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Advent Cirno: Youmu Arc
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The screenshots above are for Advent Cirno: Youmu arc, you can download it over here:

Read after playing!
Late Happy April Fools day ;w;
I hope you'll like the pictures though!


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Re: Advent Cirno: Youmu Arc
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Fuck you very much ^_^
I like the drawings, but I think the sprites look even better. I would prefer to get those instead TBCH.
Still, cool pics ;D
I suck at PCB.... ;_;


Re: Advent Cirno: Youmu Arc
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What is this I don't even-

Okay, I know this Youmu arc is a joke, but what inspired it? What is Advent Cirno, and if it's as awesome as those screens show, why have I not heard of it?

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Re: Advent Cirno: Youmu Arc
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Advent Cirno was originally a set of doujins by the circle One Night Stand set in a world similar to that of FFVII: Advent Children, exchanging those characters with Touhou ones, most obviously Cirno as Cloud, and Mistbell making FFVII music Touhou-fied.  Setsuna here is making a game based off of that (from the screenshots, likely including elements of Devil Survivor and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories).

I do believe you can find the doujins in's archives.
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