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Touhou: Concealed the Conclusion Record

Made Hi-score record of 565,952,174 on CtC's Phantasm mode.
I use the handle "_Rrru" on these style games.
Playthrough done on 01/29/2009, recorded 01/11/10.

0 deaths, 2 deathbombs

Every Spell Card capped, except the final bonus card which did not activate.
Missed bonus card because I shot off a ying-yang orb at the worst possible second during Reimu's last Spell Card (in between the dark blue and purple seal phases). I didn't have enough Hakurei after shooting it to get to attempt the bonus card :[

Really really pissed about that.

Replay file (need newest version):

Hope you enjoy :]  I did this a year ago, but couldn't record it well until recently.  If there's a score higher than this, please tell me.  I beat the one I saw on Nicovideo, and I had a replay from Ittuan that I broke by around 100mil.

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Re: Touhou: Concealed the Conclusion ~東方夢終劇 Phantasm Stage
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Shame that you didn't get to see Hakurei game...
Good job though.  I guess the only sane way to capture Ying-Yang Barrier is by shooting an orb when those amulets starts shooting back.

EDIT: Think you can help me with some tech problems with CtC?
Also, I saw Imperishable Night Phantasm there in your damakufu, what's that?
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