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[Music] FoxX's 'Shou' & Tell Thread
« on: December 03, 2009, 10:53:19 PM »
this thread will be for the....if you can call it)Music though unlike the thread on DS this will be combined with the KK Slider Music i make

i was gonna say more but i dunno what, feedback would be nice so i can improve this thread in the times to come, so lets start...

First, is a Square style rendition of Satori Maiden~3rd Eye.kinda like what it would sound like if it were in Chrono Trigger....sorta

Second is an odd idea i got from ChaosAngel,its Green-Eyed Jealousy synced to Hotel California(its only a MIDI, but it gets the point across and sounds pretty cool)

Third, is a Sample of Shou's theme with a Rap-ish style to it,the notes should be more accruate though so its far from done.

Last, is like above but for Voyage 1969,i did this one awhile ago...

extras For SM:

Latest KK Slider song,Marisa's Theme

thats all for now, hopefully your replies will help me make these into really good arranges...
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