Author Topic: Request for Music (and maybe suggestions) for an HRtP-style fan game  (Read 10732 times)

     I am working on a fan game with game play based upon "Highly Responsive to Prayers". I feel good about this game, so I request a musician. This game will be non-profit, so unfortunately I have no method of payment for the musician, but if you want to make the music, thank you. Also, as the development progresses, I might want to come back here and ask for suggestions.
     As for the game itself, I have not thought of a title quite yet. It will be about a shrine maiden in training (the player) being trained by Reimu for a year. The trainee's name is Nazuna, I got it from a random name generator. Throughout the year, the player will get to choose what Nazuna does, with a lot of random elements used (for instance, an option to wander around might have Nazuna encounter Rumia, Kagerou, etc.). I've also coded a few customization options for Nazuna, mainly, whether she is left handed or right handed. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them.
     Update: I have decided that along the way, players may unlock different spell cards for Nazuna to use by being taught the spell card. For instance, Nazuna might be taught a spell card that slows time from Sakuya, or a spell card that creates a barrier from Yukari (?). Now, I'd like to ask if you have any ideas for this that you would like to see in this game.
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