion to get rid of confusion.
Then i REgen + regen ring + Phase shift + heal wand
All the while THE SMOKE DEMON is trying to kill me, and all the while FLandre is ENTERTAINED by each smite, as i struggle to keep my hp above 10 hp.
i won eventually of couse, but thats the closest call i had so far. Flandre is a bitch.

Loot: rod of Ice. wouldn't it be nice to have this WAAAAYYYY BACK? the freezing clouds spell will pwn Inaba Halls.

Zig: 19 A deeper Vaults party! Lets do this!

After dealing with an Ancient Lich priority and his summons, the rest of the GIANT HORDE converge upon Nue.
Nue smirks in confidence as she knows that she can't be defea-

Flandre: OH IS THAT SO~?
Nue: Fuck you Flandre.....

Note the OTHER ANCIENT LICH~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There's NOTHING more exhilirating  than killing the biggest threat WHILE CONFUSED.

ONCE AGAIN Nue finally comes out of confusion, pretty banged up.....(42 hp!)

Getting out of lich form, Nue is forced to Regen, and recast all buffs, while dodging DEADLY silver bolts. Phase Shift is Infinitely USEFUL. but note that extending it is bound to cause glow. keep note of it and DONT make Nue lose her beautiful mutations.
Its time to test the Freezing Clouds spell. It works wonders on most Midgame monsters.

Nevertheless, Nue proves her worth. now at Turn 235000, i have 1600 turns getting more and more excitied each Level. What new challange awaits me next?

Oh, another Slime party. This is be an easy Farming experience.

yes, theres nothing to worry at all.....
No pressure pressure......

No pressure.....pressure.......aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAA  :getdown:

Note the Giant eyeball AND eye of Draining. it made me paralyzed. Fortunately Phase Shift ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as throught my entire paralyzed state, Nue didn't get a scratch.
i had to Blink out(using the hammer) + smoke screen + mana refuel and Haunt spam instead.

im tempted to say "Raid it easy" but i would be lying. that was potentially fatal scenario if it wasn't for Phase Shift which saved Nue.

Zig:21 Demons Party
FINALLY! in Teddy Bear status i better finish this run fast. Flandre is fianlly on our side!

An AAWesmoe ring. Ac+6, Ev +5. its almost equivalent to Ring of Shaolin + ring of Robustness. clearly my luck is turning around.

 :X  :o  :*  :toot: >:D :getdown:
there are no words to describe it.

Currently at Turns 235600, that means 1000 turns left. in Teddy bear Status and with brand  new awesmoe rings. Things are looking up.

Zig: 22 Zombie Party. Its a no-brainer.    :D

Loot: Annihilations
i desperately want to learn Fire Storm..........but its Terrible status even with all INT upgrades......we may not have the time to upgrade Conjurations, unless we have a manual of Conjuration which we dont. we only ahve manual of Translocations.....(we have other manual but useless, such as manual of bows so i drop it)

Weird....that took less than 500 turns.....

Zig:23 Draconian Party.
This is going to be epic.

There are no words to describe the epicness of this fight.
if i did, it might take the whole day.

turn end 236600.
Lets just say the fight took 600 turns, while the previous Zig of zombie party took less than 400 turns.
Thats how epic the fight was.

What does this mean?
It means Nue can handle almost ANYTHING, as long as Flandre doesn't try to get us Killed.
In teddy Bear Status, she dont do anything BAD, but any good thing she does, WONT MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Psieye......proceed with extreme caution.
Don't try to melee them alone. Haunt spams + energy Ball is a good tactic. as long sa you Haunt once or twice THEN use the ball, to minimize the risk.
If you need to run away, Smoke screens + Projected Noise in the opposite direction will buy you some time.
also...USE THE LANTERN. it also helps in this strategy.
But those who SEE you will still chase you, but at least you dont have to handle all of them yet.

You're going to Handle Zig 24 onwards and theres Bound to be a Daeva Party or Panda lord party........Both of which as extremely hard.

Order of business?
Learn Death Door. you're going to need it!!!!!!!
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #287 on: August 06, 2010, 01:26:34 AM »
btw Rikako has tons of spelling mistakes in the description.
or was it the Evil eye sigma? i cant quite remember...

Edit: BTW, i forgot Dig to make some space for the spell slots.
right now we have a book that has the dig spell.

Once you get back to Panadamonium, it might help to have Dig. so dont lose the book, unless you don't mind using tons of turns.....
also, if i haven'y said this already, use the Rod of Discovery to to detect items/traps for each Pandamonium level.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #288 on: August 06, 2010, 03:29:45 AM »
btw Rikako has tons of spelling mistakes in the description.
or was it the Evil eye sigma? i cant quite remember...

Fixed for 0.7.1

Anyways, I'm surprised your managing well for the ziggurat run. Looks like we're on the final stretch of it, will we survive?

I will admit though, I read the stategy about how useful Death's door is in this place. So it's a good call. Hopefully Psieye can manage the rest. Then all that'll remain is the rune hunt...

As for modding....

0.7.1 is done!
I've finished the final stretch of items on my list just today. So now we will have alters that'll have a more closer to who they represent.

Take a good look at em.

Anyways, now I can rest and start planning up the rules for the next game. Since this will be a bit different since I got some feed back from both players and crawl fans alike. I'll see what I can brew up. Though I still haven't decided on if we're even going to do sprint run along with it or not. That's something I've debated about.

Anyways time to get cracking on getting those runes and finishing it up!
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #289 on: August 06, 2010, 04:27:24 AM »
What? You gave me Zig:24 onwards? I've never been anywhere near that far before. Yeah, trying to melee is stupid unless I have Tomb cards but we don't have known decks of defence do we? Hmm... gimme maybe 17 hours before I have a chance to try this.

Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #290 on: August 06, 2010, 06:53:32 PM »
Alright, so I'm starting at turn 236.6k and... huh? Only 3 recharge scrolls? I thought I saw 10 in an earlier screenshot during barasia's turn? Were they spent recharging the heal wand?

Now about spells... wait there's corpses out there rotting? And we're in Ziggurat where a lot of enemies aren't immune to evaporate ammo? Excuse me, I must do cleanup... Oh right yeah... I forgot Fulsome Distillation didn't I?

Among the loot is... the long awaited Teleport Control ring. Oh and an rF+ Dex+3 ring which is worthless to us.

Why do we have so many enchant armour scrolls when our equipment isn't maximised? We have 3 more back in Hell for further repair works. First I fully enchant the boots back to +2. Then I decide I won't gamble on bringing this +6 troll armour any higher as we may face jellies later again so I keep them around for repair reserves.

Huh? We DO have fulsome distillation? WHAT AM I DOING?

Hmm, Flan gives us 10 runed sling bullets. Annoying gifts as always. Oh and this book of callings is unnecessary too, really Flan I hope you're having fun gifting us these things.

Ok, put on all +Stealth jewellery we have so we're now extraordinarily stealthy. Hopefully I can scout the floor's party before deciding what to use. Oh and 2 recharge scrolls are used to buff the Ice rod. I want faster recharging and higher mana pool so I can double cast freeze clouds and more sooner. The last recharge scroll is in case something goes horribly wrong somehow.

Zig:24, teleport control denial. I wish we had controlled blink which can overcome this partially but I have smoke screens so I can control myself anyway.

Damn, good spot you draconian:

I run back to the corner of the room hoping as few draconians chase me as possible. There, I make some butterflies and spam Haunt on them in preparation.

!@#!@ Ball wiped all my mana. CHANNNELLLLLLLL

Uh hey Flan, making me swap places with my wraith is a BAAAAD THING right now. You can't distinguish can you?

Shit, they got Abjuration too, I can't haunt spam so freely. I try to keep a smoke screen up in front of me as much as possible to avoid smite spam damage.

Oh right, Condensation shield is immediately broken by the steam I'm sitting in. Oh well, plan B... you know I should have been in dragon form for this fight. Oh and while this smoke screen is up... I project some noise behind to try and distract the draconians more.

Sceptre of Remilia throws out Gungnir whenever there's targets of opportunity. Oh and Degeneration potion whenever there's an opening:

Shit, Zealots call down Hellfire too do they? Another smoke screen, I melee whenever I can, but I ought to jump out of lich form, drink all these heal pots, then come back at some point. RECHARGE FASTER YOU ROD OF ICE.

So amazing how Nue can read a manual in 1 turn. Hmm... I'm thinking up of a crazy plan here but I don't know if I should risk it or not.

Ok, I killed both zealots in immediate vision with a bolt of draining (Ha ha, old chap! exp loss who cares). Let's do this thing! Actually, another zealot showed up. Damn no chance yet eh?

Hellfire, it be scary:

Screw it, I decide to abandon the plan to torment and just quaff all the heal wounds potions I can, then cast regenerate while keeping this smoke screen up.


OH DRAT, Freezing Vapour is blocking the steam! Smoke screen not working! Oh well, I'll continue tanking in live form, it's better than being unable to regenerate.


Oh right, Scorchers can do Hellfire too. Incidentally, I long stopped caring about Glow:

Ok, this draconian is coming solo:

Nothing else is coming for the time being, I take the opportunity to get rid of glow and if I'm back to normal status afterwards, I'm prepping for dragon form.

Ok, 800 turns in and I'm back to normality. I suspect there's more draconians out there, this time I'll be doing it in Dragon form and probably without Haste. Glow is perfectly alright in Lich form where the explosions of energy might even come in handy.

Oh that was the last of them:

I wish potions of EXP filled up your skill pool too... This artifact book only has Agony as its useful spell... nahhhhhhhhh, we kill non-demonic things too fast. Stone skin? Nahhhhhhhh. Blink MR artefact helm? Also rejected. Mephitic Cloud... now this is tempting but......... also rejected. I prefer to have Abjuration as a spell rather than rely on 2 rods.

A DEMON WHIP OF VAMPIRISM and rC++... Very promising! Even if it's only +1, with Haste it should be useful for emergency healing.

Oops and before I forget, I must re-learn Necromutation after forgetting it while in dragon form.

Ok, let's see what Zig:25 has to offer us. Another teleport control denial area.

Cancel dragon form, we're doing this in lich form. Twink for maximum Int (40) and spam some haunts before engaging.

The dreaded thing happens:

Well... at least this fumble happened after I got my army. Time to channel more ASAP... IN HASTE OF COURSE.


She returned us close to our starting point, after showing us just how many things we're up against. I count some 8~9 greater mummies out there. HAUNT SPAM ALL THE WAY. I also see 3 priests in the immediate vicinity who like to use Abjuration. Weak skilled though, as my 40 Int summons have quite the staying power.

Lich form comes with a grave apparently:

Incidentally, Greater mummies also Abjure. Damn, there goes Haunt spam I guess, and I can't exactly afford to channel spam when I'm at half health. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... DOH AGAIN!

Apparently Komachi didn't get word that Shiki was defeated:

Rika? Is that you?

Ok, looks like I ought to get some MP back up for extensions anyway, let me smoke screen myself in the corner... Got 2 mp back from a melee scuffle.

I just don't learn do I? MOAR HAUNT SPAM! Dah, I got drained AGAIN. Sod it, sticking with smoke screens and Remilia. That's the last of the Translocation manual too, we're at Lv 13.8 in Translocations.



Damn, a Mummy hit me for some 30 damage. Which really reminds me: I've got caster jewellery on, not defensive jewellery.

Oh wait wait wait................. Shit, I've been slowed. That's why I'm like this. Uh hmm..... emergency escape plan time.

I cannot possibly blink in this state. Let's hope teleport gets me OUT OF THIS PLACE.

No heal wand charges, no recharges left. I think our Zig run ends right here, there's no way I can carry on with no healing while in lich form (essential in Torment spam floors). I guess I forgot Borgnjor's too but that's a high risk move anyway, especially with friggin torment spam always ready to undo your work.


Come to think, I really really should have cast Project Noise while I had smoke screens up. Now then, I have mere moments to grab the best of this loot:

By the way, when I disappeared I dropped off 2 ice clouds:

A useless amulet and a... Blink, Rage, rElec, rPois amulet. Hmm, I like that one.

Ok, I'm out of there. Time to SOMEHOW survive this mess:

I was really scared for a moment there, but it only did 3 damage:

I must heal faster than I blow up! Huh? "This thing" being a heal effect?

I didn't know Stasis amulets could talk?

Oh by the way, that manual I ran out with was a poison manual. Bahhhhhhhhhh

The fuck? The Pan lord just teleported here while I was busy trying to purge myself of this Glow?

He fails at perception. UNLIKE RUMIA! No time to wait for the last of the glow, ACTION TIME! I see, this "Bror" lord is a tank. I get a lucky crit in through his AC though and he lost 60% of his HP in 1 skeletal punch. The punch 2 after that hit him even harder for overkilllllllllllllll. It's only been 1800 turns since I started? Looks like I'll also be doing a rune run - uh let me get to the Abyss and Hell first if I can...

Hmm, I could learn Haste here, found a book... but I'm going back to the Abyss after this floor anyway so no point. Oh look, no need:

Back home in Hell, the Haste and Heal wands are recharged. Hmm... now that I'm out of Zig, I guess I can accept relying on rods for Abjuration. I shall learn Flight and Dig from forgetting that and Controlled Teleport.

Also, since this is endgame anyway, I pick up my favourite non-artifact weapon: the +6 Glaive of Reaching. AND READ ALL OUR ENCHANT WEAPONS ON IT.

19 Enchant I and 8 Enchant II later... it's a +8 glaive of reaching. Yes we have Mastered Unarmed Combat, but having a reaching weapon is nice on its own. Alright, let's get back to the rune hunt.

Hi there Pan Lord!

Gratz, your underling has better observation skills than you! Let's fight! This is his state after I land 2 hits on him, he's impressive for dodging the other 2 hits:

Manual of Maces... This game really is trying to make a point...

Ah... hte problem of forgetting Abjuration and being in dragon form: can't wield rod to abjure to remove Elly. Oh well, JUST PUNCH THROUGH

Yep, one shot that summoned Executioner. See that 65% damage? That's from 1 punch:

The fist of the dragon kills that lord in the 2nd strike.

Who summoned Tenshi here?

Leaving her alone, being vulnerable to Torment AND Holy is not nice.

Next Pan Lord, hasn't nuked me with fire storm yet so should be safe. Oh, it does poison cloud instead. Huh?

Ok, so it is a danger. Damn it must have CHAOS BRANDED FISTS:

Flandre got her lulz fix. Also, on the 2nd random teleport:

But it was close to the exit once I dug out. I drop excess loot outside the Pan portal in D:24 and resume.


I'm a giant dragon. How am I extremely stealthy?

Ok, lots of Neqoxecs, this is Koishi's domain:

Resist Mutation amulet ON. Staying in dragon form for faster kills. THIS is how I protect myself from mutations while far away from a neqoxec:

I'm 2-shotting tentacle monsters. Those things are meant to be tanks. Welcome to my field of vision my girl:

Sure why not, summon some pets Koishi:

I just wanted to get Letty out of the way before I...

RED UFO OF RAGE! Koishi had 3 lives. GG. Now to get out of this place before my RAGE runs out:

Floor cleared. Saved just above a portal to the next Pan level. Yeah... I guess I could have survived longer in Zig if I was willing to burn through our Max HP at risk of torment but... I played safe. Anyone who wants to have a go at Zig:24+ has that save from barasia anyway - and Zig portals can spawn anew in Pandemonium.
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #291 on: August 07, 2010, 12:40:58 AM »
Ok now it's time to tell you all of a story that'll go down in the course of history....

When we last left off, Nue had just collected another rune from Koishi. With the masters down....all that remained were their pets...

So she traveled down further...

What a strange place... Unyukkuri on an island surrounded by magma....I wonder if thier's a way to lure them out one by one?

As Nue kept fighting, her experience went up...time to use the manual...

At last we find the Pandemonium Lord....but...this looks really uninviting....

Apperently he sits on a volcanic island surrounded by Unyukkuri.... who can say I'll die in less than 20 seconds? Not gonig to take that chance! NEXT FLOOR!

Scroll of aquirement? Time to make a wish...for some armor...

Bah, it was junk...keep moving!

Next Floor!

This floor got ugly real quick mainly because of Ice Feinds and Elly.  Because of them Nue nearly died. Last resort....Revivification!

Next Floor...

Very open ended got lots of stuff out of it. PRetty simple...moving along..

And Nue's fighting went up to 22!

Also had maxed Experience time to read...aww the book crumbled...


And another Pandemonium Lord...

And we also find an exit!

Nue's prety stocked so we left the places after exploring...

We drop off the Rune and a few items and return.... Guess what?

Looks like Nue's going to fight a
Grand Pandemonium Lord, I wonder who it'll be?

And we have a way to escape so that's good.

A steel fort, this can only mean....


As expected Utusho is serious busniess. One shouldn't drop their guard against her and as expected she tries to nuke Nue from the get go!

But she forgot, I'm a MOTHER FUDGING DRAGON!!! RIP AND TEAR!!!!!

I hasted, Utsuho hasted, and most of it was a knock out drag out fight. I was forced to use revivification to stand up to UTsuho....and it payed off!

And so Nue devouers the hellraven what a way to go!

And we get her 3rd leg to boot!

And the firey rune is now ours for the taking!

But there's one other thing....

All the loot in the Chamber of the fort.

Now I hear there's a breakable wall, but I'm unsure how that instead I resorted to controlled teleportation....

I got into the loot, but most of it was junk anyways.... time to head back to hell again!

And so Nue had 2800 turns left, and one rune to go. Can she do it?

Nue returns to Pandemonium once again... and....

Looks like we're at Orin's place now! Time to take out the last of the Chidenren crew!

And here's a rare sight...a toenail golem..... sure it weak, but what's it doing down here? Either way simple to beat.

What made this place more interesting? ANOTHER EXIT ALREADY! Looks like we'll be making an easy run out of here!

But first thing's first...

We reach a unique area and it's crawling with Elly. Course being a dragon....RIP AND TEAR! That's all thier is too it!

Soon enough, we get to the rune and as expected.... Orin's waiting...

Orin decides to fling Miasma into Nue's face and Nue began to slow down as she gagged at the sicking smell... Time to haste!

To be honest, Orin nearly killed her due to the fact that I failed to realize that deflect missles weren't on. Needed to fix that at once.

Also Phase shift and Revivififcation!

Now it's time to RIP AND TEAR!

And so like that Orin was snapped like a tooth pick. And she fell real quick!

Time to take the rune and RUN!

Also Nue was glowing.... and not in a good way... the kind of glowing that would ruin your body....but you know what...this is the end of the run. At this point we're going to just grab the beer, gather the runes and blow this joint!

And so Nue had 1000 turns to go for the rune.... so she grabs three runes and runs for it.

Using teleport wands and determining the shortest distants Nue teleported her way through the area...

ZUN:5 Nue battles more manly mannosukes....

And before too long Nue makes it...

The Beer of ZUN!

SO Nue grabs it and RUNS!

And so like that Nue starts to teleport. Back up stairs one after another...

She goes to hell, grabs the rare weapons, all 15 types of runes. And continues to run for the exit!

Half way out Nue develops shouting problems again...

Does that really matter now.

Either way, Nue mainly grabbed every teleport scroll from hell and used them to teleport her way to the exit. (SHe had 32!)

And so like a cheesy SOB, Nue tele'd her way through the stiars and got to the first floor and tele'd to the exit with minimual demon conflict!

And so Nue escaped with the orb!

Here's what she brought out!

And her final score....

Talk about a fun run! We went against alot of odds, went through alot of places and even made a 15 rune run...while serving under Flandre! Now that was FUN!

And what did Nue do after she got the beer of ZUN?.... well that's a secret! Why? well how do I put it...

To get the ending, complete the game without continuing.

Hohohoho we died too much anyways.... maybe next time. :P

That's it for this run! Thank you for playing Touhou Crawl!

Stay tune for Touhou Crawl 0.7.1 which will likely start in a few hours or a day or two...
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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #292 on: August 07, 2010, 01:49:41 AM »
Gratz on the win! Yeah, casting Revivification once during the Okuu fight was the entire reason why I learnt that spell - I simulated that battle a few times and watched Okuu in arena mode too. She nukes at point blank range too but with dragon form and twinked Str, it's possible to melee her iwth 1 revivificaiton when both sides are hasted and summons are abjured. Oh and regarding that hellion island, I guess you didn't want to un-dragon and just spam the ice rod?

Surprised you hit Orin in dragon form, with everything dark that she does. Oh wait, she also does dispel undead, yeah it was best to be in dragon form.

Oh and pity we didn't get  to use the Portal spell in teh end. Barasia was building up for the ultimate cheese of going from D:27 to D:1 in one spell. Much more  cheesy than teleport scroll  spam.

Anyway, I won't be signing back up for the next round of DCrawl at the start. I'll join again later but life is getting hectic again so I'll let fresh blood control whoever our player character is until mid-late game.


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Re: Crawl Relay Part 2: Dungeon Boogaloo
« Reply #293 on: August 07, 2010, 03:16:31 AM »
i wanted to point out that Portal Spell(thats why we have high translocation skill) is possible to insta-win the game, but well, that was a fun game.

as my uni studies are getting hectic, i'll take a break from the Crawl run for now. or at least im familiarized with 0.7 demonspawn mutations. Passive Freezing mutation rocks.
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